Wednesday, 29 June 2016

What Are The Advantages Of Using LED T8 Tubes?

When you talk about LED lighting, it is really the next generation technology which has many advantages and features for residential as well as for commercial building because LED T8 tubes can really replace traditional and out-dated fluorescent lighting.

LED lighting offers such benefits as a higher energy efficiency than CFLs and fluorescents, lower power consumption, lower maintenance costs, longer lifetime (50,000 hours compared to less than 10,000), durability and brighter light output than conventional fluorescent lighting. They are slowly replacing the home lighting and business lighting market place with LED T8 tubes and LED down light bulbs.

One of the most advantages is that LED replacements are a lot more cost-effective and energy efficient. Although the cost of a LED T8 tube light may seem high, but this cost is actually offset by the life span of the tube. The life spans of any LED tube far exceed the life spans of even the great quality fluorescent bulbs. Normally, the life span of a LED tube is about 50,000 hour, which is far exceeded the long life fluorescent tubes. Their consumption of heat is lesser than that of the regular fluorescent tube lights which use 34-40 watts of power. On the other hand, the LED tube lights only use about 18 watts.

LED tube lights offer brighter lights and consumes low heat. As such, because no ballast is involved, there is no noisy ballast hum with the LED light tubes as compared with fluorescent light tubes. The LED lights provide more directional lighting and focus on the area to be lit, as compared to the traditional fluorescent tube spreading lower light covering a larger area. Besides this, there is no pulsing with LED tubes as compared with fluorescent light tubes. No flickering of the tube light will mean there is less strain on the eyes.

Besides that, another benefit with LED Replacement is the composition of the tube light. The traditional fluorescent light tubes can be toxic if the tube light is broken as they contain a small amount of mercury. The Light Emitting Diodes are a lot durable and compact than the traditional light tube as they are made with a polymer, not glass, and contain no poisonous materials or harmful gasses. As such, because of this reason, using LED T8 tubes is a better and more environmentally friendly alternative.

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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Why Are People Using LED Fluorescent Tubes In Singapore

Nowadays, LED lights are becoming more and more popular and commonly used. LED fluorescent tubes are now being used in residential and commercial building in Singapore.

LED or light emitting diode produces light by the movement of electrons in the diode. These tubes easily contain hundreds of little LEDs. And they are popularly used in traffic lights, agriculture as well as commercial and motor industries.

As such, they are plenty of benefits of using LED tubes, and some of the advantages are:

Many people who sit under fluorescent lights complain about the heat and as a result many are prone to frequent head aches. Unlike the incandescent or fluorescent lights the LEDs does not emit too much of heat. They can be placed anywhere as per your requirement. These days they are used even on the Christmas trees.

The LED tube lights use 60% less energy when comparing to the incandescent lamps. They They are extremely efficient when you compared them to fluorescent lamps as well. Besides using less energy, they do not produce much heat. However, the incandescent lamps consume more energy that is emitted in the form of heat.

The LEDs can be purchased in different sizes and colours. The more popular available sizes are 2, 4 and 6 inches. They are also available in different colour of lights. You can choose between pink and light green if you want an incandescent lamp. Whereas, you will have many colours to choose if you are installing instead the LED lights.

The LEDs have longer lifespan when comparing to other traditional lights. They can remain intact for about 50,000 to 100,000 hours. As such, you can definitely save your money when you intend to replace the lights at regular interval of time.

Although there are many benefits, people are most likely concerned about the disadvantages as well as that are probable to occur.

Some of the commonly disadvantages are:

The major problem is probably its cost. LED lights are quite costly when comparing to the incandescent traditional lamps. Usually, the cost is between from $50 to $100. Since LED tubes can exist for a long time, this will make the cost quite reasonable.

At times, you may need to change the electrical settings to put on the tubes. The fluorescent lamps require ballasts which are not required when you are using the LED lights. As such, ballasts are to be removed in order to use the LED.

Definitely, there are more benefits of using LED tubes in Singapore when you compare with the disadvantages. But once you are able to start using these lights, you will find them an effective and consumer friendly source of light.

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Monday, 27 June 2016

Is It Necessary To Use High Power LED Flood Light?

Most people are installing these high power LED flood lights to act as a deterrent to any would be intruder. But, in actual fact, there are many other advantages you would gain just by installing these LED lighting and we shall take a look at them.

Benefit 1: This form of LED lighting is definitely much reliable and they do have a longer life span as compared to those traditional fluorescent lighting. Once you have installed these LED lighting ones, it will definitely save you time as you will not need to replace these LED lighting as often as traditional lighting. A good quality form of high power LED flood light will last up to 6 times longer than traditional forms of lights.

Benefit 2 - By using LED lights, you are doing your part to preserve the environment because these lighting do not require much power to generate the lights they emit. Also, as compared to other forms of traditional lighting, they do not produce the same level of heat pollution. As a result of this, you will be helping to decrease the amount of carbon emission your house is producing.

Benefit 3 - Even though most home nowadays will certainly use electricity to power up their LED flood lights, they are also other methods in which they can be powered. If you are considering to do your part for the environment, then it will make sense to consider investing in those lighting which are powered through solar energy.

Benefit 4 - Besides using the same kind of connections similar to traditional lights, LED lights are also very simple to install in several ways. They also do not come together with other complications which are often found when choosing to use fluorescent flood lights instead.

Benefit 5 - When you purchase the LED flood light, you will realise that they are fitted with a diode instead of a filament or filled with inert gas. As such, they are not producing any kind of gases in the air which are detrimental to somebody's health.

Benefit 6 - Not only does these type of LED lights emit much brighter and whiter light, they also brightens up the area surrounding them much better. As such, instead of requiring to install many flood lights around your place, actually you may that you only need a few high power LED flood lights which will produce great illumination.

These are a few advantages of installing good quality of high power LED flood lights. When you are considering installing these LED lights, remember to position them about 8 to 10 feet off the ground to make sure that the lights they emit will definitely be shining downwards in order that they are able to shine lights on a much bigger area.

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Monday, 20 June 2016

4 Reasons Why You Should Replace An Incandescent Bulb In Your Home With An LED Lighting Bulb

For the past few years the installation of LED lighting bulbs in to flashlights and Christmas lights has been common place. Yet even though these types of bulbs can now be fitted in to ceiling and desk lamps, many people are still wary about using them.

The main reason for why so many people haven't chosen to replace their incandescent bulbs with LED ones is the cost. Unfortunately even though more and more types of LED light bulb are being made available the price per light is still around $10 compared to say the $2 or $3 you would expect to pay for an incandescent one.

But the price of such lights isn't something that should prevent you from investing in them. In this article we explain why choosing to replace your current incandescent light bulb with an LED light bulb is a great idea.

1. 1. Last Longer

After being installed these lights are able to produce light for 25 times longer than incandescent ones can. As a result once installed you may find it could be several years before the need to replace them again occurs.

2. They Don't Burn Out

What you will find is that an LED light bulb doesn't just stop working, over time it the light it emits becomes dimmer. So as soon as you notice that the light being emitted isn't as bright then this will be the time to replace yours.

3. Produce Less Heat

Unlike other bulbs these ones produce less heat because they don't need to use as much energy to provide the power so that they can emit their light. Conventional bulbs actually use around only 5 to 10% of the electricity provided to them in order to provide illumination to a room. The rest of the energy used is generated as heat and is a complete waste.

Whereas LED light bulbs are able to convert around 60% of the electricity provided to them in order to generate light to illuminate a room. As a result of this they actually consume less electricity, which in turn means that your annual electricity bills are reduced.

4. Can Be Controlled Remotely

The technology used in creating these types of bulbs enables you to control them remotely. In order to be able to control an LED light bulb remotely simply requires you to download the appropriate app on to your Android phone or iPhone. As well as being able to control the brightness these particular devices also allow you to control the color.

Plus if you want they come with a feature that will allow you to determine when the lights in your home come on when you aren't there. This is a very good feature to have as it means it provides another level of security to your home that burglars or other unwanted guests won't like.

As you can see from above installation of any kind of LED light bulb in your home is worth considering even though the initial cost of doing so is quite high.

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Friday, 17 June 2016

5 Reasons Why LED Light Bulbs Should Become Standard In Your Home

The installation of LED light bulbs in homes still isn't proving that popular. Most home owners still tend to stick with incandescent bulbs because the new LED types cost too much.

However below we provide a couple of really good reasons why when it comes to you replacing light bulbs in your home you choose to invest in the LED variety.

Reason 1 - Use Less Energy

As the technology used in LED light bulbs requires much less energy to be used to provide heat it actually makes them far more efficient than conventional ones. In some cases they are 85% more efficient than some incandescent bulbs are.

If you choose to continue to use a 60 watt incandescent bulb it will continue to consume 525 kWh. However were you to replace these with LED light bulbs these would only use around 65 kWh of energy each year. In turn this could help to reduce your annual electricity costs by as much $180.

Reason 2 - Create Less CO2

As LED light bulbs use less electricity to power them in turn that this means that much less CO2 is being created. What this then means is that we are helping to reduce the amount of damage that these kinds of gases are doing to the environment.

Reason 3 - Last Longer

When used correctly you may well find that it could be another 10 or 20 years before you need to replace any LED light bulb you have recently installed in your home. The reason that these bulbs are able to last longer is that they are much more stable compared to other forms of bulbs already available.

They last longer not only because they use less energy and generate less heat, but also comprise components inside that are much less volatile. LED light bulbs don't use any hazardous materials like mercury in order to be able to emit light from them.

Reason 4 - Disposal Is A Lot Easier

As already mentioned above these types of light bulbs don't contain any hazardous materials. So when the time comes for you to replace them they don't need to be packed in any special way when disposing of them. However if you want to make sure you are helping the environment then disposing of them at selected collection points is a good idea.

Reason 5 - Light Degradation

You will find that after installing LED light bulbs in your home the amount of light they produce, as they get older doesn't diminish as greatly as it does with more conventional forms of lighting. Although degradation of the color of the light they produce was a problem in the beginning it isn't now. This is because the companies that produce such lights have spent a great deal of time, money and effort on perfecting the components within the bulbs to improve how much light they emit.

Often what happens is that over time rather than the light emitted being lost altogether when it comes to LED light bulbs the amount of light emitted becomes somewhat less.

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Thursday, 9 June 2016

LED High Bay Lighting For Your Warehouse

Since many people are more aware about the particular effects of light that is brought to our environment, LED high bay light has become more popular recently. Because it is nowadays less expensive to operate and can reduce carbon emissions, it can be considered as one of the very first steps to protect the environment. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise if you may be considering using LED high bay light for your place which has high ceiling.

These LED lights are normally being used in indoor places which has more than 15 feet in ceiling height. Often times, they are also popularly used in warehouses, hangars and gyms places. These are places which has very high ceiling. As such, the lights in these places are very difficult to change.

You will discover that they are many good reasons why you ought to think about using LED. To start with, they offer a long extended lifespan and also last much longer as compared to traditional fluorescent lighting. By using LED lights, you probably will not be required to buy replacement lights and also change these lighting as often as you used to. You will not need to mind them for a long time once you put it into good use.

With high bay lighting, this can be very advantageous because then those high ceilings won't have to be reached. With LED lighting, it will lessen the number of the times which they need to be changed.

Moreover, LED is very energy efficient, and it just use around two to ten watts - about 66% less than your typical incandescent bulb. And since LED lights use less energy, you can also save more money.

As LED bulbs do not have filaments, which is why they are more durable and resistant to accidents. As such, they are an ideal for high bay lighting. Initially, probably you may need to spend a bit more, however you will get so much in return.

LED high bay light can save you some money as it use less energy, moreover since it does not heat up like other lights. So, you will save also on your air conditioning bills because you do not need to increase the power of your air conditioning units. Overall, you will definitely reduce your expenses on your electricity bills as your operating and maintenance will cost much lesser.

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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

LED Flood Lights Are Becoming More Popular

Usually, all of the flood lights are halogen lamp lights. But, nowadays, LED flood lights are more popular in the market. Moreover, using LED flood lights has many advantages as compared with traditional lighting. Whether they are for outdoors or indoors, the LED flood lights can come in a many sizes to meet every requirement.

There are many benefits to using LED lights instead of halogen lamps. Firstly, LED lights are definitely more cost efficient. LED flood lamps produce brighter light for a reasonably low cost. And secondly, their life span is very long and also they are much more durable. LED lights generally have a lifespan of about 10,000 hours if you compared them to halogen lights which probably last for about 1,000 hours.

One of the benefits of using LED flood lights indoor use is that they produces very little heat. Moreover, besides being able save on electricity bills, they also keep the temperature control down to a minimum.

One of the popular usage of LED flood lights is this type is outdoors such as football field and sports complex areas. These LED lights are particularly very huge in size and extremely powerful. Besides avoiding the hassle of regularly changing light bulbs, LED lights could save you some money too. For example, if you have projects which require illumination at night, these LED flood lights can provide that solution. They come in two varieties, ones which are being powered by batteries and the other which required to be plugged into a power source.

LED flood lights used to be thought of as lights for "big" places, they are now being brought into the domestic market also. In particular, as compared with traditional halogen lights, they do offer many great benefits and in fact are are getting more and more popular in a variety of places..

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Monday, 6 June 2016

The Many Benefits Of LED Flood Light Lamps

These LED flood light lamps are important for owners because they have many benefits which are not found as compared to other traditional lighting.

One of the biggest benefits to having LED flood lights versus other lighting types is that they last much longer than any other one. LED lights have a much longer life even if they are used continually. Fluorescent and other lights simply do not offer the same amount of time for each bulb. This means that there is going to be less time purchasing and storing flood lights as well as the time and manpower it can take to change them when they have burnt out. When there is no flood lighting, this sends an open invitation to burglars who want to steal equipment or break into a home.

When you install LED flood lights, there will not be an increase in the electricity bills. Actually, less electricity will be used as compared with other traditional lighting and as such, this will make them more cost effective. That is why it is imperative for businesses as well as homeowners to save money and in fact by using LED lighting, it can offer much savings. Definitely, long term wise, the money which will be saved will probably be significant enough to make the extra cost more than worth it.

Finally, these lights are in fact a lot brighter in comparison with some other traditional lighting, in fact, just one LED flood light will be able to do the job of a few lights, such as two or three lighting. Again, this is going to add up to cost savings as well as time savings when it is time to replace the bulbs. Making use of much fewer lights will mean much less power and electricity. The truth is, as this LED lights are already using much less electricity, by reducing the number of lights will also mean less electricity bill substantially. Moreover, with the economic crisis, any type savings will likely be a plus for all residential and business owners.

LED flood light does offer many advantages to companies who are in need of powerful lighting. They definitely longer than other traditional type of lighting and as such they in fact do not need to be changed frequently. Although, they cost a bit more, but they do offer a reduction in power usage which makes them a better alternative. The lights that are emitted are brighter in comparison with other conventional types, as such fewer lights are going to be required for one area of illumination. So, whenever it comes to lighting, LED lights would be the better choice if you want to save money and at the same time also having brighter lighting.

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Thursday, 2 June 2016

What Are The Benefits Of Using LED High Bay Lights?

These kinds of high bay lightings are widely-used with ceilinged constructions such as fitness gyms areas, hotels as well as churches and in addition a number of residential properties which have high rise ceilings.

Nevertheless, in conjunction with these kind of high ceilings, the challenges will be the heights which tend to make the installations of these lights difficult. If you were to use traditional lighting, it would probably tend to increase the risks. In order to avoid such a situation, it would make sense to use LED high bay lighting which has much longer life span.

Using LED will be an additional advantage when you compare these lighting with conventional lightings because it will be cheaper and possesses reduced electric power use along with high lumen efficacy, therefore providing brighter lighting effect and that is additional better and more closer than daylight without consuming too much electricity. By using traditional lighting that provides brighter lighting definitely uses great deal of electricity simply because they consume huge wattage. As you will be lighting a whole warehouse will mean great power consumption, as a result, there will be increase in electricity bill costs.

Another great benefit of using LED lighting is of course it has a longer life span. It has a lifespan of approximately 13 years of continuous use. As such, reducing the risk of your workers who would do the replacement of your high bay lightings; with traditional ones you are bound to change it every now and then since the bulbs are busted more often, thus, such risks would be an important issue you need to consider due to the heights of your building. When you are dealing with high-rise ceilings, using the right equipment and the right person to install and replace is very important. By not checking the equipment needed to replace and install the right lightings may cause accidents, which could prove fatal.

Although LED may have a higher price tag compared with traditional lighting, you can definitely get some savings due to its long-term use. There is another way which you can save out by using LED high bay lights is that because of its low power consumption with brighter lighting effect, it will allow you to have lower monthly electric bills, thereafter, increasing your sales and profit and at the same time it will lower your operating expenses. It's wise and does make sense to choose the more practical lighting though it may cost more when you buy them. However, we are looking at long term, and the right choice of LED lighting can definitely save you much overall.

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