Monday, 29 September 2014

The Few Benefits Of LED Light Tubes

LED light tubes are in fact light emitting diodes which recombine electrons that are inside the light tube housing and release energy that is the form of photons. These types of lights have been used since 1962 in things like indicator lamps on different devices. In recent years the light emitting diodes have begun to be used in different types of light as they use so little energy and produce such a great quantity of bright light.

These tube lights have a longer expected life time than their traditional bulbs do. These light sources are smaller in size which the incandescent bulbs that would emit a quantity of light close to the same amount. As they are smaller in size the light emitting diode versions can be placed into smaller areas and more of these sources can be placed within one device.

LED light lamps are so dependable and durable that many of the lights which were put into use in the 70s are still in use today. They last and last, much like the Energizer bunny. When you replace the traditional bulbs in your home with the light emitting diodes you will likely go for several years before you have to replace the bulbs again.

The temperature which the LED bulbs are operated at play a crucial part in their longevity. When operated at low currents and in low temperatures these lights can surpass their expected life term by several years.

The initial cost of LED lighting is definitely higher, however
over time you will have to purchase more incandescent bulbs to take the place of these. You will also pay more expensive energy bills during the time you are using the incandescent bulbs, so in the long run the light emitting diodes will save you money. LED high quality lamp tubes uses less energy to work and provide a brighter source of light than the traditional versions.

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Use LED Light Bulbs To Raise The Standard Of Living

In the past, two types of lighting sources were available, one was traditional lighting and the other was fluorescent lighting. Both of them had issues of emitting more heat than the energy, that is, there is more heat and less light with a short life span. To solve these problems the LED technology was developed. It is a semi-conductor source of light which is used in the bulbs, flash lights, and other light fixtures.

- A traditional bulb has a metal filament from which the electricity is passed, making the filament hot. When the heat reaches a desired limit, the light bulb starts glowing.

LED lighting bulbs work due to the movement of electrons, as these electrons move through the semi-conductor diode when the electricity is passed. The lights start glowing with maximum energy.

The Advantages:

- Low energy consumption is seen in these lights than other types.

- A normal light bulb usually lasts for 750 hours, while LED lamp lighting bulbs last for 30,000 hours or even more.

- Such bulbs produce more energy.

- Environmental waste is less due to a long life of such devices. You can spend twenty years with a single bulb.

- The designs are very innovative, as well as functional.

- These light bulbs are very durable.

- These are available in different sizes and styles, so you can choose easily according to the fixtures.

- There is no need to use many bulbs in a large room, as only two or three can give enough light.

But, looking at the benefits, such high price seems less. A traditional light bulb being used for 20 years can raise the electricity bill seven times more than the LED very bright lamp bulb. As such, the advantages of such light bulbs can make your life easier and economical as well.

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Monday, 22 September 2014

Advantages And Disadvantages For LED Light Bulbs

There are many different types of light bulbs out there to choose from which means that it can be not that simple to decide which ones to use as you are not just stuck with one type of lighting in your whole household. You can use different bulbs depending on where and what you are going to be using it for. One of the newer types of light bulb that you may want to use is the LED lamp bulb.

LED light bulb is a great choice can be used throughout your household for many different reasons. LED light bulb has many benefits over other types however they also have not that good benefits.

LED Advantages: It has extremely long life span. It does not just cut out straight away when life is low.

LED Disadvantages: Not very high voltage so the light is not huge.

The first advantage, extremely long life span is a very good thing for these LED bulbs. They can last up to 200,000 hours however they mostly should be changed roughly around the 50,000 hour mark as once they reach here they usually start to dim down that means that they need changing.

LED lights will start to fade and are not be as bright when they start to run out as such you will always have time to get more or change the light bulb, also you will still be able to use the bulb for a while longer.

These types of light bulbs do not give out huge light so that is why they are usually recommended for side lights and corner of the room lights. LED lights are not limited to these at all however they are recommended use for them.

LED lights do not give off very much heat that can be regarded as very good considering other traditional bulbs can give off most of its power as heat which reduces your bulbs lifespan. LED bulbs power goes into producing light.

When using any type of bulb is "Do not look directly at the light", this is because the light that a LED bulb gives off is an intense low light so it can be very dangerous for your eyes if you look directly at it.

The great thing about high performance LED super bright light bulb is that they are just solid light as such there is nothing which can potentially fail except for it running out after constant use for several years, you are even able to get different colours displayed from one depending on what kind of allow is utilised when producing the light.

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Friday, 19 September 2014

Are LED Bulbs Now More Efficient Than Tube Lights

The advancement of technology has made our lives easier and more comfortable. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of everyday life, and there have been many evolutions in lighting.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of everyday life, and there have been many evolutions in lighting. Nowadays, the technology which has been added to the list is the LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology. We shall discuss some facts and advantages of LED bulb over other forms of lighting.

As incandescent bulbs are inefficient as compared to fluorescent tube lights and CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Light), there is no point in comparing them with LEDs. So, the comparison is only among LED light bulb, tube lights and CFLs.


-LEDs are extremely durable and can last for 40,000 to 50,000 hours whereas the other light sources such as CFLs and tube lights last 10,000 to 20,000 hours. As such, the life span of such LED lights is more than double the life span of tube lights and CFLs.

-LEDs are unlikely to break easily as they are made up of plastic, unlike traditional light bulbs and tube lights, which are made up of glass.

The Energy efficiency:

-LEDs consume less energy and give more light. To emit 210 lumens of brightness, they consume 3W, while CFL light bulbs and tubes consume more than 5W. As such, LED lights are almost 65% more efficient than their counter parts.

-Also, LEDs are 95% energy-efficient. Which means, 95% of the power consumed by them is converted to light and only just 5% to heat.

They are eco-friendly and pleasant:

-LEDs do not contain any mercury nor do emit any carbon gases that are harmful to environment. They are "eco-friendly".

-Also, they do not generate any heat while working. They emit light the same as the natural day light and is pleasant. On the other hand, light from tubes and CFLs generate a considerable amount of heat, and the light from them is harsh to eyes.

The wide voltage range and ability to work in extreme weather: LEDs can tolerate extreme weather. And also, they are capable of working with a wide range of voltage. As such, the chances of failure are very less during voltage fluctuations. Also, CFLs and tube lights cannot withstand extreme weather and voltage fluctuations.

As you can see, super bright LED light bulbs now brings more benefits than CFLs and tube lights. In fact, It is fair to predict that LEDs are probably going to dominate the other two lighting solutions in future. However, the only drawback of LEDs is that they are a bit costly. Let's hope that manufacturers of these lights will make an effort to decrease the prices to encourage the buyers to adopt LEDs.

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Are LED High Bay Lighting Bulbs Energy-Efficient?

As a lot of people become more aware about the possible effects of light to our environment, LED high bay lighting lamp has also become popular over the years. As it is generally cheaper to operate and can lessen carbon emissions, it is considered to be one of the good steps to protect the environment. It is not a surprise that you might also consider putting LED light bulbs to your high ceilings.

High bay lights are used in indoor places and they are commonly used in gyms, hangars and in warehouses - these are places where there are very high ceilings. In fact, lights in such places are very hard to change.

There are quite a number of reasons why you should think about using LED. Firstly, LEDs has quite a long lifespan. It lasts about ten times longer than compact fluorescent light. It takes you away from your constant light changes from time to time. Also, with LED lights, you need not buy replacement lights and change them regularly. You just have to use it, and do not mind them for a long time.

LED lamp lights are also very energy efficient, as such making them quite popular in residential houses and industrial building. LED just uses around two to ten watts - which is about 66% lesser than your traditional incandescent bulbs. LED usage in terms of electricity even goes lower. And since it uses lesser energy, you can also save much money.

Although LED light bulbs may cost much more, you can get to save more in time. They do not have filaments, which make them even more durable and resistant to accidents. You may spend more in the first place, however definitely you get so much in return.

As high bay lighting solutions, LED superbright high bay bulbs can give your savings not just because they use less energy, but also since they do not heat up like other bulbs. This makes your air conditioning expenses even less because you do not need to put air conditioning units on high. Because of this, your operating costs and maintenance gets even lower than the usual, too.

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Monday, 8 September 2014

What Are The Benefits Of LED Lighting Technology

The traditional light bulb is going the way of the dinosaur thanks to LED lighting, and you can benefit from this major advancement. Nothing can compare to the efficient, bright and energy-friendly nature of LED lights.

Presently, nothing can be compare to the bright, energy-friendly and efficient nature of LED lights, and companies have been able to convert this application to something which can be used for almost everything. In fact, traditional light bulbs are incredibly inefficient, costly to run and harmful also to the environment. LED lighting bulbs eliminates all these problems by providing affordable and reliable source of lights which will soon find its way into most residential houses and businesses.

LED light bulbs, fixtures, decorative accessories and applications for industrial use are providing the world with green and affordable lighting solutions. Companies and individuals are embracing this unique lighting technology and enjoying big savings and wonderful reliability simply by changing a few light bulbs or buying new fixtures. This is definitely a simple and accessible way to get great light and at the same time save some money on electric bills.

You will also notice huge savings in the LED lights that you are using. They are definitely efficient, and they hardly waste any energy whenever compared to regular lighting bulbs. Most bulbs radiate heat from the process they use to produce lights. LED lights do not waste energy and require far lesser electricity as compared to traditional bulbs, and this means a lot of money can be saved.

Because of the great efficiency and cost benefits of LED lights, presently many new buildings are starting to incorporate LED lighting in their construction from the beginning. Besides that, even existing buildings can also take benefit of this user-friendly lights, and it does not take much to make the switch. Simply you can buy new bulbs and install them and you can definitely save some money. The light bulbs last years instead of months, and the rooms will be better lit up with a light that is easy on the eyes. In fact, from the simplest lamp to the most complicated and decorative lighting features can also be easily transformed.

LED systems is in fact reliable, cost effective as well as very bright and you can start to enjoy all these benefits today. The sooner you make the change from traditional light bulbs to LED lights, the more money you can definitely save while having a better quality of light which can brighten your life. LED lights is also user-friendly and simple to use, and the earlier you start using these energy saving bulbs, the earlier you will start to save money. So, start saving the environment simply by using high quality LED lighting lamps today.

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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Is It Critical To Find A Reliable LED High Bay Light Manufacturer

When choosing lighting for any kind of setting, whether it's for the home or for the business, its exceedingly important to not only choose the right lighting but get it from the right place.

It is very important to not only choose the right type of lighting but also get them from the right place. It could be argued that LED lighting bulbs are the best, meaning it is very critical to choose the best reliable LED high bay lighting manufacturer. They are those popularly found in the roofs of large buildings like schools, warehouses, or offices, although some people do have them in their houses perhaps in rooms like kitchens or Florida rooms. These are popularly the large rectangular lights found embedded in roofs of such buildings. They provide plenty and due to their recent installment of LED lights, as opposed to compact fluorescent or incandescent, they are in fact incredibly efficient.

LED lights, meaning light emitting diodes, are much more energy efficient than other traditional, due to the nature by which they conduct electricity and utilize energy. It contain a diode and a semiconductor. The diode makes sure the current flows only one way, and the semiconductor is what is responsible for the color of the light, making it simple for LED lights to be available in many different colors. Because of the components of the LED, it ends up releasing a lot lesser energy as heat, and more of it as lights. Traditional Incandescent lights are known for being very inefficient, which contributes to their lack of rebates as compared to other light bulbs. It releases ninety percent of their energy as heat, not only driving up electricity bills, but increasing the toll on the air conditioning unit as it fights to keep the room and house.

It is critical in finding a good manufacturer for any kind of lighting or product, but a LED high bay light manufacturer should be able to educate in the ways in which LED lights differ from traditional light bulbs and why you would choose one over the other. Traditional compact fluorescent lights, being twenty-five percent less efficient than LEDs, use mercury and argon vapors to conduct electricity and become excited and releasing ultraviolet light. It is then absorbed by a fluorescent coating on the light tube enclosing them, which then emits visible light.

Compact fluorescent lights are less efficient than LED high bay lamps. Traditional incandescent lights are the most primitive of the three, composed of a glass housing holding a coiled tungsten wire. The coiled tungsten wire heats up enough until it releases energy as light and heat. As the incandescent light derives its energy solely from heat, much of it's energy is actually lost as heat. These are about seventy-five percent more efficient than incandescent light bulbs.

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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tips To Help You Choose The Right Kind Of LED Lighting Bulb

Would you like to see your annual electricity bills being reduced, but without having to spend a fortune on replacing all the lighting in your home? One of the best ways of achieving this is through the use of an Ai LED lighting bulb.

As you will soon discover this form of bulb comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes and each are designed to be able to meet a specific need. But with so many to choose from you may find it much harder to determine just which form of LED lighting bulb to use.

So in order to help make the whole process of purchasing such light bulbs easier we offer some tips below you may find useful.

Tip 1 - When it comes to choosing the right kind of LED lighting bulb you need to look closely at the shape and size. This is especially important if you intend to install such bulbs in fittings that you have in your ceilings or walls. Each bulb available does vary in size, for example a PAR 30 bulb measures 3.7" by 5.4" whilst a PAR 38 bulb measures 4.8" by 6".

Along with looking at the actual size of each bulb you also need to take into account the length of the bulbs neck. Some come with quite short necks whilst others of course the neck is much longer and designed to fit into a particular kind of light fitting. The best way to determine what size LED bulb is needed is to speak to a qualified electrician.

Tip 2 - The next thing you need to be looking at is the beam angle. There are forms of LED lighting bulb that enable you to adjust the direction of the beam angle so you can then direct the light towards a particular area. This form of lighting is especially effective for use to light paths, work surfaces in the kitchen or in a study.

For areas such as a kitchen we would recommend you opt for a bulb that has a 15-degree beam angle. Whereas for lighting a path outside your home then go for an LED lighting bulb with a 40 degree beam angle, as this one covers a much wider area.

Tip 3 - Another thing to consider is the type of light you want your LED lighting bulb to emit. With so much development carried out you will find you have various different light colors to select from, but of course which you use depends on where this form of lighting is going to be placed.

If you intend to use such lighting in your living room or bedroom then go for those that produce 2,700K (Kelvins) as the light such an LED lighting bulb emits is quite a soft white. However if you want to really provide a good level of bright light over a particular area, say a kitchen work surface then opt for the kind of bulb with a 5,000K rating on it. The light this form of bulb emits is very similar to that produced by natural sunlight.

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