Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Why Should You Use LED Light Bulbs In The Home?

When it comes to LED light bulbs then you might be thinking that they are only available in very limited ranges of fitments and wattages, however that is a common misconception.

You might think that LED light bulbs only available in limited ranges of fitments and wattages, however that is a misconception.

You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that there is now a replacement bulb for just about every type of light fitment that you can possibly think of, from Candle bulbs, GU 10 bulbs to name just a few.

You might also tend to think of LED replacement lights as just giving off a very flat clinical white light, although this used to be the case with the first LED lights which came on to the market this is no longer the case. 

Indeed the light given off by the latest LED ones is of a very appealing light colour and density.

These light bulbs are now available in a wide variety of light bulb shapes and wattage sizes, also being available in varying numbers of colours. 

This is because when it comes to different colours then virtually nothing on the lighting market is better than these bulbs as they can be used to produce unlimited combinations of colours - and all from just one bulb. As such, they are an ideal choice for use as mood lighting.

Although you may not actually think that you need this type of light bulb and choose to replace your old halogen bulb with a like for like replacement, however you would be well advised to consider fitting LED light bulbs as the like for like replacement instead.

This is because as they use around just 10% of the energy that a conventional filament or halogen bulb does. In general they also run cool to the touch, that means that where you are using some of them such as in the kitchen, you do not get an artificial heat created in the same way that halogen light bulbs do.

Additionally, these 
 LED replacement bulbs have another advantage over energy efficient light bulbs in that they come on instantly giving out their full wattage and correct colouration of light.

This is as compared to energy efficient bulb which can take a minute or so to warm up. That means they are ideal for use in high traffic areas, where they are constantly on/off.

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