Wednesday, 31 December 2014

How To Find A Reliable LED Flood Light Manufacturer In Singapore?

Are you looking for a reliable LED flood light manufacturer in Singapore? This can be quite a tiresome task at times, especially if you don't really know what to search for. Extensive research needs to be done, therefore, if you want to achieve the best results.

The reason why a LED flood lamp manufacturer would consider the use of technology is because it offers better benefits as compared to incandescent lights or other types of traditional light sources.

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are semiconductor light sources and they are based on electroluminescence. This is a very important detail to consider when it comes to choosing a type of floodlighting for your own requirements. When you compare LED ones to most of the other types of light emitters, you will find that they consume significantly less energy, last longer, are in fact more reliable and are even much smaller than other types of lighting.

All these benefits must be taken into consideration and they certainly seem to favor choosing some LED light manufacturers in Singapore. Anyway, there is still a lot more to keep an eye out for. Companies are constantly struggling to produce a huge number of inexpensive products all the time, in order that their profits may grow. The subtle competition between manufacturers can sometimes have a negative influence on the quality of the products. As such, in an ever-increasing market niche such as flood light manufacturing, it is of utmost importance to keep yourself informed on the various options you may have when it comes to purchasing products online.

There are many excellent products on the internet, created by ingenious and resourceful LED lamp manufacturers who (if they haven't done it yet) will probably get very far with their business. Even though, with all the new methods of using technology and cutting down on costs, you may still need to watch out for some of them if you don't want to end up getting a flood light product that might not last long.

A good place to start searching for information on various manufacturers and products is the review section of various online shops that sell these products. As you can see, people who buy a specific LED lights product often post their opinion on it and even rate it to help future buyers find the best options available. If you find a light bulb which would seem to suit your requirements, read up as much as you can on it before you purchase it: technical data, reviews, articles, and anything else you can find.

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Monday, 29 December 2014

Should You Use LED Industrial Lighting In Your Office?

Industrial lights are a key component in any working place. This information will give you an overview of the different types that are available, a little information especially on how they operate and ways is which they could be used.

There are many different applications for lighting in the industrial world. Spray paint booths, and damp environments need special lighting that is designed for those areas. Some industrial lighting is explosion proof, and marine lighting is also an application that is needed.

The three main types of lights that are made for industry are LED lights, halogen, and tubular fluorescent. We can look at each one and get a bit of knowledge about how they work.

Light emitting diode, or LED industrial lights come on a variety of colors. Some are red, green or yellow. These lights are almost indestructible and they use a minimal amount of electricity to run. They contain positive and negative diodes which allow the current inside to flow from positive to negative, creating light. These LED light bulbs give off little heat and are very cost efficient to run but the lighting fixtures themselves are a bit more costly than other types of lighting.

Halogen is another type of light that is used in industrial places. They are also a cost saver. They give off a lot of light for the little amount of electricity that they use. The bulbs operate on a filament that is inside of them, surrounded by and inert gas (or halogen). The gas keeps the filament from burning out when it heats up to create light.

Fluorescent tubular lighting is the one we are most familiar with. Long cylindrical tubes that are filled with mercury vapor and a phosphor, are charged with electricity, which in turn, creates light. They also need a ballast for controlling the electricity that runs through them. Recently, manufacturers have been making smaller versions of the lights we once knew, keeping up with the needs of a progressing workplace.

Hand held devices are also being employed for use-age in small spaces. These can be used where you need your lighting to be portable such as in engine repair, inspecting electrical panels or aircraft maintenance.

In some instances you may need magnification along with you industrial lighting. This is also an option. A magnifying glass is surrounded by a light, which is usually fluorescent. The light and the magnifying glass are attached to an arm that can be positioned as you need it.

Very often lens protection is needed in industrial lighting applications. Dust from grain bins, feed mills, and sawmills is highly explosive. These lens protectors keep the lights from breaking and causing explosions in the dust around them. Some metal operations such as aluminum grinding or sanding also need this protection.

We have so far talked about AC generated industrial lighting but don't forget about DC versions that all moving vehicles must carry in a workplace situation. Cranes, tow motors, and hand lift trucks all need to be equipped with yellow or amber revolving lights, making them highly visible as they move around. These are examples of DC industrial lighting.

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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Using LED Commercial Lighting For Your Place

Various commercial lighting are used by business owners for variety of purposes. For one, it can be used to portray the positive image of a business venture. However, it can also become a major contributor to overhead expenses.

However, you do not need to fret because a new technology can be your saviour - LED,

Now you can use LEDs for your commercial lighting needs.

It's almost difficult to talk about energy-efficient, low-cost, and high-performing commercial lighting without mentioning the advantages of light emitting diode (LED).

Perhaps, your business has tried LED's competitors which are: fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, and the like. Now, let us see what can LED offer:

Newer technology.The LED technology is generally quite new. Although it was discovered in 1906, it was only in 1960s that it got a practical purpose and only recently that it became so popular. Nowadays, it is used for variety of purposes-from mobile phone lights to heavy-duty commercial lightings. Incidentally, this technology will never be a hit without its proven advantages.

Reduces energy bills.Replacing your business's old lighting with LED will dramatically reduce your energy consumption by up to 90 percent.

Cooler. LED needs lesser electricity, as such emitting lesser heat. This is not only more comfortable to the touch, however it also help to keep the indoor temperature more stabilized.

Cheaper maintenance. Since LED commercial lighting are more durable, annual maintenance costs will definitely also be lowered down from at least 70 percent up to 90 percent.

Longer lifespan. LED have about 50,000 hours of life, which is 30 times longer as compared to halogen bulbs, and five times better as compared to the top notch fluorescent bulbs.

Non-toxic. Fluorescent is known to have some mercury that can be very toxic if left exposed. LED commercial lightings do not have that. Moreover, they don't have anything that can put anyone's health at risk, making LED the completely safe choice. Also, UV and infrared are not a problem with LED fixtures.

Performance is never compromised with Ai LED high bay lights. They are designed to be as bright as they should be. Manufacturers simply need to use more tiny LED bulbs in the fixture to increase brightness.

However, too much brightness can be counter-productive for some. The good thing is that there are LED bay lights with dimmer control.

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Thursday, 25 December 2014

What Are The Reasons To Invest In LED High Bay Lamps

The modern age has brought along a lot of different alternatives when it comes to designing an interior. This is not just something that is in relationship with furniture, windows, drapes, and the likes. It is really a matter of lighting, and situating proper elements to shine through and illuminate a home's area. Whether if it is a study, bedroom, or living area, you'll find that getting a LED high bay lamp is a crucial thing to tying together the elegance and decor of any major room.

When you decide to invest in changing the lighting schemes in your rooms, consider the following 3 reasons to invest in this type of lighting style.


The first thing that you'll notice about this style of bulbs, is that they produce more light for less. The consumption of electrical current is far less than other bulbs, which means that you'll end up spending a lot less on your monthly power bills. The bills will be reduced over time, and as you end up changing out the rest of the home's lamps, and lighting fixtures, you will see a huge reduction in the operation costs in your home or office.


A good side effect of installing a LED high bay light is that there is less heat conducted. Traditional lighting solutions can create a great deal of heat that can create an uncomfortable temperature in an enclosed area. High heat that is conducted from lights can create problems with mold, allergies, and much more. The heat that is created with this type of lighting is very small at best.

Length of Operation:

You'll be quite delighted to know that your overall costs will go down, but another great reason why you want to invest in this type of solution is that it can last for multiple years without needing to change things up. The average bulb can burn out in a short time, or a circuit could snap the filament in the interior, but you'll notice that these types of LED bay lights can last for upwards of years without as much as a faint change in the lighting structure.

The above reasons to invest are simple and rudimentary in a lot of ways. The economical aspect of this type of option is worthy of taking a good hard look. When looking into lighting solution alternatives, you'll have to enjoy the illumination that you get.

The cost of investment is something you can look at as well, getting the right option for the right price can make any sort of home improvement project that much easier to live with. Whether you're installing lamps on your own, or you hire a contractor, price points are important in hard economic times.

Pricing options are important to consider, no matter how difficult it is to be patient, shop around and look for the best plan moving forward. There is a great opportunity rises to design the decor in your home when you purchase lighting schemes that are both modern and cost effective.

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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Great Features Of LED High Bay Light

Homeowners of all types are looking for creative ways to install lighting in place which needs it. There are a plethora of options that can move a house from just being a home, to being something more, something with style and substance. However, before we get further information on the nuances of lighting styles that high quality LED high bay light can create for a homeowner, let us consider that if you choose this alternative, you can help the environment. That's correct, you can reduce your carbon footprint with relative ease, and all it takes is for you to switch to an LED alternative.

When looking for reasons why it's important to change the fixtures and lighting in your home, it's important to start with an assessment of your overall needs. Look at the area that you need to light, and seek out areas that can be easily accessible. This is a crucial step, especially if you're planning on doing the installation and changes yourself. Peace of mind can start to settle in, when you assess your needs as the very first step moving forward.

After you've assessed your requirements, consider that LED bay light options are efficient and can really help any budget in saving money on electricity bills. This type of savings can seem rudimentary, however it is something that many people can appreciate, especially in these modern times of economic hardship. The savings are marginal at first, but over time, they will be higher and higher. Make sure that you check out your bills and see the shift in price over time.

Thirdly, you need to look at is which LED lights up most once it is fully heated. These lighting options take a little time to render maximum light exposure, and getting them to shine bright can seem difficult at first. However, with modern innovations in terms of lighting, many bulbs that fabricate this type of light shine solidly through darkness and create a glorious appeal. Look through a variety of styles and types to make sure that you're receiving the most lighting for your dollar.

Lastly, you have consider is whether or not you will want to do the installation yourself, or hire a contractor. If you hire someone, make sure that you get a written estimate. To ensure that the price is not too great, getting a preliminary estimate of the costs and shopping around can do you a lot of good. If you're not going to go that route, you can invest in several tutorials and manuals that teach you how to install these things on your own. Also, you cannot neglect to buy the proper tools to get work done. Also, make sure that you're using proper safety precautions and equipment, lest you injure yourself in the process of installation.

If you're looking for elegance, style, decor, and proper lighting solutions for this digital age, look no further with LED high bay light lamp. You'll enjoy the beauty and style which is available for you if you simply invest properly.

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Do You Need LED High Bay Lights?

As we all become a lot more aware of how turning a light on in our homes affects our environment we are looking at ways of reducing this problem. That is why we have now seen the popularity of installing LED high bay lights increasing.

Not only do these types of lighting products emit a great deal less carbon emissions, they are a far much cheaper to operate. However there are certain other reasons for you thinking using these types of LED bay lights over the more traditional ones that you can currently purchase. Below we take a look at a number of these.

Benefit 1:

Firstly, these types of lights have a much longer lifespan than conventional types of incandescent and fluorescent ones. On average LED lights have the ability to life 10 times as long as other lights. So of course you won't have to spend so much time and money on purchasing replacement ones. Also of course you will not have to constantly need to be doing the work of replacing them.

Benefit 2:

When it comes to LED lights these are considerably more energy efficient than incandescent and fluorescent lights. On average LED lights use only between 2 and 10 watts of energy, this is around 66% less than that used by conventional lights. As these lights don't need so much electricity to power them then of course this certainly assist to reduce how much your annual electricity bills will be.

Benefit 3:

LED high bay lights are not fitted with filaments so they are not only much more durable but also these lights are a lot more resistant to breaking. So of course the risk to them blowing or them popping is reduced.

Benefit 4:

You may be surprised to discover that these types of lights can prove beneficial when you need to run air conditioning in your home. Remember that LED high bay lights do not use as much power and as a result they don't create as much heat. So of course this means that you won't need to use your air conditioning as much to help reduce the levels of heat in your home. So of course not only are you cutting down the cost of running your air conditioning system, but also reducing how much you spend on maintaining it.

Benefit 5:

These kinds of LED bay lights produce a very white bright light so they provide a good amount of illumination. So of course this helps to ensure that when working in what can be a dangerous situation these lights will ensure that sufficient light is produced so any dangers can clearly be seen. Also many companies have found that the brighter the light that is being emitted the higher levels of productivity produced by their employees.

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Thursday, 18 December 2014

LED Tube Light Installation Made Simple

Installing LED tube lights in Singapore is a great way to save money on electricity and get potentially hazardous fluorescent lights out of your home or office. However, most LED tube lights on the market today can not just be directly installed in an existing fluorescent fixture. You will have to make some simple modifications to the fixture to properly install the bulbs. The good thing is that installing an LED tube light in an existing fluorescent fixture is relatively simple. In addition, you should be able to buy fixtures especially designed for LED tube lights in the near future, and they should actually be cheaper than the equivalent fluorescent fixtures.

Fluorescent fixtures are designed to support a specific types and size of fluorescent tube. A fluorescent tube is incorporated into a fluorescent lighting system which consists of two or three main components: (1) the fluorescent lamp (fluorescent bulb or tube), (2) the ballast, and (3) the starter system. In addition, the system for a tube lamp includes a lamp holder and a switch. Depending on the particular fluorescent lighting system, the starter may be a replaceable component, a starter may not be required, or the starter function may be integrated into the ballast.

Make sure that the LED replacement tube lights are the correct size for the fixture. Also, always remember that when servicing a fluorescent fixture or lamp for any reason, electrical power to the entire fixture should be disconnected. This is not always practical in situations where a large number of fixtures are controlled from the same power control (such as in open office areas). In these cases, insulating gloves and a nonmetallic ladder should be used if the fixtures must be serviced when power is present.

Once the old bulbs are removed from the lamp holders and the electricity to the fixture is turned off, you will probably have to remove the reflector that is located behind the bulbs and provides a housing for the wiring and ballast that lie behind it. It is fairly simple to remove the reflector or cover, however if it is not clear how to do this, you should consult the documentation from the fixture supplier.

Depending on how much wire you have to work with, it is a good idea to leave long enough wires leading out of the ballast to be able to reconnect the ballast with wire nuts, if you should ever want to convert the fixture back to use for fluorescent bulbs or want to use the ballast somewhere else. Typically, the ballast will have two screws or bolts holding it in place in the fixture, and these can be removed using a screwdriver or pair of pliers, as appropriate. The ballast should be disposed of in accordance with local regulations as should the old fluorescent bulbs. It is because the fluorescent bulbs contain a small amount of highly-toxic mercury, these lights should be treated as hazardous waste and disposed of as soon as possible.

Unlike fluorescent bulbs which do not have a top or bottom, an LED tube light in Singapore will have an obvious top and bottom, with metallic heatsink located on the backside of the tube and the LEDs visible under a lens on the side that will be aimed towards the area to be illuminated. Place the cover back on the fixture (if there was one) and turn on the electricity. Turn on the switch and if you have done everything properly, you should have as good or better lighting using approximately half the electricity and lasting as long as 50,000 hours or more.

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

What Are Some Considerations Before Buying LED High Bay Lights

It is not always easy for people to come to a decision when taking into consideration the type of lighting which would be good for them. There are many options in this world and many different kinds of lighting styles and fixtures to choose from.

There are many options in this world and many different kinds of lighting styles and fixtures to choose from. So it is important not to rush into anything as once the lighting will be installed you will have to live with it. You have other things to consider as well like hiring a professional to set up your lights and making sure that they look good with your decor.

One of the first things that people need to look into is the cost of LED high bay lights and the cost of installing the lights. Economically these days' people find it difficult to keep up with costs such as construction, electricity, and installation. As such, unless you are ready to do all the work yourself you should look online to get all the information which is available about LED bay lights and their installation. In the long run you will be saving money on electricity and you won't have to change the lights as often so you won't have to worry that the light my keep burning out.

It is not difficult to get information online about LED highbay light contractors and electricians. Of course you want to hire a company with a good reputation and years of experience to be sure you get your money's worth and your lighting system set up just right. You want to take the time to read all the reviews available and ask around to see if any of your neighbors or friends may have had LED highbay lights installed.

All of these things are important before you finally decide on the kind of LED high bay light system you want to have installed. Definitely you want to have the very best in lighting, decor and of course efficiency and functionality. As such you have to do some shopping about and comparing prices and looking at the lighting systems which are available. So there is not time like the present to get online and make your choices. You will realise that why more and more people have chosen LED high bay lights over other systems. Another great way to make the final decision and even get an idea about how the lighting will look is to go to establishments which have had this type of lighting installed and see how it looks and how it works. They will even be able to inform you about all of the great benefits which they've experienced.

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Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Benefits Of T8 LED Tubes in Singapore

The T8 LED tubes in Singapore serve to be a possible choice these days due to a number of reasons. Light Emitting Diodes contain tiny semiconductor chips which convert the electricity into light energy and illuminate the area brightly without much power consumption.

Before making the switch, one question that strikes your mind is the benefit associated with the usage of this light.

The benefits of using LED tube lights are plenty. These lights can convert most of the electricity to light and hence, they are energy-efficient. This is a low-power, cost-efficient alternative to the traditional tube lights. They offer steady and clear stream of light with no flickering. Since these lights comprise non-toxic gases, they tend to have reduced harmful impact on the environment. The upfront expenses are little higher but operational expenses are negligible as compared to other lights. LED tube lights last for 57-75 times longer than other lights and 6-8 times longer as compared to CFLs.

This makes it efficient and thus, cost-effective. Some of the reasons to use LED tube lights over others include:

No harmful effect: The T8 LED fluorescent lights comprise inert gases unlike CFLs that contain toxic gases.

Less energy consumption: Up to 60% more energy-efficient as compared to the normal bulbs

Better Life Span: The life span of LED light tubes ranges from 50,000 to 100,000 hours

Easy to install and use: Setting up or replacing the equipment is easy

High operating temperature: Operates at a temperature of just 100 degrees

Stable lighting: Lighting is smooth across the area of installation

With a wide range of shapes, sizes and fixtures, LED tubes has made it easy for the home owners to make a choice that could meet all their requirements. The desired style can even be customized as per the customer requirements. Built as per the environmental standards, these lights are easy to deploy and last longer without craving for regular maintenance.

If you are looking forward to setting up the T8 LED tubes in Singapore, why not hand over the process to the specialists? These specialists are well aware of the type, shape and size that would complement the setting of your place.

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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

What Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using LED Lighting in Singapore?

LED T8 tubes were originally used as a replacement for incandescent indicators and displays in laboratory equipment, etc. LED prices have only recently has dropped enough to make them viable for residential and commercial markets.

LED home lighting can include anything from outdoor to Christmas lights. With the current looming energy crisis, and the pressure which was exerted on governments and businesses alike for more sustainable energy solutions, LED T8 tube lights have a bright future in space lighting solutions.

Firstly, the advantages of using LED lights in Singapore are that they are far more efficient than any other lighting alternative commercially available at the moment. LED bulbs have a 100,000 hour lifespan, and will last for 11 years at continuous operation, or 22 years at 50% operation. Compare this to the approximate lifespan of 5,000 hours for an incandescent light bulb and 10,000 hours for a fluorescent light. Many businesses find the lifespan of LED light bulbs very attractive - imagine you only have to change the signage on a business property once every 11 years. With incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, the true cost of the bulb should include the labor expense and time needed to replace them. LED lights virtually eliminate lighting maintenance costs.

Secondly, by using LED lighting over conventional lighting the power consumption is definitely reduced. An LED bulb is capable of converting 80% of the electrical energy used into light energy. The remaining 20% electrical energy is lost as heat energy. Incandescent light bulbs only convert 20% of the electrical energy used into actual light energy, which means that a staggering 80% of electrical energy is lost as heat energy. If you compare the 80% efficiency of LED lights with the 20% efficiency of incandescent lights, the optimal choice of light bulb is quite apparent.

The disadvantages of using LED T8 tube lights in Singapore is that the primary limitation is the current high cost of LED light bulbs. Even though the cost of LED light is steadily decreasing, replacing a 100W incandescent light bulb with an LED alternative can be a bit costly The startup cost may seem daunting, but LED light bulbs pay for themselves over time since they can last for numerous years, and saves a lot of money in terms of electricity used. For businesses, using LED lights makes a whole lot of sense since the reduced maintenance costs more than make up for the steep start-up cost.

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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

What Are The Things To Consider When You Purchase LED Fluorescent Lights?

If you are in the process of looking to purchase some LED fluorescent lights for your warehouse it can prove quite challenging as there are so many different kinds to choose from.

Before you go and invest money in such items it would be a good idea to learn more about just what you can buy. The best place for carrying out this kind of research is of course online.

Today as you will see there are plenty of places online that offer advice and information with regards to LED lighting. So being able to make a more informed decision with regards to the kind of lighting you should be getting becomes a lot easier.

However when looking to purchasing these kinds of lights there are several things that you will need to take into consideration first.

Below we take a look at just what some of these considerations are. If you keep in mind the things that we discuss below then purchasing the best possible LED tube lights for your warehouse is going to prove less of a challenge.

Firstly, when you are trying to decide what size light to buy you needs to be looking for ones that will be able to light a room sufficiently where they are to be installed. In order to find out what size is required you should look at how many watts the lights use. Remember the more watts the light uses to provide light then the much brighter it will be.

Secondly, the next thing to be considered when it comes to buying any kind of LED light is what sort of color you want yours to emit. Again this is something that will affect how bright the light they emit is. Plus of course you need to make sure that the lights you select are ones that are suitable for the way in which you intend to use them.

Thirdly, another thing that will of course determine what sorts of LED fluorescent lights you buy for your warehouse is how much you can afford to realistically spend on your purchase. What is important to remember is that if you are willing to spend more on your purchase then the light they emit will be far better. Of course you could if you wanted to purchase the lights you need online and this could actually help to reduce the costs of them.

However, remember when buying LED light tubes online the sellers usually act as a middleman for the manufacturer and will not have the overheads of a conventional store. So any savings that they make they will then pass on to you in the form of discounts.

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