Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Why Get LED T8 Tube Lights For Your Home

Are you getting LED T8 tube lights for your home? Like so many other people today you are probably looking for ways that you can help to protect the environment. 

One particular way that this can be done is through replacing any fluorescent lights you have in your home or business premises with the new LED T8 light tubes.

Even though fluorescent lights are more cost effective than the incandescent type there are still problems associated with them. 

This is why then you should be considering replacing any light tubes you have in your home with the new LED variety.

One of the big problems you will face if you choose to stick with using fluorescent lights rather than LED T8 tube lights is that they are difficult to replace. 

After a fluorescent light has been installed replacing them is a very difficult task because of the plugs and ballast used in them. 

Before a new fluorescent tube can be installed the previous one along with its plugs and ballast has to be removed.

However you also have to consider when replacing a defunct fluorescent tube that you need to dispose of it in the proper manner. 

As these lights contain very toxic materials in them they need to be disposed of in the same ways, as other hazardous materials have to be. 

So you will need to actually take them to a specialist-recycling unit, you cannot just put them out with the waste.

Whereas when it comes to these tube lights these are made from a silicon substrate that is encased in glass. 

As these don't contain any kinds of materials such as mercury they can be put out with your regular waste when they finally need replacing.

But this isn't the case when it comes to using LED tube lights, as these contain no hazardous materials. Plus of course as they last considerably longer you won't need to replace them as often. 

Plus replacing of such lights can often be done by you rather than having to hire the services of a qualified electrician to replace them for you.

As well as being much easier to replace another reason for getting rid of fluorescent lights for the new LED type is that they can be more beneficial to your health. 

Fluorescent lights unfortunately don't emit a more yellowy colour light and this can lead to strain being placed on your eyes, in turn this can result to you suffering from headaches. 

However the light emitted by these tube lights is much clearer and brighter and also tends to be a lot whiter in colour.

As you probably already know LED lights not only use less power but also generate a lot less heat when on. In fact the temperature at which these lights operate is just 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

So it is possible should the need arise for you to be able to remove and replace any LED T8 tube light tubes with having to wait until they have cooled down.

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