Thursday, 7 May 2015

Other Things You Should Know About LED Downlight Bulbs

Sales of LED downlight bulbs have substantially increased in recent years because they are much more energy efficient. Also sales of such have increased because they actually have much longer working life span even though the initial cost of purchasing such is very expensive.

However it isn't just that these lights last longer and are more energy efficient that is causing people to replace their incandescent or halogen ones with these. Below we take a look some other things that you may not have heard about when it comes to using LED bulbs in your home.

1. Such Lights Are Cooler

As these types of lights use far less electricity to help generate the light they emit, they actually produce a lot less heat. In studies carried out it was found that a halogen bulb produced 327 degrees of whilst an LED one only produced 107 degrees of heat.

But having said this these types of bulbs do get hot, yet can still be held by you after being turned off. This is because heat they produce is dissipated away from the light source itself as they are fitted with a metal heat sink. There are even some forms of these lights that are actually fitted with a fan inside that runs to help ensure that they stay cool.

2. They Provide Full Light Instantly

As soon as you turn any LED downlight bulbs on full brightness is achieved. So installing these lights in areas where they are going to be turned on and off frequently should be considered. Whereas if you were to continue to use the lights you have currently then over time the lights ability to provide a good amount of light is diminished.

3. Don't Attract Insects

The reason why you may find that these types of lights don't attract insects as much as other lights do is because they don't give of ultraviolet light. So of course in the summer you can happily sit outside with such lighting on and not having to worry about moths and mosquitoes flying around you and annoying you.

4. They Come In A Variety Of Different Shapes & Colors

As the manufacturers have been able to vary the shape of these bulbs it means that they are able to emit light over a wider area. Yes these new types of LED downlight bulbs may cost more than the conventionally shaped ones but brighter light over a larger area is much safer.

As they come in a wide selection of colors finding one that suits the decor of a particular room shouldn't prove difficult.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Each of the 13-watt LED downlight bulbs you choose to install emits 68 per cent less Carbon Dioxide (CO2) than a normal 40-watt incandescent bulb does if you were to allow them to run for 10 hours each day. Also these types of bulbs contain no chemicals such as mercury that can be dangerous to the environment.

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