Friday, 28 April 2017

LED High Bay Lights To Supply Your High Demands

Are you in high demand of  LED high bay lights?  High bay lighting is, without a doubt, the best when your ceiling is about 25 feet. These type of lights can be used anywhere, from warehouses, sports arenas, gymnasiums and industrial facilities. 

In the past, fluorescent was used for this kind of lighting fixtures but with the advent of LED (light-emitting diodes) as a more energy efficient option, high bay lighting options have become a better, if not the best, choice.

There are really many advantages of LED high bay light bulbs and here are the best of them:

Energy savings is the best advantage LED lighting can offer and this is true with bay lights. High bay lights are on for huge amount of times and keeping them running costs a lot. With LED highbay bulbs, facilities can save as much as 80% on electric bills compared to the usual lighting options.

LED high bay lighting bulbs are also long-lasting and they do not emit heat so it saves on cooling costs as well. Facilities can save up to 20% on air conditioning because of this.

They are also durable and pretty much damage proof. High bay LED lights also don't flicker-they are instantly on, without any warm up period requirement-and they distribute light better. There is also minimal light distortion and static build-up compared to fluorescent and compact fluorescent lights.

Furthermore, LED High Bay lighting bulbs are also environment-friendly because they do not release poisonous gas.

Because of these reasons, the lighting industry is pretty much shifting towards LED technology especially for high bay lighting applications in commercial and industrial facilities. However, consumers must also be discerning in dealing with LED high bay light suppliers.

There are many of them out there and choosing one which will provide you with the best service might become downright confusing. In choosing LED high bay light suppliers however, you should concentrate on some simple but vital questions: Is this the best possible price I can get in the market? 

Are the cited advantages over others real or are they just part of the hype? Are the products tested and certified? What do the reviews say? Is the customer service friendly and helpful to queries and clarifications?

In addition, you have to get to know the products themselves. Remember that efficiency in high bay LED lights is measured in lumens per watt (lpw). This means that the higher the lpw indicated, the more efficient the product is. 

You should also look at the shape because it does play a huge role-rectangular ones are highly preferable since they are the ones with maximized performance. Examine the hooks and hangers as well. Remember that they are going to carry heavy weights so make sure that they are durable enough for that purpose.

Of course many high bay light suppliers out there do give you great service but it cannot be avoided that there is one who you will find to be better than everyone else. In order to do so, you must do your own bit of homework and be a discerning client to them.

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A Quick Look At The Benefits Of LED Tube Light

The LED tube light is presently overtaking the fluorescent light bulbs which have been a mainstay in many businesses and kitchens for many years. Although the amount of light produced has made light bulbs consistently a choice for areas needing bright lighting, the LED lighting has proven to meet all these challenges.

LED lighting is available in most of the same tube sizes and shapes as traditional fluorescent lighting. One of the great benefits of switching out the fluorescent bulbs for LED is the fact that the process is quite simple. The LED lights is able to fit into the prongs of the fluorescent lighting bulbs and the plug-in replacement is easy.

The areas where this lighting is usually used are normally active for several hours on a daily basis and are costly to utilize. The maintenance and repair of these bulbs can be very high and energy costs can make them cost prohibitive. Additionally, the bulbs contain mercury which can be dangerous and harmful if the bulb breaks.

The LED tube lighting is a high efficiency lighting bulb which uses less than than sixty percent of the energy that an incandescent light bulb uses. The standard tube replacements use only 14-24 watts of energy and in fact last from 50000 to 100000 hours before they should be replaced. They have great color quality and the same color dynamics as their counterpart.

The tubes have a plastic tube housing and do not need the energy sucking ballast of the fluorescent. With an operating temperature of 100 degrees, the light bulb does not get as hot as other lighting bulbs and normally has a life span of up to eight times than that of a normal incandescent bulb.

The tube is manufactured with a long silicon substrate which has several LEDs mounted on it. The substrate is enclosed in a glass tube and ready for installation. It does not contain toxic chemicals such as mercury and also provide an environmentally friendly means to provide light which is equal to fluorescent light bulbs.

Talking to an expert who has knowledge and the know-how in the different types of lighting available and their impact on the environment will be much helpful. Definitely, they will be able to provide important information which will help you to make the best decision about what type of LED lamp will be most effective in your home or office.

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Get Your Fix With LED High Bay Light Fixtures

Are you using LED high bay light fixtures?  In commercial, industrial and storage facilities, lighting is an essential consideration. For lighting manufacturers, creating the perfect lighting fixtures for high ceiling environments is the challenge and they have been continuously working and competing to be the number one in the field.

High ceiling environments are not just great, for many, they are actually a requirement-this is especially true for storage and industrial areas. Installing light fixtures for these types of environments is not easy. Even replacing it can be a problem especially for businesses since the productions will have to stop in order for the light replacements to take place.

For this reason, the development of LED high bay light fixtures is really a boon. As everyone already knows, LED lights are an environment-friendly, cost-effective, durable and energy-saving alternative to the traditional lighting fixtures used before like the fluorescent.

Yes they are all that and more but as a wise consumer, you must also know the pros and cons of LED high bay light fixtures.

To achieve the best performance, you must determine the combination of drivers, fixtures and controls to match the specific requirement of the environment where you plan to install the high bay light fixtures.

Furthermore, before purchasing your LED high bay lighting fixtures, determine first the lighting requirements: what type of space the lights will be placed in. Second, you must also estimate the efficiency of the fixtures and if you think that is the right fit for your space. Third, identify how many fixtures you need.

In industrial settings, companies are always on the lookout for ways to reduce energy consumption without compromising the lighting. In this kind of set-up, high bay lights that are dimmable work out best. It is also best for the high bay lights to have a high lifetime as well as hanger installation systems.

For harsh industrial areas, there are also LED high bay light fixtures that have extremely durable and robust designs that can withstand unforgiving conditions. These are usually made of die-cast aluminium and tempered glass covers.

Before, fluorescent lights were used for warehouses and department stores, but nowadays there are LED high bays which can fit existing fluorescent grids so there is no much fuss in installing new fixtures. Some LED high bays of this kind are also dimmable and they do not flicker when switched on which gives instant light to the area.

Here are a few more characteristics you can consider to make better choices: illuminance distribution, electrical power, lifetime, payback, luminous flux and manufacturability. You might also want to ask your supplier questions about operating temperature, operating humidity, correlated color temperature and of course, ease of installation.

LED lighting options are the way to the future, everyone knows that. And everyone also knows that its advantages are numerous. It is always a great idea to go that direction. However, a shrewder approach will not hurt especially if you are the type of person who wants to maximize the advantages of LED technology.

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The Best LED T8 Tube For Your Needs

Are you using the best LED T8 tube for yr needs? People have been using linear fluorescent lights (LFLs) for years for lighting commercial buildings as well as for residential units. 

Over the years, this type of lighting has proven to provide high quality light yield and has reasonable life span in addition to being energy efficient. 

This especially holds true for the best LED T8 tubes which only utilize about 60% of the energy that the now phased out T12 lamps used to expend.

In the passing of years however, people have continued to experiment and discover newer technologies that can provide more cost-efficient light. Just recently, the tube was introduced in the market for tube lights and has then started dominating it.

So what attributes does the LED ones possess that can get fluorescent lights users to finally make the switch products? LED manufacturers had no difficulty winning over incandescent bulbs users since incandescent lighting consumes a lot of energy and emits a rather warm light as compared to the cool lights of the LED.

However, when it comes to LFLs or fluorescent lights which are also energy-saving and have a respectable life span, consumers might understandable need a bit more to sway there. For starters, what advantages could the LED tube offer when compared to conventional fluorescent lamps?

For one, the LED T8 tube light guarantees a much more improved efficiency than the much known LFLs. According to actual comparative study done on both T8s for LED and LFLs, LED came out as 30% more efficient than LFLs. Another major edge of the LED is that they have no mercury content as compared to fluorescents. 

As you know, mercury is a toxic material that is hazardous to our environment as well as to the health of individuals exposed to it. Led is also capable of directional lighting, unlike fluorescents.

Hence, you are not only able to save energy when using LED, you also experience maximum usage of the light it is able to emit. Fluorescent lights emit multi-directional light, thus some lights are lost on other unnecessary places such as in the fixtures and ceilings. 

Another advantage of LED is that it is capable of being dimmed without losing its lighting attributes. While fluorescents can be dimmed, you need expensive accessories to be able to accomplish such feature and the light it emits is so poor that it would be better to just switch off the light altogether.

One major characteristics of LED tubes that makes them the better choice for commercial as well as residential use is the fact that they work better with controls than fluorescents do. Fluorescent's life expectancy actually shortens when they are put together with sensors and other occupancy controls. 

LEDs on the other hand can work seamlessly with any control systems since their life span is not impacted by switching them on or off. They produced quality light that is comparable to fluorescents.

However they do not flicker unlike in some cases of fluorescent lamp. At present, LED tubes has the capacity to emit light up to 50,000 hours. The average LFL however has an approximate life span of 30,000 hours, which is definitely lagging behind LEDs capacity. 

Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to mention that LFL already has the linear fluorescent light in the market. It has an estimated 84,000 hours life expectancy. Considering such, it won't be long before LED T8 tube will be able to introduce a more or less the same product in the market.

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Monday, 24 April 2017

The Different Facade Of LED Lights Tube

With the recent introduction of LED lights T8 tube in the market, the question of whether it is more cost-efficient to continue using fluorescent lamps or replace them with LED linear tubes have been in the minds of many consumers. 

Having been informed of the various positive attributes of LEDs, many consumers are understandably considering switching, in the hope of attaining better quality and save more.

However, considering the cost involved in the installation of LED lights tube, many are wondering if there is an option wherein they can use their existing linear fluorescent fixtures with the new LED ones, without having to spend huge amounts in its installation.

In order to understand such concern, you need to understand the dynamics of LED that differentiate it from fluorescents. Ballast is needed to operate all fluorescent tubes. Some may also require a ballast to operate but generally, they don't need it. 

LEDs on the other hand utilizes a driver which may come in diverse sizes thus multiple options are available. In an attempt to make LED lights tube work with existing fluorescent fixtures, LED manufacturers have introduced three options to choose from.

Read on to learn what type of LED tubes might work best for your particular application, after considering the advantages and disadvantages of each option.


This type of LED lights has an internal driver that allows it to run using existing fluorescent fixture. This is the plug and light type of LED. You can remove your fluorescent lamp and insert this TYPE A LED lights tube, without having to install or rewire anything. 

For those who want a hassle-free installation, this is the best type of LED tube to purchase since it's just like as if you are just changing your usual tube light for another.

On the other hand, life expectancy of TYPE A LED will depend on the life span of the ballast. Considering the life period of an average light, you will probably have to change ballast more than once to keep abreast of the LED's life expectancy.


With this type of LED tubes, the ballast is either removed or bypassed. The sockets are connected directly to the line voltage. If you opt to use Type B LED tube, you will experience no power loss since power is direct, instead of going through the ballast. Your option for the length of bulb and wattage is more expansive when it comes to Type B LED lights tube.

If you opt for this type, you will have to make some modifications to the electrical system. You need to remove or rewire the sockets, and you need to ensure that everything is connected to where it should be, to ensure no malfunction of the unit. 

Hence, you will also have to spend more for the installation cost. The dimming function for this type of LED is limited, despite the absence of the ballast.

Type C with remote driver

In contrast to Type B, Type C led tube lights have an external (remote) driver which starts up the LED. With this type, there are still electrical modifications to be made although it is a lot safer as compared to Type B process. 

The operation required with Type C is actually the same with the principle employed in LFLs' use of ballast and lamp. This is actually the most efficient type of T8 led tube and is also capable of working perfectly well with control systems. 

However, like Type B LED lights T8 tube, type C also requires expensive installation cost.

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Why Choose LED T8 Tube Lights Over LFLs?

Should you choose  LED T8 tube lights over LFLs?  For many years, people have been utilizing fluorescent lamps for various lighting needs at home or commercial establishments. 

While these type of lights have been around for some time in the market, it is only recently that the technology has been developed to manufacturer them at lesser costs.

At present, they have become better alternatives to fluorescent lighting whether for commercial or residential settings. Here are some of the reasons that LED T8 tube lights are a wiser choice over LFLs.

1. LED T8 tube lights have a better color feature than LFL-based tube lightings. Hence, they are perfect choice for challenging retail and commercial lighting setups.

2. LEDs can switch on straightaway unlike fluorescents which usually switch on slowly and can sometimes be accompanied by some flickering. Cold environments do not affect the functioning of these lights, hence they can be used effectively in cold environments such as workshops, garages, barns and pathways.

3. Fluorescents work poorly with intelligent controls which also shortens their life spans. LED T8 tube lights on the other hand works perfectly with these control systems. 

LED-based lights quality and life span are not affected by the constant switching on and off. These tubes possess what is commonly called as 'smart lighting' feature that allows it to respond perfectly to control systems intelligently.

Hence, these are the perfect choice for dimming lights in the living room, bedroom and lounges. This feature enhances its energy savings attribute even more, making it a wise choice for industrial and commercial establishments.

4. LEDs are preferable than fluorescent for home use, especially. LED tube lights are conventionally made from aluminum and plastic, making them shatterproof. Recently however, glass made LED-based tubes which looks similarly like fluorescent lamps have been introduced in the market.

5. They do not have mercury-content in them, hence making them environment-friendly. Hence, even if you opt for the glass made LEDs, you would still be a lot safer than using fluorescent tubes.

6. They are capable of emitting directional light, which makes them perfect for applications that require focused lighting, such as in floodlights. 
It also means that LED lighting systems are more efficient in lighting an area. 

Fluorescents on the other hand are multi-directional hence some of the luminescence it gives off is wasted since it is directed to other surfaces.

7. On the average, these tube lights have greater life spans than the fluorescent tube. In fact LED can illuminate for up to 40% beyond the life expectancy of an average LFL.

8. LEDs may have fewer lumens than fluorescents. However, this does not mean that they perform less because lights actually gets by with just a few lumens since they shine their light on where you need it (directional) unlike LFLs which are multi-directional.

The only disadvantage of LEDs is their cost. They are actually cheaper today than they were 3 to 5 years ago. 

However, if you will compare the financial cost of opting for LEDs and the savings that you will generate over time when using it, it will actually redound to the fact that LED T8 tube lights are cost-effective than its other counterparts.

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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Finding The Best LED High Bay Light Bulbs

How to find the best LED high bay light ?When it comes to getting lighting in place, you're going to find yourself with a great deal of options to explore. This because even more difficult when you're looking at best LED high bay light bulbs

There are a lot of options on the market, so you'll need to take time to fully realize what you need, where you're going to place them, and what kind of enclosures you want to put in place.

Whether you're setting up a warehouse, or you have a specific idea of what you're going to do with the lights, there are a few things that you should keep in mind moving forward.

The Big Benefit of LED Lights

First and foremost, consider that LED is the best way to go with high bay lights. The biggest benefit comes from the life of the lighting. These types of bulbs can last upwards of 100,000 hours. That means that you won't have to change them out as often. 

If you're placing things very high up towards the rafters, or roofing of a warehouse for instance, you're going to need to have something in place that is going to last as long as possible. That's where this comes into play. 

These are going to be very beneficial in the long term as they are efficient, light well, and are relative inexpensive when you break down the price over time.

Consider The Number of Lights

The next thing that you should be considering when shopping around for best LED high bay light is the number of options you want to put up. When you're lighting a room, or a large area, you're going to want to isolate the lighting so that you are able to illuminate the areas that you're going to be working in. 

That can mean a great deal of different things, depending on how you're going to want to move forward. That being said, consider the number of lights that you want, so that you can set aside a modest budget in regards to the lights that you will put in place.

Don't Wait For Technology

One thing that many people tend to do when it comes to updating lighting choices, especially when it comes to LED, is that they keep waiting for an update. People assume that there will be a new innovation that is going to hit the marketplace and then they will upgrade. That's not always the case. 

Don't wait for new updates, LED lights are here to stay, and the high efficiency output is well worth investing in right now. Test the waters just once, and you'll see that the luminous lights that come from bay LED elements are going to trump any other solution that may be wanting to work with.

At the end of the day, make sure that you're looking for solutions that are going to meet your overall needs. Obviously, you'll want to look at what's available today, and what solutions you can place in your warehouse, or work space. LED high bay LED lights are efficient, cost effective, and well worth exploring on a deeper scale.

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Narrowing Down The Right LED High Bay Lighting Price

Looking for LED high bay light?  There are a lot of different ways that you can look at lighting. However, the majority of people that are going to update, upgrade, or even install light elements will no doubt want to look into LED high bay lighting price as one of the main focal points of shopping and installing lights.

If you have a large warehouse, storage unit, or simply want to have a modern industrial look in your home, then you no doubt want to break down the costs a bit before you jump head first into upgrading this solution for your home's needs. As such, consider a few elements overall when trying to narrow down the search for your specific needs.

The Size

First and foremost, consider the size and the shape of the enclosure that you're going to want. What wattage do you want to go with? Also, do you want something rounded, or rectangular? There's several solutions that you can consider in regards to this solution, and many will drive the price upwards and onwards.

For instance, you may find that you can get a LED high bay light bulb pricing at around $250 depending on several factors. This is not the "only" price that is out there, but it's at least a figure that you can start to picture. This high bay light option is definitely affordable compared to other solutions. The space that you have will dictate the size of each high bay light fixture you choose to purchase.

The Wattage

For those that want premium lighting solutions, expect the price points to rise up a bit. If you want to have more watts, and you want to increase the lumens that you receive, then you should expect a price jump to follow. 

For instance, 18,000 lumens could end up costing you upwards of $800 depending on what style, shape, and quantity you end up going forward with. This of course is just an example of what you could find, and not the "only" solution that is out there. It's just to highlight the price points that some manufacturers have for their latest releases.

Shopping Around

When it comes to LED high bay lighting price, the best thing to do is shop around. Make sure that you keep in mind what you want out of the lumens of your lights, and install these over time. 

They are highly efficient, so spending a bit more up front will only pay off dividends down the line. The reason why this will in fact give you a benefit is because the efficient lighting elements will allow you to save money on your electric bill.

The reason why LED is better today is the efficient display of lighting. Furthermore, it costs less to run, and can last upwards of 100,000 hours. That can turn into years and years of lighting without having to pay the premiums that you would normally have to pay to have a great deal of lights for work, play, or just about anything you want to illuminate.

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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The New Trend In Home Appliances - LED Circular Light Fixtures

As time goes by, people begin to understand the importance of adopting new energy saving solutions, and turn their attention towards LED circular light fixtures, as an alternative to the traditional incandescent bulbs.

The Benefits of Using LED Circular Light Fixtures

- Greater lifespan - Although at first sight these fixtures are more expensive than their incandescent competitors, they last considerably longer. A regular incandescent light bulb has an average functioning duration of 800-1000 hours.

While, LED light bulbs last without problems between 25,000 and 50,000 hours. Some bulbs in this category last even twice as the average figures show, without requiring any intervention.

- Lower pollution rate - The incandescent light sources, for example, release a significant amount of heat that later reaches the atmosphere and, on long term and in huge quantities, has a harmful impact on the ozone layer. 

Compared to them, the fixtures using the LED technology release less heat, thus polluting the environment at a much lower degree.

- Greater safety level - The cases when incandescent light bulbs overheat and explode are quite frequent, and short-circuits are not rare either. Any of these events can be harmful both for people and their homes, offices, or wherever it is that the incandescent light fixtures are installed. 

Using the LED circular light fixtures, this inconvenience is totally eliminated. These fixtures are not dangerous especially because they are not made of glass, but also because they use considerably less heat.

- Energy saving - They consume considerably less energy in order to produce the same amount of light incandescent bulbs do, about one fourth of what the latter require. 

Thus, replacing your old incandescent fixtures with LED ones, you can save an impressive amount of money on every electricity bill, not to mention that you also look after your loved ones' safety and you protect the environment.

- Multiple applications - Besides being commonly used in domestic lighting, the LED light fixtures fit the urban landscapes wonderfully, emphasizing the architecture of many streets and buildings. They also make a great choice for front signs and bright commercials.

The Importance of Using LED Circular Light Fixtures

The main argument people use when trying to exclude the these lights from their list of viable alternatives is the relatively high price. Indeed, there is a cost difference between incandescent fixtures, for example, and the LED ones. 

However, this difference can be easily covered from the money saved on electricity, since, as explained above, the energy consumptions drops to one fourth if all the light fixtures are replaced.

Leaving financial circumstances aside, these lamps represents an excellent solution for the environment, saving energy, releasing less heat in the atmosphere and lowering the pollution degree.

No matter how you look at things, the LED circular light fixtures represent a practical and aesthetical solution, a step we should all make to a better future, to a safer home and to a brighter light - to the life we had been dreaming of!

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The Great Benefits Of LED Flood Lights For Outdoors

What are the benefits of outdoor LED flood lights?  When it comes to your home, you're no doubt going to want to illuminate your walking paths. The exterior of a home can get very dark, and in that darkness, you invite would-be criminals to try and jump into the house. That's why lighting is so important. 

It not only allows you to see where you're going, it deters a lot of would-be robbers, and much more. If you're not sure if this is a good idea, or if you're just looking for LED flood lights outdoor fixtures, consider a few notes on the benefits of having flood lights installed for your outdoor areas.

The Lighted Path

It's midnight, you come home and you turn off your car. You don't want to park in the garage, so you just park on the street, and then walk up to your home. Without any lights at all, the darkness can encompass the door, the walking paths, and the lock that you are trying to open with your keys. 

Of course, you can't see a thing, and you step into darkness, hoping that you can somehow fumble your way to getting the door open. This doesn't have to be the case. With light options, you can rest assured that you can easily walk up and into your home without having to deal with the issues associated with the darkness that can cause a great deal of issues.

Protecting Your Home While You're Away

One of the easiest ways to protect your home today is through the use of outdoor LED flood lights. When you set up motion detection to trigger your lights, you will have an added element of protection that most criminals will not contend with. 
The average robber is looking for a home that has no lights, and allows them to hide under the cover of darkness. 

That can't happen if you're flooding your exterior with strong lights. It's just that simple. Protecting your home while you're away, or while you sleep is paramount, and this is a solution that can very well give you an added benefit cycle.

Efficient Lighting Solutions

Here's the biggest benefit, and it comes in regards to your wallet, efficient lighting resources. When you start to look into these light fixtures, you're no doubt going to want to look at the cost of running it. Electricity can cost a great deal if you have something running all the time, even when triggered by motion. 

LED elements today are efficient, cost next to nothing to run, and will last upwards of 100,000 hours depending on the brand and solution you choose. 

Simply put, you'll save money by going this route then by going another route, which will pay off in the long run. That's a huge benefit for anyone that is on a budget, and is looking at still engaging their exterior lighting elements.

As you can see, exterior flood lights can be a great benefit. They can save you money, they can protect your home, or even a warehouse, and 
LED flood lights outdoor fixtures can give you a lighted path when you arrive late or when you're waking up early morning.

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Monday, 3 April 2017

The Advantages Of LED High Bay Light Bulbs

LED high bay light bulbs can be found in many places such as shopping malls, commercial building, sports complex, warehouses and gyms.

They are many advantages of installing LED high bay bulbs.

Firstly, it will reduce your expenses. So, how does it reduce your expenses? Because it saves you a good deal of money and also saves you up to 80% on your electricity bills. Also, these bulbs are long lasting and stand the test of time

LED high bay lighting bulbs are are definitely more durable and will save you a good deal of money on the cooling aspect. You can save as much as 20% on your air conditioning for instance.

Moreover, they are sturdy. You see, not only are these bulbs durable, they also take the damage very well. They don't tend to flicker unlike other types of lights. Moreover, they don't require any warm-up period and spread light much better with little distortion.

They are eco-friendly. These lights don't spread any pollution in the environment as they don't emit any type of poisonous gas.

So, these are some of the main reasons why the industry is opting for the LED technology. Nowadays, you can see these lights in firms and companies. When buying these lights, you should be careful and keep a few things in mind before making the purchase.

Since there are a lot of suppliers out there, choosing one will take you a while. Before you choose a supplier for these LED high bay light bulbs, you may want to focus on some very important questions. 

How much do you need to pay for the product? Are the lights you are going to purchase certified? How can you weed good products from bad ones? 

The easiest way to find out the answers to these questions is to head for the review websites. On review websites, you can read reviews left by the users of the products. You should go for the product that has a lot of good reviews.

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LED PL Light: The Best Choice For Fish Lovers

While it is generally known that using LED PL light for all sorts of residential and commercial purposes entails a myriad of benefits, only a few are aware that such a cutting-edge lighting solution is also advantageous when used for fish. 

Simply put, many still rely on conventional CFL-based PL light bulbs in order to illuminate their aquariums, not knowing that such bulbs possess characteristics that may harm their pets.

Furthermore, a bulb that uses CFL technology is not capable of complementing the colors of aquatic life properly. Those who continue to make use of outdated lighting solutions for their aquariums should read on. As mentioned beforehand, a conventional PL light bulb can be hazardous to one's aquatic pets. 

Even though many remain uninformed, CFL-based lighting solutions actually have the tendency to generate considerable amounts of heat. Given how important temperature stability is to fish, the additional heat that comes from poor lighting choices might actually trigger various diseases and even bring forth environmental stress.

Since LED-based PL light bulbs barely generate heat, it becomes obvious why numerous home aquarium enthusiasts consider such modern lighting solutions as the best means of adding brightness to their prized possessions.Outdated aquarium lighting can also kill off one's pet fish in an instant. 

Simply put, a CFL-based bulb requires significant amounts of electricity in order to function, which means that if ever it were accidentally submerged in one's aquarium, the fish within are likely to be electrocuted. On the other hand, a LED PL Light bulb only necessitates very low wattages in order to work properly.

Thus, if it comes into contact with water, the risk of fatal electrocution would be minimal. Furthermore, those still worried about such risks would be pleased to know that these bulbs could be conveniently made completely waterproof by using seal coats. 

Aside from being a much safer choice, this type of bulbs also trumphs conventional lighting solutions in terms of bringing more life to an already lively aquarium. For one, such bulbs are able to create shimmering effects that could never be exactly reproduced using other lighting technologies.

In addition, as LED PL bulbs are able to produce much greater luminance, the colors of all aquatic life in one's tank would definitely become much more striking. 

Indeed, shifting to LED-based PL lights from CFL bulbs should not merely be perceived as an act to enhance fish safety, but should also be viewed as a means of achieving greater aquatic beauty.

To reiterate, such revolutionary fish tank bulbs do not generate considerable amounts heat, thus making it easy to avoid heat-induced stress and disease.

Likewise, using these bulbs also cuts down risks of fatal electrocution: a benefit made possible by LED's low wattage requirements and compatibility with seal coats. 

Adding LED-based lighting to an aquarium brings forth favorable aesthetic changes as well, making the water in one's tank shimmer and one's aquatic pets glow with life. Simply put, all fish lovers should take advantage of LED PL light bulbs.

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Shopping For LED Bulbs: A Knowledge-Driven Pursuit

Even though many believe that purchasing LED bulbs are a straightforward endeavor, numerous individuals end up disappointed with their newly-bought lighting solutions. In particular, there are those who were not able to buy LED-based bulbs that provide sufficient brightness. 

Likewise, some people also face problems regarding the dimmability of such new lighting solutions. In addition, quite a number of homeowners are dissatisfied with the view angles of LED ones. While many would assume that such problems are due to the technical limitations of these type oflights, such a notion cannot be any further from the truth.

More often than not, the lack of knowledge on how to make proper choices brings forth the aforesaid brightness-related issues. Specifically, when searching for the ideal LED replacement for a CFL bulb, it would be necessary to pay attention to details regarding lumen rating: one should match the lumen ratings of one's CFL to its LED counterpart. 

Some would expectedly point out however, that there are LED bulbs that lack such brightness-related information. Considering the relationship between luminance and wattage, it would be best to choose this light with roughly half the wattage requirement of the CFL that it would replace.

Some also experience problems regarding the dimmability of this type of bulbs. Indeed, most LED light bulbs are not compatible with conventional dimmers. Instead of merely perceiving LED lights as flawed due to such a limitation, it would be better to gather more information on the latest developments in LED technology

Simply put, those who wish to install these bulbs in their homes but also aim to maintain control over their lighting should specifically shop for newly-developed, dimmer-compatible LED light bulbs: keeping in mind that these bulbs of choice should feature full support for the wattages of their dimmers at home.

Those eager to take advantage of LED lights' energy efficiency sometimes end up disappointed upon finding out that their recently-purchased bulbs function as spotlights. Once again, this is mainly due to their lack of enthusiasm to learn more about the specifics of it before spending their money. 

Unlike CFLs that all spread light, thse type of lights vary in terms of angle, making it necessary to check whether a LED one has a wide or narrow viewing angle before paying for it. While some consider such angle-related diversity as unnecessary, those who wish to buy bulbs for several different applications would surely perceive such variety as beneficial.

Even though many believe that buying a 
LED light bulb is simple task, being able to acquire these lights that perfectly suit one's needs actually requires one to gather additional knowledge. After all, while LED-based lights still accomplish the same function as its predecessors, one should never overlook the fact that such bulbs generate light in a unique manner.

That is the main reason why LED light bulbs do feature distinct differences from other lighting solutions in terms of luminance, dimmability, and wattage. Indeed, purchasing these bulbs is a rather challenging task, but with success comes an abundance of advantages.

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