Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Do You Need A Commercial LED High Bay Light?

It is popularly known that light emitting diode (LED) lighting is among the best out of all the current options, and it can be said that out of all the LED lights, a commercial LED high bay light is the best. When stating that one is "the best," it is normally helpful to know what it's being compared to. Most traditional lighting is incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, as there is also induction and high intensity discharge lighting. All different kinds of lighting bulbs vary based on their longevity, quality of the light, maintenance, efficiency, and whether or not any rebate offers are available for using them. The life of it is significantly higher than any of the other alternatives, with incandescent lighting having the shortest life span. In addition to that, the quality of LED lighting is much better than most of the other lighting choices available in the market and its energy efficiency is very high. Unfortunately, there is always a trade off when there's an excellent product. It happens to be one of the more expensive choices, as some could argue that the initial cost is offset by the great availability of utility rebates and their low maintenance costs.

Ai LED bay lights are quickly phasing out other forms of lighting, being used commercially as well as in the home. LED lights, previously only available in home improvement stores, are now being placed in grocery stores and places like Target. So, it is becoming quite simple for businesses to acquire a commercial LED high bay light. But, some people are still confused as to how LED lights actually perform. LED, standing for "light emitting diode," implies that there is a diode present which is emitting light. That diode has two terminals that conduct electricity in just one direction. Diodes have been used, for years, in technology such as remote controls and cell phones. LED lights are capable of producing a wide variety and spectrum of colors; the color is dependent on the energy gap in the semiconductor of the diode. That is why it makes LEDs all the more useful, as they can come in multiple different colors.

How LED lights use energy can relate to how much more efficient and useful they are compared to other traditional lighting. LEDs have been noted to use seventy-five percent less energy than incandescent lights, and twenty-five percent less than the those extremely effective lighting: compact fluorescent. Additionally, LEDs are much more efficient at lighting a room due to how they emit light. LEDs are capable of emitting light in one targeted direction, as compared to incandescent and compact fluorescent lighting which scatters the light. Also, LED lights put out a lot less heat than other lighting, resulting in less loss of energy. Incandescents release ninety percent of their energy as heat. This can be extremely useful commercially, as a room can become extremely hot due to lighting. An Ai commercial LED high bay light can help prevent that.

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Thursday, 7 August 2014

LED T8 Tubes - What Are They?

Many people know very little about lighting until it comes time to purchase or refit lighting in their existing or new space. At this point in time, hopefully people do their own research instead of simply trusting one supplier or one employee at a home improvement store. It is very important to research price, cost effectiveness, efficiency, and how much work it will take to maintain a type of light or fixture. Ai LED T8 tubes are relatively new on the scene but are making waves as they maximize their efficiency while minimizing the uptake necessary.

LED T8 light tubes are the ones usually seen in the large rectangular light fixtures embedded into the ceiling of a classroom, industrial warehouse, and they are even used for walk-in coolers. LEDs are phenomenal for those looking for a light that will cost them less over time, produce better results, and last a lot longer. In fact nobody likes replacing light bulbs, especially when it requires grabbing a ladder or climbing on counter tops, so why not reduce the chances of needing to do that?

LED T8 tubes are usually compared to fluorescent T8 or fluorescent T5 tubes, and have several benefits over those. All fluorescent lights contain some kind of mercury vapor, and quite often have an argon vapor as well. These vapors are what get excited and produce energy that is absorbed by a phosphorus coating on the inside of the light. The phosphorus coating absorbs and converts the ultraviolet light and produces visible light. There are several problems with all of that previously mentioned. Mercury and argon gases are poisonous, and if the lights were to fall and shatter, it definitely could cause a serious problem for those around it - the least of which would be the glass shards littering the ground.

In addition to this, fluorescent light bulbs require that ultraviolet light is created before they can give off visible light. Ultraviolet light is a well-known carcinogen, responsible for many skin cancers, such as melanoma. Reducing ultraviolet light in any way possible is a huge benefit. LED T8 light tubes use a diode and a semiconductor, which allows the current to flow in only one direction, as well as allow significant control over the color of the light. They don't possess any dangerous gases, and when they fall, they quite often bounce instead of break. LED lights also don't produce ultraviolet light as a byproduct.

A great thing about LED light bulbs, that is mainly because of how they produce light, is how directional they are. LED T8 tubes usually produce light at a one hundred and twenty degree angle, meaning the light is very targeted and focused. Fluorescent lights, and especially the incandescent lights of yore tend to scatter light instead. This results in a loss of light, and even a weaker light over a certain area. These LED lights also release a lot of heat per unit of electricity consumed, making them much less efficient and effectively driving up energy bills over time.

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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Save Money With LED Tube Light Retrofit

LED tube light tubes are one of the ways that you can abide by EPA recommendations for energy savings. One of the ways that the EPA recommends to increase the efficiency of your home, business, or other buildings, is to retrofit your entire lighting system. But, this is not possible in many houses or budgets. So, with the use of LED light bulbs, the retrofit can be less expensive and easier.

If you can bring this down the entire lighting energy consumption of about 20% in your home to a lower level, you should be able to save on your yearly budget. Many people feel that this can not possibly cut down on their lights as they need a certain amount in order to do work around the home or office. But, with better design you can use less wattage and still see clearly.

In actual fact, LED tubes give off a bright light from the 12 LED bulbs housed within them. Instead of doing a complete retrofit of your light receptacles and wiring, simply install some tube lights for your lighting needs.

The LED tube retrofit is not only for the energy, or the money, savings. It is also for the health of the people within your home or within your office buildings. The light that a building has will directly affect the mood, the comfort, the stress, the health and safety of the people who are there. With harsh lighting people are more likely to suffer health problems. The soft lighting of the LED contributes to a healthier lifestyle for everyone within the home.

While the LED tube light is not a main lighting feature, it is a wonderful way to retrofit your home's lighting system in many areas where harsh lighting is not required. You may place the LED lights in a half bathroom, or in a mud room entrance way. Larger LED tube lights can be found in kitchens, in bedrooms, and in garages.

Retrofitting your home with new LED lights will assist you not only to save money, however also see better health results. In many cases, the retrofit is as simply as installing a tube light. As such, your savings are not only in the lights, but also in cooling costs. Since Ai LED light tubes do not give off heat, there is no need for excessive cooling.

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