Thursday, 28 May 2015

Why Install An LED Industrial Light System In Your Business Premises

When it comes to lighting a business premises you need to be looking at things differently from the way you would when lighting your home. It is important that you make sure that the lights you have in your business premises produce as much light as possible, but won't cost you a fortune to run. That is why if you want to improve the lighting in your business premises you may want to consider installing an LED industrial light system.

There are many reasons why installation of such a light system in your business should be considered. As well as helping to make areas where people work much safer you may also find that they can help you to save money.

Unlike other types of industrial lighting you will find that the LED type not only provides you with much more light but it is also much brighter. Also the amount of light that an LED industrial light emits can cover a far greater area. As a result of this there is every chance that you can actually prevent thefts occurring in your business. Even if a few of the diodes in the light aren't working this won't affect how much light is covering a particular area, as the others will continue working.

The next reason of course to choosing to install LED industrial lights in your business premises is the cost. Yes initially installing such lights will prove expensive but what you need to remember is that these types of lights have a much longer life span. When it comes to LED lights the bulbs that they are fitted with are able to work constantly for up to 100,000 hours or more, where as conventional lights will tend to work on for up to 2,000 hours. So of course the conventional ones will need to be replaced more frequently. Therefore neither you nor other members of your staff need to risk their lives having to climb up and replace bulbs.

Plus of course as these lights use far less energy to provide them with power they could actually save you a small fortune each year.

Furthermore you need to understand that when such lights fail they are much stronger than conventional ones. Also these types of lights don't produce the levels of heat that say incandescent, fluorescent or halogen lights produce. So there is far less risk of them breaking or exploding.

The next thing to know about installing an LED industrial light in your business is that these don't contain any components that could prove harmful to the health of your employees. These types of lights do not contain things such as mercury, lead, UV or IR in them so of course they don't release toxins into the air when they become hot.

Also if you choose to install any kind of LED industrial light system in to your business premises you aren't limited to them just emitting white light. You can actually choose to install ones that emit blue, red or green light.

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Monday, 25 May 2015

How To Install An LED Tube Light

The sale of LED tube light fittings for homes has substantially increased in recent years. The main reason for this being that most people are coming to realize just how cost effective such lighting can be.

If you do decide to invest money buying such lighting for your home you could either pay someone to install the new light fittings for you or you can do the work yourself. We would only recommend you install the light fittings yourself if you fully know what you are doing and of course you have the right tools.

When it comes to installing an LED tube light in your home there are certain things that you should be doing. Below we take you through the things that need to be done in order to install such a light in your home.

Step 1 - Before you can replace your current fluorescent light with an LED one the first thing you need to understand is that the current one is made up of three components. Within a fluorescent light you will find ballast, a starter and the tube light which all have to be removed and got rid of in the correct manner. Dumping them directly in the bin isn't the right way you will be required to take them to a recycling plant.

Step 2 - Before you begin removing your current tube light you must make sure that all power to that area of the home has been turned off. If you need to turn off power to your home completely rather than to that particular area. Also make sure that you have the necessary tools with you before removal of the tube light begins. The kinds of tools you will need to carry out removal of such a fitting to replace with a new LED tube light are a screwdriver, a wire stripper and a wire cutter plus items such as wire and nuts and bolts.

Step 3 - To remove the current fluorescent tube light you need to first remove the cover. Generally this just slides out and should be placed to one side. If you can get someone to help you by taking away the components as you hand them down to them.

Step 4 - The next thing you need to do is of course remove the fluorescent tube, be very careful, as you don't want to break it. Once the tube has been taken out you can now start to remove the rest of the fluorescent light fitting. To remove the part mounted to the ceiling simply requires you to remove some screws that are holding flush against the ceiling. Be careful and make sure that you disconnect this part of the light from the wiring properly. Most times you will find it is a very simple case of undoing a couple of screws and the wires will come loose.

Step 5 - Once you have finally removed the old tube light you are ready to install the new LED tube light. You simply have to do the steps mentioned above in reverse

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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Why Buy An LED Spot Light

Most people when considering installing any kind of LED spot light are being put off because they have noticed how much more they cost to purchase compared to traditional forms of lighting. There are two reasons why you will find yourself having to pay more for such lighting.

The first reason for why you are going to pay more is that the price reflects the fact that the use of any kind of LED spot light in the home is still something very new. As more and more people choose to purchase such lights so of course more will need to be manufactured and this in turn will help to reduce the cost of buying them over the next few months and years.

The second reason is the fact that when it comes to domestic lighting how much a bulb costs is completely irrelevant. Even if you were being supplied with conventional light bulbs for nothing and were having to pay say $60 for each LED bulb for a spot light you will find that it would prove much more economical to spend $60 on purchasing a low energy LED spot light rather than keeping getting the free ones.

What you need to remember is that you shouldn't be concerning yourself about how much each bulb costs to buy but how much they cost to run. The main reason to invest in a spot light that uses LED bulbs is that these last much longer than conventional bulbs do. Most LED bulbs today can be used for well over 10,000 hours before they need to be replaced, where as conventional bulbs tend only to last for up to 2,000 hours so you will find yourself having to replace these more often over the period of a year.

As well as having to place conventional bulbs more often they cost you considerably more over the term of a year because they use a lot more power. If you were to install several types of LED lights in your home you could end up saving yourself hundreds of dollars each year on your electricity bills. The reason for this is that to produce the levels of light that they do an LED spot light only uses 20% of the power compared to the 80% that a conventional light does.

Of course we are all concerned about doing out bit for the environment and certainly installing LED lights in your home can help you to do this. But what you may not realize about installation of such lighting is that it can be beneficial to your health as well. Unlike other types of bulbs we currently use LED ones don't contain any harmful materials that could pose a serious threat to your health and that of your family. Because they don't become as hot as other bulbs do so they don't release vapors into the air that can cause you health issues.

So as you can see from above spending that little bit more on buying an LED spot light can prove beneficial to you in many ways.

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Monday, 18 May 2015

Buying An LED Ceiling Light - Things To Consider Before You Do

If you are considering installing new ceiling lights in any room in your home there are certain things that need to be considered before you do. Below we take a look at just what these things are to make sure that when the time comes for you to buy a LED ceiling light in Singapore for example that you choose the right one.

The first thing you need to consider is what type of function you want your LED ceiling light to perform. There are three functions such lighting can perform these are task, accent and ambience.

When it comes to task lighting this is designed to provide sufficient light to a particular area where a task like reading a book or preparing food is carried out. As for accent lighting this is purely there for decorative purposes and will be installed to help say enhance a certain feature or item within a room. As for ambient lighting you would be using this to provide soft lighting in a room to help complement certain activities carried out in that room such as watching TV or when entertaining guests.

Once you know what function you want your LED ceiling lights to perform you now need to decide where the light is going to be positioned. Most people tend to position such lights in the center of a room. However if you want to avoid too much glare in a certain room then placing it off towards the side would be a great idea.

After selecting the position of course you need to look at how high the ceilings are in the room. If they aren't that high then make sure that the ceiling lights you choose are ones that don't hang too low, so reducing the risk of someone hitting their heads against them. Of course if you have high ceilings you don't want them too close to it because should a time arise when the LED bulbs inside need replacing it won't be too much of a problem to carry out.

Generally when installing any kind of LED ceiling light be aware that the level of light remains the same. If you would like to be able to control how much light is released so you can create a different kind of feel to a room then why not install a dimmer switch. Once installed a dimmer switch will allow you to quickly and easily choose how much light is emitted. This type of equipment is ideal to use in bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms.

Of course the other thing you have to consider when thinking about installing new ceiling lights in any room in your home is what kind of furniture you have in that room. It is important that you make sure that the LED ceiling light in Singapore that you choose for that room complements the rest of the furniture within it. You can still opt to fit a chandelier, as now there is not only very ornate style ones but very modern and simple ones as well. 

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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

What Style Of LED Ceiling Light Should You Buy

Today the demand for energy is far greater than what we are actually consuming. With the introduction of LED (light emitting diodes) revolutionary changes have taken place where electrical goods are concerned. If you were to buy a LED ceiling light, not only will you find them a lot more energy efficient but also very environmentally friendly.

Of all the appliances that contain LED today lights and bulbs are more popular than any other. There are many reasons why so many people are now choosing to change from using conventional incandescent or fluorescent light fittings to ones that use LED.

The first reason of course is that these types of light fittings including LED ceiling light fittings are more cost effective as they don't require as much energy to power them. Secondly they are now available in a wide selection of different shapes, sizes and styles.

Also you will find that look just as beautiful as conventional light fittings so finding one that satisfies your particular tastes won't prove difficult. You will also find that installing such lights isn't that difficult. Finally these types of light fittings are very readily available.

As already mentioned above there are many types of LED ceiling lights available so determining which ones to purchase can prove a problem. Below we take a look at some styles you may want to consider purchasing.

Style 1 - Flush Mount Light

This is a style that hangs flat against the ceiling, although traditionally used in closets or hallways these styles are ideal for homes with low ceilings. Be aware however that when it comes to changing the bulbs in such ceiling lights that this can prove quite challenging.

Style 2 - Semi Flush Mount Light

This particular style of LED ceiling light hangs around 4 to 8 inches from the ceiling. People often choose this style in rooms with relatively high ceilings but where fitted of a chandelier wouldn't be possible.

Style 3 - Pendant Light

Just like a chandelier this style of light hangs some way down from the ceiling but provides you with only one source of light. The shade on such lights directs the light up or down dependent on the style of shade fitted.

Style 4 - Island Light

You will often find this type of light being used in a kitchen over anything in the centre of the room such as a kitchen island. Most of these types of ceiling lights will have lights that hang from the end of a stem or rod. As these types of lights have two or more light sources to them so they create a pool of light over the area where they hang.

Style 5 - Recessed Light

Sometimes referred to as can or pot lighting is actually mounted within the ceiling rather than being flush to it or hanging from it. The great thing about this form of LED ceiling light is that not only does it offer you inconspicuous lighting but also lighting that is suitable to allow you to carry out certain tasks.

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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Other Things You Should Know About LED Downlight Bulbs

Sales of LED downlight bulbs have substantially increased in recent years because they are much more energy efficient. Also sales of such have increased because they actually have much longer working life span even though the initial cost of purchasing such is very expensive.

However it isn't just that these lights last longer and are more energy efficient that is causing people to replace their incandescent or halogen ones with these. Below we take a look some other things that you may not have heard about when it comes to using LED bulbs in your home.

1. Such Lights Are Cooler

As these types of lights use far less electricity to help generate the light they emit, they actually produce a lot less heat. In studies carried out it was found that a halogen bulb produced 327 degrees of whilst an LED one only produced 107 degrees of heat.

But having said this these types of bulbs do get hot, yet can still be held by you after being turned off. This is because heat they produce is dissipated away from the light source itself as they are fitted with a metal heat sink. There are even some forms of these lights that are actually fitted with a fan inside that runs to help ensure that they stay cool.

2. They Provide Full Light Instantly

As soon as you turn any LED downlight bulbs on full brightness is achieved. So installing these lights in areas where they are going to be turned on and off frequently should be considered. Whereas if you were to continue to use the lights you have currently then over time the lights ability to provide a good amount of light is diminished.

3. Don't Attract Insects

The reason why you may find that these types of lights don't attract insects as much as other lights do is because they don't give of ultraviolet light. So of course in the summer you can happily sit outside with such lighting on and not having to worry about moths and mosquitoes flying around you and annoying you.

4. They Come In A Variety Of Different Shapes & Colors

As the manufacturers have been able to vary the shape of these bulbs it means that they are able to emit light over a wider area. Yes these new types of LED downlight bulbs may cost more than the conventionally shaped ones but brighter light over a larger area is much safer.

As they come in a wide selection of colors finding one that suits the decor of a particular room shouldn't prove difficult.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Each of the 13-watt LED downlight bulbs you choose to install emits 68 per cent less Carbon Dioxide (CO2) than a normal 40-watt incandescent bulb does if you were to allow them to run for 10 hours each day. Also these types of bulbs contain no chemicals such as mercury that can be dangerous to the environment.

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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Tips To Find A Good Electrician To Install A Commercial LED Flood Light System

If you are looking to install a commercial LED flood light system at your business premises or home you could try and do the work yourself. However it may prove more cost effective to employ the services of a professional electrician to do the work instead.

As you would expect there are many companies who provide this type of service today, but not all of them may be what they seem. So finding a reliable electrician to carry out the work can prove quite challenging.

In order for you to find an electrician you can trust to install a commercial LED flood light system for you we offer some tips below you may find useful.

Tip 1 - Check They Have The Right Licences And Insurance

Not only should the electrician you employ have the relevant licences, but also the correct insurance. Any reputable company or individual will be more than happy to provide you with details of these. Therefore if you find that they are unwilling to provide such information then of course immediately look elsewhere to get the work carried out.

The problem is if you use someone who doesn't have such in place not only are you putting yourself and others at risk. But should anything untoward occur whilst the working is being carried out you will be liable for any claims made against the electrician.

Tip 2 - Get References

If you don't obtain such how can you tell if they can do the job properly or not? Also you won't be able to tell whether you will be able to work with them. Again if they are unwilling to provide you with references the of course look at using another electrician to install your commercial LED flood light system for you.

Tip 3 - Obtain A Quote

You should never allow any work to begin in your home before you have been given a quote first. In fact it is important that you actually obtain quotes from a number of different companies or individuals before deciding which one to use.

Also make sure that the quotes received provide you with a complete breakdown of what is involved. This way you can compare what each has to offer and clearly see which of them offers a more cost effective solution to your needs.

As you read through the quote don't forget to read through any agreement they provide with it. There may be clauses within this that could actually effect how much you eventually pay them. For example if a problem arises where they cannot complete the work in the given time frame because they don't have access to your home you may be liable for any additional costs the electrician incurs.

Tip 4 - Find Out How Long They Need To Complete The Work

Most reputable electricians will provide you with a timeline in which the work to install a commercial LED flood light will be completed when they provide their quotes. Of course there may need to be some adjustments made to this because certain problems may arise, but in no way should this affect the quote originally provided.

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Monday, 4 May 2015

What You Need To Know Before You Install An LED Flood Light

Over the last few years sales of LED flood light systems have increased especially those installed on houses. The reason that homeowners are installing such systems today is quite simple. These types of lights use far less electricity compared to the more common halogen, fluorescent or incandescent ones do.

Of course this isn't the only reason for why such lighting is being installed by homeowners today. The other reason of course is that far less need to be installed because they are able to produce a much brighter light over a much wider area.

Today the cost of installing such lighting is still relatively high compared to other forms of this lighting. However there are certain things you should know which may soon have you deciding to install an LED flood light system on your home.

The first thing you should know is that the manufacturers of such lighting have spent millions of dollars on making improvements to them. As a result of this they have now come up with a very diverse range of lights that will suit their various customers requirements.

Today such lighting not only comes in wide range of shapes and sizes but also colors. So finding an LED flood light to meet your specific requirements shouldn't prove at all difficult.

Also another thing that the manufacturers have spent lots of money on doing is producing light fittings that are easy to install. Although you can still choose to hire a qualified electrician to install an LED flood light for you. There are now many kits available that allow you to do the work yourself. If you do decide to go ahead and install your own then don't forget to make sure that all power has been turned off before work commences.

The next thing you should know about installing such lighting is that there are plenty of places online that can offer you advice with regards to which type to install. These sites not only explain a little more about how each type of LED flood light works but also which type would be most suitable to install on your home. Furthermore they offer advice about where to locate the lights you need.

That's all well and good, however you may still be debating about why you should install such lighting at your home. Well the first thing you need to know of course is that these types of lights use far less electricity in comparison to say the halogen variety do.

Although they use less electricity to provide them with energy they do actually produce more light. The kind of light that a LED flood lamp produces is much more natural and is a lot brighter and whiter than that produced by other forms of floodlights.

As an LED flood light produces a much brighter light you don't need to install so many around your property. In fact you may find that you only need to install two such lights to provide adequate security to your home compared to say three or more halogen ones.

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