Monday, 25 January 2016

Benefits Of Getting An LED Flood Lamp Installed

Are you still in two minds about whether to install an LED flood lamp on your home to provide more security? Although this form of lighting does offer some of the advantages that conventional halogen flood lighting has to offer there are several other benefits that should be considered as well.

In this article we explain just what the other benefits are of deciding to install an LED flood lamp on your home.

1. Extremely Long Life

You will soon discover that the life span of an LED flood lamp is considerably longer than that of a halogen type one. This form of lighting has a life span of up to 50,000 hours. However if not used as frequently you may find that it lasts even longer than this. As they last longer it means that bulbs inside don't need to be replaced as frequently, making them much more economical.

2. Eco Friendly

As these types of lamps use less electricity over time they will help to reduce how much you spend each year on electricity. Okay initially to buy an LED flood lamp is expensive but when you take into account how much you save on electricity each year you can see that they really are worth investing in. In fact within a year or 2 of installation you will start to see a return on the investment you initially made. Plus as they use less electricity it means you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint, which is great for the environment.

3. Produce A Brighter Light

As these types of lamps produce a light that is much brighter you won't need to install as many as you would when it comes to the halogen variety. As well as producing light that is much brighter these lamps are able to produce light that is able to cover a much greater area, again meaning less of them need to be installed to provide the necessary coverage.

4. Directed Light

After being installed you will notice that the light emitted can be directed towards a specific location if you wish. However when it comes to conventional halogen flood lamps they allow it to be directed in all directions, so creating dark and light areas.

5. Durable

You will find that an LED flood lamp is just as durable as other forms of floodlighting available today. Each one is encased in an IP65 rated aluminum weather proof housing. So it makes them suitable to withstand all kinds of punishment that the weather and other outdoor conditions can throw at them.

Over the last few years we have become increasingly reliant on flood lights. Not only do they help to illuminate your favorite band on stage, but also to provide a much better level of security around your home. So choosing to install an LED flood lamp bulb isn't something that should be dismissed just because they cost too much to buy initially. Remember this form of lighting will help you over the coming years to help reduce your electricity bills and help the environment.

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