Monday, 20 June 2016

4 Reasons Why You Should Replace An Incandescent Bulb In Your Home With An LED Lighting Bulb

For the past few years the installation of LED lighting bulbs in to flashlights and Christmas lights has been common place. Yet even though these types of bulbs can now be fitted in to ceiling and desk lamps, many people are still wary about using them.

The main reason for why so many people haven't chosen to replace their incandescent bulbs with LED ones is the cost. Unfortunately even though more and more types of LED light bulb are being made available the price per light is still around $10 compared to say the $2 or $3 you would expect to pay for an incandescent one.

But the price of such lights isn't something that should prevent you from investing in them. In this article we explain why choosing to replace your current incandescent light bulb with an LED light bulb is a great idea.

1. 1. Last Longer

After being installed these lights are able to produce light for 25 times longer than incandescent ones can. As a result once installed you may find it could be several years before the need to replace them again occurs.

2. They Don't Burn Out

What you will find is that an LED light bulb doesn't just stop working, over time it the light it emits becomes dimmer. So as soon as you notice that the light being emitted isn't as bright then this will be the time to replace yours.

3. Produce Less Heat

Unlike other bulbs these ones produce less heat because they don't need to use as much energy to provide the power so that they can emit their light. Conventional bulbs actually use around only 5 to 10% of the electricity provided to them in order to provide illumination to a room. The rest of the energy used is generated as heat and is a complete waste.

Whereas LED light bulbs are able to convert around 60% of the electricity provided to them in order to generate light to illuminate a room. As a result of this they actually consume less electricity, which in turn means that your annual electricity bills are reduced.

4. Can Be Controlled Remotely

The technology used in creating these types of bulbs enables you to control them remotely. In order to be able to control an LED light bulb remotely simply requires you to download the appropriate app on to your Android phone or iPhone. As well as being able to control the brightness these particular devices also allow you to control the color.

Plus if you want they come with a feature that will allow you to determine when the lights in your home come on when you aren't there. This is a very good feature to have as it means it provides another level of security to your home that burglars or other unwanted guests won't like.

As you can see from above installation of any kind of LED light bulb in your home is worth considering even though the initial cost of doing so is quite high.

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