Monday, 31 July 2017

The Cheaper Alternative Of LED High Bay Lights

LED high bay lights are commonly being used is in areas that have high ceilings. As such, of course these are becoming used more frequently in buildings such as warehouses, gyms and hangars.
Actually, they can be used in any space where the height of the ceiling is such that changing a light when the light bulb no longer works is difficult. 

This is of course why so many businesses which own high ceiling buildings are opting to install such lighting in their companies.

But what other reasons are there for you to think about installing LED bay lights over the much cheaper options on the market today?

Firstly, these types of LED lighting bulbs have a much longer working life span as compared to more traditional types of fluorescent lighting. 

On average you can expect one of these lights to last 10 times as long as a typical compact fluorescent light can. So of course meaning that you will not need to be changing the bulbs in these ones as regularly. 

This in turn also means that you will not have to be purchasing replacement bulbs as often. All of which means that the cost of using them is far cheaper.

Secondly, one thing which will have you seriously considering installing LED bay lights is that they are far more energy efficient as compared to the traditional bulbs we use currently. 

You will find that the majority of LED light bulbs available today need only between 2 and 10 watts of power to help provide them with the energy they need to produce a high level of light. 

This is considerably less than other bulbs need and is normally around only 33% of what a conventional incandescent bulb uses. 

However be aware that there are some LED ones which can use even less energy than this and so once again they will help to save you money.

Thirdly, it will cost more initially on purchasing these types of light fittings however over the term of their use they will save you quite some money. 

Additionally, as these lights do not have filaments inside them like conventional lights do then are more durable. These lights are actually far more resistant to being damaged when bumped or dropped and that is why they are so good to be used as high bay lighting.

Fourthly, when it comes to installing LED high bay lamps you will find that along with them not using so much power they are energy efficient in other ways. 

You will find that the light bulbs in these types of lights stay considerably cooler as compared to traditional bulbs when turned on. 

So as such you will find that the need to turn on the air conditioning to help keep temperatures within a room down will not occur so often.

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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Tips On Looking For A Reliable LED Flood Light Manufacturer

If you are looking for a reliable LED flood light manufacturer, it can be quite a tiresome task at times, especially if you do not really know what to search for. 

There is extensive research which needs to be done, as such, if you want to achieve the best results.

The main aspects to take into consideration when purchasing LED flood lights should be the general characteristics and properties which would define the efficiency of the product. 

LED technology has been used for a wide variety of lighting products, including aviation and automotive lighting and, lately, flood lights, which are mainly used outdoors or for lighting large places such as stadiums.

That is why a LED light manufacturer would consider the use of technology is because it offers far better advantages as compared to traditional incandescent lights or other types of conventional light sources.

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are semiconductor light sources and they are based on electroluminescence. This is a very important detail to consider when it comes to choosing a type of flood lights for your own needs. 

When you compare the LED ones to most of the other types of light emitters, you will realise that they consume significantly less energy, last longer, are more reliable and are even much smaller than other types of lighting.

All these benefits must be taken into consideration and they certainly seem to like choosing a LED light manufacturer. However, there is still a lot more to keep an eye out for. 

As you know, companies are constantly struggling to produce a huge number of less expensive products all the time, so that their profits may grow. The subtle competition between manufacturers can sometimes have a negative influence on the quality of the products. 

As such, in an ever-increasing market niche such as flood light manufacturing, it is of utmost importance to keep yourself informed on the various options you may have when it comes to buying products online.

A good starting place to search for information on various light manufacturers and products is the review section of various online stores which sell these products. 

There, people who buy a specific LED lights product often post their views on it to assist future buyers find the best options available. 

If you find a lamp that would seem to suit your needs, read up as much as you can on it before you buy it: technical data, reviews, articles, and anything else you can find.

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The Great Benefits Of LED Flood Lights

What are the benefits of LED flood lights?  You see, more and more people are choosing LED lighting these days because of the many benefits. 

The best way to see why the LED flood light is the great choice is to make a comparison of them with the halogen flood lights. 

One of the greatest advantages that LED flood lights lasts much longer than traditional ones. Which means that you do not have to purchase a new one so often which also saves money.

These types of LED flood lighting bulbs are also better on electricity and wont' cause a great increase in your electric bill. 

They actually use less electricity than halogen floodlights do. Even though LED floodlights cost a bit more you still save money on energy costs with them.

LED flood light is also brighter than other types of conventional lights so that it can do the same job as two or three halogen flood lights. 

Definitely anyone knows that having to use less lights means saving on electricity. As such in these hard economic times more and more people are choosing these type of flood lights for their lighting needs at business. 

Just keep in mind that this LED flood light bulbs can light up a great area and that means less dark shadows. This is especially important if the flood light is meant to brighten up and area where there is a great deal of traffic and even people coming and going in the evening hours.

These types of flood lights last much longer as compared to the rest of traditional lights, and as such they do not have to be changed as often. 
This is great for those who have them set up in business areas and leave them turned on during the night. 

Most likely the LED flood light will last all through the night whereas the halogen floodlight might burn out. This is important to take into consideration especially if there is no one around to monitor the light at night. 

They save much money because they do not use as much power and that is important for anyone's budget. These flood lights also emit much brighter light so that a greater area is lit up. 

So if you are looking to save money, power, and get more light then now is the time to consider changing your halogen lights for LED lights.

So for your lighting needs, get the lights that illuminate the best, light up the greater area and save you some money on power. They are also eco-friendly which is very important if you do not wish to harm and disturb the environment. 

They do not need maintenance and will work for a very long time so you will have no worries about your LED floodlights failing you. Set up with the best the first time and you will not have to wonder if you should have made another choice. LED lights the best there is.

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The Benefits Of LED Light Tubes

Although everyone may have seen LED light tubes in their lifetime, they may not have realized what they were actually looking at. 

Light tubes, whether LED or not, are what they sound like. They are composed of a glass or silicon outer shell that houses a lighting structure. They are tubular shaped, and usually mounted in ceilings, behind a glass or plastic shield.

They are popularly seen, and most people might recognize them from here, in office buildings or even in gymnasium building. 

Less commonly, light tubes are present in warehouses, and even some people are putting them in their houses for the kitchen or garage. They are known for producing a better, stronger light more effectively and with less waste. 

Because of their decreased carbon footprint, LED light bulbs are becoming more common and are available for more rebates as compared to other kinds of lights.

LED tube lights
are touted to release seventy percent less carbon monoxide as compared to fluorescent lights, and the difference between LED lights and incandescent lights is even greater. 

It also do not possess the dangerous mercury and argon gases that are necessary for a fluorescent light to function. 

That is why LED light bulbs are beginning to conquer the once famous fluorescent lights, despite the difference in the initial cost. 

LED lighting bulbs have proven themselves to be more energy efficient, due to their diode allowing current to flow in only one direction. 

Which means the light is targeted and focused, released at about a one hundred and twenty degree angle.

As compared to incandescent and fluorescent lights which scatter it randomly, it also produce much less heat than other forms of lighting.

These allows those needing the light to be comfortable in their own space and also preventing the necessity of the air conditioning unit running all day. 

This greatly reduce electricity bills and make the investment of LED tube lights more and it is definitely worth it. 

As the decrease in carbon monoxide gas, the low amount of electricity wasted as heat, and the fact that they're so recyclable, owners of LED light bulbs are eligible for much more rebates than if their entire building was outfitted with archaic incandescent lights. 

This can be incredibly helpful and may even make home owners eligible for a rebate, instead of having to pay taxes at the end of the year!

One LED light tube is normally around thirty to fifty dollars, making them quite a huge investment, especially when a light fixture usually requires two to four of those tubes. 

However, with the monthly deduction in electricity bills, and the rebates available for owning these lights, it is becoming more practical for business owners to make the investment. 

Also,LED fluorescent tube lights are not just available in tubes anymore and are quite popularly made in standard light bulb shape, which means they can replace probably any bulb in the house.

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Monday, 24 July 2017

How To Decorate With LED Tube Lamps

LED tube lamps have quickly become a very popular way of decorating a room, outdoor living space, RV, and business. 

There are plenty of different reasons for this. The main reason being that they use much lesser energy as compared to traditional light bulbs

Also, these tube lights can be bought in many different colors and lengths.

The face is these LED light bulbs are also very flexible so that they can be configured into various shapes and wrap around corners. 

This means that the decorating possibilities are almost endless with these LED lights. 

If you are looking for a great way to add a splash of color, a sense of style, and are able to do it quickly and simply, here are some ideas in helping you use these LED light bulbs.

When working with these type light tubes is that they must be hung with small clips which are screwed to the wall. 

Before you begin to drape the lights along your wall, your counter, your awning, you have to make sure to plan out where he hooks will go.

People routinely use the LED lighting bulbs as an outline for something larger, or they want to draw attention to. 

This means that the light tube lights will be fashioned to look like a circle, square, or some other shape. In order to do this, you only need to set the hooks in the outline of the shape you want.

LED tube lamp can be quite bright when there are a lot of of them being utilised. A tube light, or a 'rope light' contains several feet of them can create an atmosphere where it is too bright to sleep. 

When you are using this type of decoration, you will also want a way to unplug them or turn them off. It is not a very good idea to put the plug behind heavy furniture in the attempt to hide it. 

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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Are LED Light Bulbs More Efficient Than Traditional Lights

How efficient are LED light bulbs?  The advancement of technology has made our lives easier and more comfortable. 

Lighting is one of the essential aspects of everyday life, and there have been many evolutions in lighting. 

Nowadays, the technology which has been added to the list is the LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology. In this article, so let us discuss some of the facts and benefits of LED bulbs over other forms of lighting.

As incandescent bulbs are not efficient as compared to fluorescent light tubes and CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Light), there is no point in comparing them with LEDs. 

So, the comparison is only among LEDs, light tubes and CFLs. So, what are the advantages of LED light bulbs?

They are durable

- They are extremely durable and can last for 40,000 to 50,000 hours and on the hand, other light sources such as CFLs and light tubes last 10,000 to 20,000 hours. 

As such, the life span of replacement LED light bulbs are more than double the life span of tube lights and CFLs.

-LEDs are less likely to break quickly because they are made up of plastic, unlike CFL bulbs and tube lights, which are made up of glass.

They are energy efficient

- LEDs consume less energy and give more light. For example, to emit 210 lumens of brightness, they consume 3W, while CFL bulbs and tubes consume more than 5W. Also, LEDs are almost 65% more efficient than their counter parts.

- Also, they are 95% energy-efficient. Which means, 95% of the power consumed by them is converted to light and just 5% to heat.

They are eco-friendly and pleasant

-They do not contain any mercury nor do they emit any carbon gases that are harmful to environment. As such, they are considered "eco-friendly".

-Also, they do not generate any heat while working and they emit light which are similar to the natural day light and is pleasant. 

Contrary to this, light from tubes and CFLs do generate a huge amount of heat, and the light from them is harsh to eyes.

The wide voltage range and also the ability to work in extreme weather

- They tolerate extreme weather and they are capable of working with a wide range of voltage. As such, the chances of failure are very less during voltage fluctuations. 

On the other hand, Compact fluorescent lights and tube lights cannot withstand extreme weather and voltage fluctuations.

Now, it is quite clear that LED light bulb brings more advantages than CFLs and tube lights. As such, it is fair to predict that LEDs are going to conquer the other two in future. 

However, the only drawback of LEDs is that they are expensive. Hopefully, manufacturers make a move to reduce the prices to encourage users to adopt LEDs.

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Friday, 21 July 2017

What Are The Advantages Of LED Lights Over Fluorescent Lights

LED fluorescent lights are better substitutes to fluorescent lights; with products like Flexible LED as well as LED T5 and LED T8 light tubes. They can also be used both in a working environment and at home. 

And also, they are particularly better than other traditional lighting in terms of energy consumption, durability, brightness and maintenance costs.

LED lamp bulb is safer to use. There is no toxic material (like mercury) in LED lights as compared to fluorescent tubes. Mercury dust contained in fluorescent tubes pose serious health threat to anybody exposed to it. 

A broken fluorescent light tube in a room releases mercury into the air, and the mercury could last for up to four hours in the air. This mercury is capable of causing asthma and some other respiratory problems. 

However when LED are used, these health concerns are removed. LED replacement bulbs are also easier to install compared to fluorescent light bulbs.  Residential LED lighting has surpassed them when it comes to energy consumption efficiency. 

In fact LED consume less energy makes them great lighting options for use in corporate organizations and at homes as this would help reduce the electricity bill payable for putting lights on by up to half. They are also useful in stemming the rising trend of global warming. 

Replacement LED fluorescent lights use only about 30 percent of energy which fluorescent light bulbs use to produce a particular level of brightness. 

They also help you to save money because they last much longer than fluorescent tubes; this is made possible by the more reliable solid state lighting that LED lights are.

The flickering which is experienced when a fluorescent light bulb is switched on is not an advantage for fluorescent bulbs. This flickering has been proven to be capable of causing headaches to those in its surround. 

The micro-pulse wavelength being emitted by the flickering fluorescent bulb is said to be responsible for such headaches. 

And yet LED do not flicker when switched on, as such nullifying all concerns about experiencing headaches and disorientations.

LED light bulbs
produce uniform light output as compared to fluorescent bulbs which sometimes dim out as they develop hot spots capable of causing eye strain. 

The heat generated by fluorescent tube is responsible for these hot spots which could make the tube fuse quickly.

Although LED light tube is expensive when purchasing them, but if you look at it in the long run, you will realise they are the cheaper lighting options.

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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Using LED Lights For Outdoor Garden Lighting

Are you using outdoor LED lights for garden lighting?  One of the different lighting we have which are becoming more popular are the LED lights

Outdoor garden lighting is going to be very important for many reasons so consumers are going to want to find something that will give them the opportunity to save on their costs.

The cost of using LED lamp bulbs for any purpose is going to be considerably lower as they use less power to operate them. The light bulbs will also last a lot longer. A lot of people are going to use them in their garden or yard as they provide many advantages.

One advantage of using these light bulbs is going to be for safety. People need to make sure that they can see where they are going when they are out in the yard. 

Without the proper lighting, people will be tripping over things which can be very dangerous.

People want to feel comfortable when they are sitting outside in their yard. They may be relaxing or having a get together with friends or family members. 

These LED lighting bulb adds a sense of comfort to the yard, especially at night time.

People like to have beautiful flower gardens. Most people think of the beauty in them as only being the flowers and foliage though. 

This is not always true. There are other things which can be added in them that will be different kinds of decorations.

When people have a yard which has beautiful landscaping, they want everyone in the neighbourhood to love it. 

The lighting bulbs also adds another touch to the already beautiful yard. Everyone can do something different in the design but letting people see what they have done is going to be very important.

Sometimes, this is used more around certain times of the year. In the snow, they may need to be dug out so that they can light up what they need to. Light bulbs can be above ground and very decorative.

Some people choose to have outdoor LED lighting bulbs which are below ground too. These cannot be seen however the light will shine where it needs to. Many times, this is a better option because they do not get damaged as easily.

Not everyone is going to choose LED tube lights for their lights which they have outside. Some people will choose solar ones as they are much cheaper to have, and they do not have to worry about charging them or anything like that.

Outdoor garden lighting is not used in every single home or business. It is something that helps bring out the beauty that is already there. 

There are many options and some reasons to have this kind of outdoor LED lighting bulbs.

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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

How To Use LED Fluorescent Lamps

LEDs or Light emitting diode in recent years gained considerable prominence as awareness and concerns about environment increased. LED fluorescent lamps are made up of a number of semiconductor diodes. 

They have now risen in importance and today we heavily depend on them for a majority of modern day electronic gadgets which we can think of.

LED lighting bulbs
are tiny bulbs which can easily fit in an electrical circuit but unlike conventional bulbs they do not have filament tube, their illumination solely depends on the movement of electrons through the semi-conductor medium. 

This enables them to last much longer and be much more efficient than the traditional bulbs. Today even TVs use LED diodes, as such making them slimmer and help deliver a better picture quality.

In spite of these significant advantages LED light tubes still have to play a second fiddle to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, because of the price factor. 

As such, by proper and intelligent use of lights, you can in fact reduce the high costs involved in purchase of LEDs.

Install LEDs in inaccessible light fixtures:

The benefit of LEDs is that they last as long as 10 years which is significantly longer than their incandescent counterparts. This makes them ideal in very high ceiling light fixtures, recessed lighting and even hanging pendant lamps.

LED lighting
 in frequently used areas:

It makes sense to install your LED lighting bulbs in this area, simply because usage of energy efficient bulbs will result in a huge reduction in your electricity bill and since they last long, the return on investment will also be eventually high.

Ideal for use in task lighting:

It is true that LEDs with their sharp light features lack the warmth of the incandescent bulbs. As such, this makes LEDs useful in important tasks as they reduce strain on your eyes by giving ample light, it could be installed in places like the kitchen, or your work desk.

Replace Floodlights with LEDs

Halogen bulbs have for far too long occupied an important position in outdoor lighting, as such they burn out quickly and release a lot of heat. 

LED ones can thus be good counter to them because they consume less electricity and give ample amount of light without producing too much of heat.

Garage Lighting

Garages are ideal for installing LED light tubes. Traditionally, halogen or incandescent bulbs have been used in lighting up a garage. 

However, garage being a confined space the halogen bulbs cause too much heat and traditional light bulbs insufficiently illuminate the garage, on the other hand, LEDs remove both these problems by emitting ample amount of light without producing too much heat.

Integrate with computer control

There are energy management systems which efficiently manage electric consumption and the use of LED fluorescent lamp makes it easy for these systems to control and manage electricity usage.

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

What Are The Facts About LED Lighting

What is LED lighting? LED stands for light-emitting diode. They are small semiconductor chips that convert electricity into light as it passes though them. 

Traditional incandescent lighting produces light as a secondary output from an intensely heated filament requiring a great deal of energy. 

However LEDs convert most of the energy that flows through them into light, and can thus be nearly twice as efficient as incandescent bulbs.

Recent development in fluorescent lighting technology has made compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) an increasingly common energy saving alternative for consumers. However LED lighting is even more efficient in the long run due to its long lifespan. 

LEDs can last 50-75 times longer than incandescent lights and 6-8 times longer than CFLs. While the initial costs for LEDs remains more costly than incandescents and fluorescents, the extreme efficiency and long life make them both a cost saver and an energy saver over time.

Meanwhile, there are significant health and environmental risks associated with fluorescent lights. Many fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, which is highly toxic and potentially dangerous. 

Though CFLs typically contain only small amounts of mercury, any exposure is potentially harmful, and improper disposal could pose long-term health threats in buildings and water sources. Additionally, many CFLs are covered in a phosphor coating which adds to the hazards of breakage and disposal.

Whoever who has worked in an office with fluorescent tube lighting knows about the irritation and distraction of constantly flickering lights. Sometimes, fluorescent flickering over long periods can even cause vision and eye problems. 

Another benefit of lighting with LED ceiling lamp is the elimination of flickering. LEDs do lose their luminosity of time, however the output for their advertised lifespan is a steady, clear stream of light.

LED lighting seems like an obvious alternative. However, while LEDs have been around for years for limited applications as display and indicator lights, it is only recently that LED technology has led to LEDs which are able to produce the kind and amount of illumination necessary for general use. 

Additionally, as with other semiconductor technologies, one can expect that LED lighting will only continue to improve.

LED lighting bulbs may offer a solution to many businesses and customers seeking increased energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact. 

It may mean additional money spent, however installing LED light bulbs could be a cost saving move over the long run. And as the technology improves, the advantages will likely increase as well.

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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Benefits Of Using LED Circular Light Fixtures

People are starting to understand the importance of adopting new energy saving solutions, and as such they turn their attention towards LED circular light fixtures, as an alternative to the traditional incandescent bulbs.

Advantages of utilising LED Circular Light Fixtures

Longer lifespan

Although initially, these fixtures are more costly than the incandescent bulbs, they last considerably longer. A regular incandescent light bulb has an average functioning duration of 800-1000 hours.

However, LED light bulbs last without problems between 25,000 and 50,000 hours. Some light bulbs in this category last even twice as the average figures show, without requiring any intervention.

Lower pollution rate

The incandescent light sources release a significant amount of heat that later reaches the atmosphere and,and also in huge quantities, has a harmful impact on the ozone layer. 

As compared to traditional bulbs, the fixtures using the LED technology release less heat, thus polluting the environment at a much lower degree.

They are much safer

The cases when incandescent bulbs overheat and explode are quite frequent, and short-circuits are not rare either. These events can be harmful both for people and their homes or wherever it is that the incandescent light fixtures are installed. 

By using the LED circular light fixtures, this inconvenience is totally eliminated. These fixtures are not dangerous especially because they are not made of glass, but also because they use considerably less heat.

They are energy saving

LED circular lights consume much lesser energy in order to produce the same amount of light incandescent bulbs do, about one fourth of what the latter need. 

As such, replacing your old incandescent fixtures with these type of LED lights, you can save a huge amount of money on your daily electricity bill, and it also provides safety for your family and the environment.

The Importance of Using LED Circular Light Fixtures

Indeed, there is a cost difference between incandescent fixtures and the LED circular lamps. But, this difference can be easily covered from the money saved on electricity, since the energy consumptions decreases to one fourth if all the light fixtures are replaced.

These lamps represent an excellent solution for the environment, saving energy, releasing less heat in the atmosphere and lowering the pollution degree.

No matter how you look at things, the 
LED circular light fixtures represent a practical solution, a step we should all make to a better future, to a safer home and to a brighter light.

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The Facts About LED Downlight Bulbs

LED downlight bulbs are not only the wave of the future, but also the efficiency wave for saving you some money. And like most things of value, they are quite expensive upfront. 

As such, it is in your best interest to know exactly which of the available LED downlight bulbs will work in the application you are thinking of applying.

You can begin by deciding if you need a downlight which will dim or not. Dimmable lights are more costly and might not be exactly what you want. LED dimmable lights do not act like incandescent or even fluorescent lights.

They will maximize the light at the top end without difficulty. What is different is the low end of the dimmer switch. It will turn off at about twenty five percent of power. 

It will not dim as much as an incandescent light bulb. You can now choose to dim without being disappointed by the limitations.

LED lighting bulbs require a bit more depth but most bulbs can be modified to accept them. There are cans that are compatible without modification. 

Usually you can find a chart which lists compatibility but do not rely on them. Only the electrician can reliably determine compatibility.

There are different light bulbs available in downlights. You can just replace the existing bulbs with these LED lighting bulbs if the bases are compatible. You can also get LEDs specifically made for ceiling fans.

Definitely, you will save money on electricity by using LED lights. This is the reason you need to view LEDs as an investment. Due to their long life, you will not be buying LEDs in the same manner you would buy incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.

If you know what application you want to use your LED downlight bulbs for, will definitely prepare you to ask the questions which matter. 

You have to choose between straight on/off or dimmable bulbs. There are differences between new construction and replacement applications.

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Monday, 10 July 2017

Benefits Of Installing LED Flood Light Fixtures

If you are looking to brighten up your outdoor space or lawn area, you should of course consider installing LED flood lights. They offer an aesthetic lighting experience with environmentally friendly features.

Before describing the many advantages of LED flood lights, let us tell you what LED is. LED (Light Emitting Diode) is made up of semiconductor diodes that emit lights. These solid state devices do not have moving parts or fragile glass components. 

These diodes do not even have any mercury, toxic gases or filaments that are being used in fluorescent bulbs. As such, there is nothing to break, shatter or leak which can harm you or your environment.

We come to the various advantages of LED flood light fixtures. One of the advantages of using LED flood lights is their energy efficiency. They consume much less electricity as compared to incandescent bulbs leading to lower electricity bills. 

Also, it offers a long lifespan that is approximately 11 years for 12 hours a day. You may consider 50 conventional bulbs for one LED approximately. So, the lower replacement costs and lesser e-waste to be dumped into landfills.

Another benefit of these lights is low heat production that is ultimately good for the environment and your plants, if LED lights are installed in the garden area.

Apart from the energy conservation and environmental benefits, a major advantage of using these lights is the aesthetic appeal it adds to your property. Implanting right style of flood light at the right place, you can make your outdoor area look as magnificent and beautiful as possible.

LED lights are also being used inside the buildings in the form of LED tube lights. They are best to use in the bathroom, drawing room and living room where you need to create a soothing ambiance and do not require bright light to do eye-intensive work.

Other advantages include lower maintenance cost, simple and flexible installation and ultra high efficiency. Also, they do not cause eye fatigue and assists protect eye health.

There are many suppliers who supply many types of LED lighting solutions at affordable prices. LED flood lights are available in different designs with generally 10W, 20W and 30W power specification while in the case of LED tubes, T8 tube lights are more popular. 

While there are various design options available in the market, you need to choose the one which suits your needs and budget.

Finally, we can say that using LED flood light fixture is a great way to add creativity and flavor to the outdoor space. Additionally, the energy savings make it an alternative attractive al for the same.

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