Friday, 27 June 2014

The 6 Great Benefits Of LED Flood Lamps

Most people are looking for lighting that can help to act as a deterrent to any would be intruder to their homes. If you are looking for such items then now is the time to be thinking about installing outdoor LED flood lamps.

As well as acting as a deterrent this type of lighting can also help to create a look that you and others will enjoy. However there are a number of other benefits to be had from installing LED flood lamps over more conventional forms of outdoor LED flood lighting and below we take a look at several of these benefits.

1 - You will immediately find that these types of lights are much more energy efficient compared to traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights. Although the initial cost of installing such lighting is high over the term of their use they work out a lot cheaper. This is because you will find that these types of lights don't need replacing as often. They are so efficient that they have the ability to last 6 times longer than conventional lighting can.

2 - You are actually doing your bit towards reducing the world's carbon footprint as these types of lights don't produce the same levels of heat pollution as other forms of lights do.

3 - Although most of the LED flood lamps you purchase today are powered by running them of the mains electricity supply. Many companies are now producing these types of lights that are powered by the sun. So of course installation of these types of lights will not only help to reduce your annual electricity bills more but of course will be beneficial to the environment as you are using a renewable source of energy to power them.

4 - You will find that these types of lights are actually a great deal easier to install than conventional fluorescent style flood lights. So of course you will find that they take a lot less time to put up and use. Plus of course these lights having to use less power to provide the energy to create the illumination last longer and in turn won't have to be replaced as regularly as conventional lights do.

5 - Every type of LED flood lamp you can purchase today contains a diode rather than a filament or inert gas. So you will find that they aren't actually producing any kinds of gases that can prove harmful to the environment but to you and your family.

6 - The diode that is to be found in these particular types of lights is able to produce a much brighter whiter light. As a result of this not only the area where the lamp has been installed is illuminated much more but a much bigger area will be illuminated. Whereas when it comes to traditional flood lamps you will notice that these are only capable of lighting the area directly surrounding them. But as the area of light emitted by a LED flood lamp is much greater it will act as a much greater deterrent to any would be intruders on to your property.

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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Why LED Bay Lighting Is Becoming More Popular? A Few Important Reasons

The most common place to see LED bay lighting in use today is those places that have high roofs. So of course the places that most commonly install such lighting as this are warehouses, factories, gymnasiums and of course sports arenas. Yet what you may not realize is that this form of lighting can be used just about anywhere in places where the need to climb a ladder or scaffolding to replace a light bulb.

However there are plenty of other reasons why companies are choosing to install LED bay lighting, even if the initial cost of installation is high compared to conventional forms of lighting.

Below we take a look at just some of the reasons why installation of such lighting has become popular.

Benefit 1 :

Firstly, this form of lighting has a much longer life span compared to that of fluorescent or incandescent lighting. On average one can expect this form of lighting to last ten times longer than say a conventional compact fluorescent light can. As a result this means that you won't find yourself having to replace the bulbs in such lights as often. This in turn then means that you won't need to be purchasing replacement bulbs for your LED bay lighting as often and so over the term being used they work out much cheaper.

Benefit 2 :

Another reason why the installation of LED bay lights has become popular in recent years is down to how energy efficient they are. These types of lights are capable of providing you with a good level of quality lighting but in order to do so will only need between 2 and 10 watts of power to provide the energy to create the light with. This is much less power than conventional bulbs need and as a result of course this helps to reduce the amount of electricity used on an annual basis. So of course in the future you will see a reduction in the amount you spend on electricity each year.

Benefit 3 :

As already mentioned above the initial cost of stalling LED bay lighting is high but over the term they are used they will save you quite a tidy sum. These lights you will find don't need to be replaced as often as they contain no filaments. Plus they are much more durable compared to conventional lighting and are far more resistant to being damaged or destroyed if they happen to be dropped.

Benefit 4 :

As well as these types of lights not needing to use as much power in order to provide high levels of illumination they are energy efficient in other ways. You will notice that LED bay lighting doesn't get hot like other types of lights do when turned on so they are not creating as much heat. As result of this you will find that the need to turn on an air conditioning system to maintain an ambient temperature within a room won't happen as often and again helping to reduce your annual electricity bills.

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Why Install LED PL Light In Your Aquarium

We are all becoming aware of how advantageous it can be using a LED PL light bulb in our residential homes or business offices.

But did you know that the installation of such lighting in an aquarium is also a good idea as well.

Many people who have an aquarium are still choosing to use CFL based PL lights to help illuminate their tanks. But what they don't realize is that this form of lighting actually possesses certain characteristics that can be causing harm to the fish in it. However this isn't the only reason why you should be considering installing a LED PL Light in your aquarium if you have one. Below we take a look at some of the other reasons for doing so.

Reason 1 - As well as these types of lights being much safer they are actually better for your aquarium as they bring more life to it. These types of bulbs have the ability to create a shimmering effect within the tank that is similar to the kind of lighting found in the sea where the fish in your tank would normally live. So of course it creates a much better atmosphere your fish, which is conducive to them living a much happier and longer life.

Reason 2 - These types of lights have the ability to provide a lot more illumination within the aquarium and so helps to show up the colors of the fish within it more. Don't be too shocked when friends come round and comment how wonderful your aquarium is because the colors of the fish swimming around within it are much more striking.

Reason 3 - Another thing to consider when it comes to installing an LED PL lamp in your aquarium is that it will be much safer for you as well as for the fish. Remember these types of lights don't actually use as much electricity as a conventional type of light does so the risk of someone getting electrocuted because they have come into contact with the water is greatly reduced.

Also should the light drop accidentally into the water because it doesn't use as much electricity as a normal aquarium light does the risk of the fish being electrocuted is also reduced.

Reason 4 - As these types of lights don't use as much energy of course this means that they are more cost effective to run. Although these lights may be more expensive than conventional aquarium lights they do last considerably longer and so won't need to be replaced as often. Plus over the coming months and years you will see that they help to keep the costs of running such a feature in your home down quite considerably.

As you can see from above there are numerous reasons why installation of such lighting in an aquarium should be considered. In fact to put it in the most simple terms possible any one with an aquarium really should look at installing and using an LED PL lamp bulb to provide home for their fish that they love.

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Monday, 23 June 2014

LED Circular Light For The Home

In recent years we have seen the popularity for using LED circular lights increasing. The reason that this form of lighting has increased in popularity is down to the fact that it has changed the way in which we produce light to illuminate things today. Rather than generating light through heat when it comes to LED lights they do so through a process known as electroluminescence.

But of course this form of lighting does come at a price and you will find that although there are many forms of LED lights on the market today they are still more expensive to buy than conventional lights are. Yet if you were to change just a few lights in your home for the LED circular lights you would soon begin to reap the benefits.

In this article we are going to explain a little bit more about why investing in such lighting should be considered.

As already mentioned above these types of lights use a process called electroluminescence to create the light which they then emit. Whereas with traditional lights they convert electricity into heat to then provide the energy the components within it need to produce the light they emit. As an LED light uses far less energy to actually produce the light this in turn means that they use far less electricity to create the energy initially.

Another benefit to be gained from installing any kind of LED lighting is that they have a tendency to last for much longer. How long they last will depend on temperature and current settings. But in most cases they usually have a life span of being able to produce light for between 25,000 and 50,000 hours. However there are some LED lights available today that have the ability to last for around 100,000 before they need to be replaced.

You may notice that an LED circular light is much smaller in size compared to a conventional one. But this is down to the fact that they contain far less components within them. These contain a semiconductor chip rather than a filament and gases. Yet even the smallest of these lights have the ability to emit a great deal more light than a conventional light can.

When it comes to LED lights these contain no moving parts within them and so are far more resistant to being damaged from shock or vibration. Plus as there is no need for the use of glass in the making of these lights they are far more robust and tougher than conventional lights. In fact there are very few cases reported of these forms of lights actually breaking or exploding.

You will find that when you turn on a LED circular light it provides you will illumination almost instantly. However when you turn the switch on for a conventional fluorescent or incandescent light it make a few seconds before the level of lighting produced is comfortable for your eyes. This is because the components within these lights need time to heat up.

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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Why Should You Use LED Light Tubes

Many people know very little about lighting until it comes time to purchase or refit lighting in their existing or new space. At this point in time, hopefully people do their own research instead of simply trusting one supplier or one employee at a home improvement store. It is very important to research price, cost effectiveness, efficiency, and how much work it will take to maintain a type of light or fixture. LED T8 tubes are relatively new on the scene but are making waves as they maximize their efficiency while minimizing the uptake necessary.

LED T8 light tubes are the ones usually seen in the large rectangular light fixtures embedded into the ceiling of a classroom, industrial warehouse, and they are even used for walk-in coolers. LEDs are phenomenal for those looking for a light that will cost them less over time, produce better results, and last a lot longer. In fact nobody likes replacing light bulbs, especially when it requires grabbing a ladder or climbing on counter tops, so why not reduce the chances of needing to do that?

LED T8 tubes are usually compared to fluorescent T8 or fluorescent T5 tubes, and have several benefits over those. All fluorescent lights contain some kind of mercury vapor, and quite often have an argon vapor as well. These vapors are what get excited and produce energy that is absorbed by a phosphorus coating on the inside of the light. The phosphorus coating absorbs and converts the ultraviolet light and produces visible light. There are several problems with all of that previously mentioned. Mercury and argon gases are poisonous, and if the lights were to fall and shatter, it definitely could cause a serious problem for those around it - the least of which would be the glass shards littering the ground.

In addition to this, fluorescent light bulbs require that ultraviolet light is created before they can give off visible light. Ultraviolet light is a well-known carcinogen, responsible for many skin cancers, such as melanoma. Reducing ultraviolet light in any way possible is a huge benefit. LED T8 lamps use a diode and a semiconductor, which allows the current to flow in only one direction, as well as allow significant control over the color of the light. They don't possess any dangerous gases, and when they fall, they quite often bounce instead of break. LED lights also don't produce ultraviolet light as a byproduct.

A great thing about LED light bulbs, that is mainly because of how they produce light, is how directional they are. LED T8 light tubes usually produce light at a one hundred and twenty degree angle, meaning the light is very targeted and focused. Fluorescent lights, and especially the incandescent lights of yore tend to scatter light instead. This results in a loss of light, and even a weaker light over a certain area. These LED lights also release a lot of heat per unit of electricity consumed, making them much less efficient and effectively driving up energy bills over time.

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LED Bulbs - The 5 Reasons For Installing LED Light Bulbs

As we become more conscious about the effect that the use of electricity is having on our planet. So the more aware we are becoming of looking for ways to reduce our use. As a result of this the sale of LED light bulbs has increased substantially in the last few years.

Today it isn't just companies who are choosing to install such lighting but many homeowners as well.

So what are the reasons for so many us choosing to spend money on installing LED lighting bulbs rather than sticking with the incandescent and fluorescent ones?

In this article we look more closely at the features of LED bulbs and which will explain to you why such lights are proving so popular today.

1 - Luminous Flux

At the present time LED lights have the ability to produce a luminous flux of between 1 and 120 lumens. In turn they need only to use power of between 50-100mW (MiliWatts) and 5W (Watts) to create the light they produce.

2 - Color and Color Temperature

Most of the LED bulbs you see today emit a very neutral white light which many of us see as being cold. However research is being carried out and in the future the lights will be able to produce a much warmer light that looks very similar to that which a traditional tungsten or halogen bulb produces.

3 - Life Span

As these lights use less energy to create the light they don't get as hot as conventional light bulbs do and this in turn means that they last considerably longer. If you are willing to purchase good quality LED bulbs you will find that they will provide light for between 30 and 50,000 hours. Whereas you will often expect a conventional light bulb needing to be replaced between 5 and 10,000 hours.

4 - Light Distribution

How intense the light distributed by such bulbs is will depend on the housing used and what sort of carrier or reflector has been used to place the semiconductor on. Certainly the better quality these components then the more intense the light distributed will be. On average the amount of light emitted can vary dramatically and the angle at which it is emitted varies also. In some bulbs the angle is just 15 degrees whilst in others it can be as much as 160 degrees.

5 - Energy Efficiency

These are considered to be among the most efficient form of lighting you can get today. At present most of these bulbs are able to emit around 30 lm/w of white light. However there are a few now that have the capability of emitting 50 lm/w and hopefully at some point in the future some will be able to emit 100 lm/w. So it won't be very long before these types of bulbs have the ability to emit the quality of light that traditional light sources currently provide.

As a result of all these features it will not be very long before you seen LED bulbs replacing the much more inefficient forms of lighting we use currently.

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Major Reasons Why People Should Consider Getting LED Bay Lights Installed

The main place you will often see LED bay lights being used today is in areas where things need to be illuminated from a distance of 15 feet or more. So of course these have now been installed in places such as gymnasiums, warehouses, factories and sports arenas.

However before the introduction of LED lighting most places would have had metal halide, fluorescent tubes or high pressure sodium high bay lights installed. The problem with such lighting is to provide adequate amounts of illumination they need to work at high temperatures.

As a result the life span of such lights is very short and in most cases will often need replacing after around 15,000 hours of use. Whereas LED bay lights only use a small amount of energy to provide lots of illumination and so last around 3 times as long. What this in turn means is that the lights don't need to be replaced as often.

Along with metal halide and high pressure sodium lights having to work at higher temperatures they also are susceptible to becoming damaged by moisture. Even small amounts of moisture or oil from your fingers when you touch the glass of such lights can affect them. So when turned on there is a big risk that eventually the stress placed on the glass will cause them to crack and break. Of course this will then result in the bulb failing and it then having to be replaced.

Another reason why so many places have chosen to install LED bay lights today is down to the fact that they illuminate areas much more brightly. This is because these types of lights actually produce a more natural color light as you would see when the sun is shining. Whereas when it comes to the traditional type of bay lighting used previously the light emitted by these has a more yellow orange tinge to it. However this is not the case when it comes to fluorescent lighting. It does produce a much better quality kind of light but still not on a level with the light emitted by LED's.

So just what are the benefits to be had from installing LED bay lights today in any kind of place where illumination is required from a distance.

Firstly you will find that for people who suffer from light sensitive epilepsy these types of lights won't cause problems for them as they do not flicker. Also another feature of these lights is that they are able to work at much lower temperatures and this in turn means that they don't use as much energy to provide the power they need to illuminate things.

Another major reason for installing LED highbay lights is down to the fact that they are able to light areas much more uniformly. In fact the distribution of light from these kinds of lamps is 3 to 8 times better than that from any form of metal halide, fluorescent or high pressure sodium style bay light.

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Monday, 16 June 2014

Should I Install High Power LED Flood Light For My Home?

For some years now high power LED flood lights have been used on commercial and sports premises. Yet did you know that you could actually install some of these lights on your own home to provide you with a steady stream of bright light to illuminate areas around it.

So just what are the benefits to spending a little more on installing these kinds of flood lights rather than the cheaper incandescent style ones. Below we take a look at a number of the benefits to be had from you installing high power LED flood lights at your home today.

Benefit 1 - The cost of providing this type of illumination to your home is far less. Many of these lights are now around 80% efficient at being able to turn electricity into light where as with conventional lights they only use around 20% of this energy.

Benefit 2 - As these types of lights contain no filaments they take far less time to warm up so they are able to provide illumination far more quickly.

Benefit 3 - These forms of lights generate far less heat so of course you will find them much more comfortable to have around. What you need to be aware of is that these types of lights use a great deal more of the energy provided to them to produce light and so far less of this is then converted into heat. As a result when you get close to these types of lights you won't feel so much heat being generated by them.

Benefit 4 - Simply by switching just over to High Power LED flood lights can help to reduce how much your electricity bills are each year. However if you were to replace all lights within your home with LED ones then you could find your annual electricity bill reduced by between 70 and 80%. However the cost of installing them is high, but this will be worth it when you see such a dramatic fall in your electricity bills every year.

Benefit 5 - As well as saving money on your electricity charges each year the cost of actually having to replace such lights is far less. These lights are much more durable than conventional types of lights and as a result will last for considerably longer. In some cases it has been known for a LED flood light to last for around 11 years before it needs to be replaced. However when it comes to conventional lights these will generally need to be replaced in around half the time.

Above we have shown you some of the benefits to be had from deciding to get high power LED flood lights installed. However the other reason for installing them is that they will make you and your family feel far safer when at home at night. You can arrange for yours to be connected to a motion sensor so of course as soon as anyone comes within a certain distance of your property they turn on. As a result they will act as a deterrent to any would be burglar as they would be clearly illuminated by the light.

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Friday, 13 June 2014

Exterior LED Flood Lighting - The 5 Reasons Why They Are Popular

Today everybody is now talking about LED lighting. Certainly up until a few years ago when it came to providing illumination for your garden you would need to rely on conventional metal halide, high pressure sodium, and halogen or mercury vapor lights to do this work.

But since the introduction of LED light, there are a number of different types of exterior LED flood lighting that can be used.

So what reasons are there for this form of lighting suddenly becoming so popular in recent years? Below we take a look at a number of these.

Reason 1 - You will find that these types of lights last much longer. On average you can expect LED lighting both exterior and interior ones to provide around 50,000 hours of illumination. Whereas if you have mercury or metal halide lights installed these will only last for around 10,000 hours.

Reason 2 - When it comes to LED lights these are far more efficient than conventional lights. In some cases the effectiveness of exterior LED flood lighting can be more than 85 Lumiere per watt of energy used. If you were to replace the halogen flood lights you have presently with LED ones you will find that you can be reducing your energy usage by as much as 80%.

Reason 3 - As these forms of lights don't actually contain any UV, IR, mercury or lead in them they can actually be recycled once they are no longer working.

Reason 4 - Although most people will opt for exterior LED flood lighting that runs off a mains electricity supply. If you wish to be a bit more environmentally friendly then of course select those that will use energy from the sun.

Reason 5 - As well as these forms of lights producer a much brighter white light they are capable of actually illuminating larger areas. So as a result you will find that there is no need to install as many of these as you would with conventional style flood lights. So of course you won't have to spend as much money on purchasing bulbs to replace those when they do finally stop working.

Above we have shown some of the reasons for why installing such flood lights has become increasingly popular. However before you invest money in buying such lighting for your home there are certain things that you must take into consideration. Below we take a look at just what a couple of these are.

Consideration 1 - Where Lights Should Be Positioned

It is important that you take time over deciding on the position of the lights to ensure that you light up the area where required properly. This will in turn help to ensure that you don't use as much energy. It is a good idea to position these lights around 8 to 10 feet off the ground so that the light they emit is shining steeply down.

Consideration 2 - Number of Flood Lights to Install

As already mentioned when it comes to installing exterior LED flood lighting there isn't a need to install that many because of the bright white light they emit. However you should install enough to ensure that the areas you want to be lit up are.

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Thursday, 12 June 2014

The 4 Benefits Of Installing LED Street Lighting

It isn't only homeowners and businesses that are reaping the benefits of installing LED lights. Today many of the major cities around the world have now chosen to install LED street lighting. Not only because it has helped to bring down the costs of lighting our streets but has also helped to make them considerably safer.

This is down to the fact they produce a much cleaner whiter light making things so much more visible to those driving along the streets as well as those walking along them.

However what you may not realize is that these types of lights do differ from those that you have installed in your home or where you work. First of when it comes to LED street lighting these will be made up of hundreds of the tiny light emitting diodes where as the ones in your home will normally only have one or two in them. So of course the amount of light that these emit is far greater and so they illuminate a far larger expanse of area.

Along with producing far much more light what other benefits are to be gained from the installation of LED street lighting?

Below we take a look at just some of these benefits and which is why so many local authorities around the world are opting to replace their current street lighting with LEDs.

Benefit 1 - As already mentioned LED lights produce a light that is much brighter. As the light these types of lights emit is much more uniformed so it helps to make visibility at night on our roads much better. Not only do streets benefit from this but also parking lots.

Benefit 2 - As soon as these lights are turned on they immediately begin to emit a high level of light. Whereas with conventional types of street lighting you will find that it takes time for the filaments inside them to warm up before they begin to emit the correct level of light to make viewing areas ahead of you on the road, pavement or parking lot easier.

Benefit 3 - All LED Street lighting is directional and so as a result the light that these kinds emit is far more even compared to other forms of street lighting. Also the level of brightness that these types of lights emit is much more equal across the entire surface and this is what helps to make them significantly much brighter than other forms of street lighting currently being used. Yet they don't need to use the same amount of power to provide the energy they need to emit this level of light.

Benefit 4 - When it comes to LED street lighting it is far more environmentally friendly as they don't contain any materials such as mercury or lead which are hazardous. Unlike other types of street lighting when it comes to disposing of LED ones there is not special handling of them required. This is because there is no risk of any chemicals being emitted by them once disposed of because they don't contain any.

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

What To Consider Before Buying LED Light

When it comes to deciding which type of LED light to buy for your home it can prove somewhat challenging as there is such a wide selection to choose from today. So it is a good idea if you spend some time learning more about what is available. The best place of course to do this kind of research will be online.

There are plenty of places offering advice and information on these items so helping to ensure that you make a more informed decision as to which form of LED light you should be buying.

However as you do look into these lights there are certain things that you need to be taking into consideration. In this article we take a look at just what some of these things are and of course which we hope will help you to purchase the right kinds of LED lights for your home.

Consideration 1 - It is important that when deciding what size lights to buy you choose ones that will produce enough light to illuminate the room in which they are being installed. The best way to determine what size you need is to look at the number of watts the lights use. So of course the higher the wattage then the much brighter the light emitted from the bulbs used in the lights will be.

Consideration 2 - Another thing that you need to be taking into consideration when it comes to buying these forms of lights is the type of color they emit. You will find that this will have an effect on the brightness of the light that they are emitting. Of course you will need to make sure that you choose lights that are suitable for the way in which they are going to be used. If you are installing such lighting in say your kitchen then the color must be much brighter than that you would be using in say your living room, bedroom or bathroom.

What you will find today is that the range of colors for LED lights is almost endless as the colors can be created using RGB techniques. Today however there is generally two to three shades of white light that these can emit commonly referred to as cold, warm or natural white. The first shade is the one that emits the brightest light that will have a slight bluish tinge to it. The second type is the kind where the light emitted has a more yellowish tinge to it and feels very similar to that of the sun. Whilst the final type is the one that is a combination of the two already discussed.

Consideration 3 - One other thing of course that will affect what kind of LED light you buy is how much you can afford to spend. Again the more you spend the better quality lighting you will have which means the type of light they emit will be far better. However if you want to save money on the cost of your purchase it is worth considering purchasing what you want online.

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Monday, 9 June 2014

The Benefits Of LED High Bay Lights

The places where you will most commonly see LED high bay lights being used is in areas that have high ceilings. So of course these are becoming used more frequently in buildings such as warehouses, gyms and hangars. In fact they can be used in any space where the height of the ceiling is such that changing a light when the bulb no longer works is difficult. This is of course why so many companies that own high ceiling buildings are opting to install such lighting in theirs.

But other reasons are there for you to think about installing a LED high bay light over the much cheaper alternatives on the market today? In this article we take a look at just some of the reasons for doing so.

Reason 1 - First off these types of lights have a much longer working life span compared to more conventional types of fluorescent and incandescent lighting. On average you can expect one of these lights to last 10 times as long as a typical compact fluorescent one can. So it means that you won't need to be changing the bulbs in these ones as frequently. This in turn also means that you won't have to be purchasing replacement bulbs as often. All of which means that the cost of using them is far cheaper.

Reason 2 - Another thing that will have you seriously considering installing a LED high bay light is that they are far more energy efficient compared to the bulbs we use currently. You will find that the majority of LED bulbs available today need only between 2 and 10 watts of power to help provide them with the energy they need to produce a high level of light. This is considerably less than other bulbs need and is normally around only 33% of what a conventional incandescent bulb uses. But be aware that there are some LED bulbs that can use even less energy than this and so once again they will help to save you money.

Reason 3 - Yes you will have to spend more initially on purchasing these types of light fittings but over the term of their use they will save you quite a bit of money. Plus as these lights don't have filaments inside them like conventional lights do and hence are considerably more durable. These ones are actually far more resistant to being damaged when bumped or dropped and which is the reason why they are so good to be used as LED high bay lighting.

Reason 4 - When it comes to installing a LED high bay light you will find that along with them not using so much power they are energy efficient in other ways. You will find that the bulbs in these types of lights stay considerably cooler compared to other types of bulbs when turned on. So as a result you will find that the need to turn on the air conditioning to help keep temperatures within a room down won't occur so often.

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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Can LED Flood Light Manufacturers Help You To Source For LED Lights?

In the last year or so the popularity of flood lights that are fitted with LED lighting bulbs has been steadily increasing. As well as being considerably more durable than conventional lights they are much more cost efficient.

As a result getting these items has become a great deal easier as more LED flood lights manufacturers produce them. In fact these companies are constantly spending time and money on these items so new designs are regularly appearing on the market.

However with so many different types of LED flood lights now available selling, the right ones can prove somewhat of a challenge. So in order to help you make a more informed decision when purchasing such items we take a look at some of the things you should know about them.

Fact 1 - These types of lights are off focused, which means that the light emitted by them is beamed in a directional and focused area. These are considered far better for you to use in place of spot or outdoor security lights as they don't require extended periods of illuminessence. Not only does this mean that they cost far less to run but also you won't need to spend time and effort having to replace them as often.

Fact 2 - You will discover that many LED flood light manufacturers are making theirs in a number of different shades and colors of light. Although generally these lights give of a blue tint there are now ones that give off daylight white sort of color whilst others give off a warm white or incandescent flood.

Fact 3 - When it comes to LED flood lights you will find that these don't actually radiate as much heat. As a result of this the lights are able to use far less energy and this makes them much more energy efficient. In fact compared to conventional flood lights you will find that these ones are 40% more efficient.

Fact 4 - Although these lights provide theirs in one direction you will find that they are still capable of actually providing large amounts of good light to large areas. Certainly installation of any of them created by the many LED flood light manufacturers can help to create the kind of lighting situation that you would normally have on a good morning. As you will see when you now watch the night races that are taking place in Formula 1 and MotoGP the use of LED flood lights has helped to make these races truly spectacular today.

For anyone who wants to create a wonderful environment in their garden today then the use of LED flood lights should be seriously considered. As well as helping to create a much more friendly and warming atmosphere the use of such lights can help to reduce how much you spend on your electricity each month. It is best however that you learn more about the various different LED flood light manufacturers before you make your purchases. Again the internet can help you with this.

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Why You Should Opt For LED Outdoor Lighting Now

Heard of LED lights before? I am sure you have, and even come across plenty of these lights when you are outdoors or even indoors. LED lights are fast turning into the most popular variant of lights out there today, and with good reason too. More and more people are opting for LED outdoor lights especially as they not only provide more illumination, they also help save your energy and electricity. LED outdoor lighting options are thus the more practical and cost-effective options available today.

One may ask why we need to switch to LEDs instead of sticking to our conventional lights. Let us now browse through the various reasons of why this substitution is necessary to not only benefit you, but also everyone around you and the environment as a whole:

1) LEDs are highly energy efficient items, as their power factors easily exceed 80%, and some even the 90% mark. The luminous efficiency of LED is recorded at approximately 70 to 100 lm/w, making it amazingly energy efficient lights. Compared to incandescent lights, these figures are about 8 times better.

2) These lights are highly durable and last much longer than all other light forms. Most LEDs can last more than 100,000 hours with proper and careful use, even if they are utilized continuously. That translates into 11 years of continuous usage without failure. Amazing to say the least. And you can forget about maintenance when we speak about these lights, as they do not need to be maintained or worried about. Simply install them and leave them there, they will work for 11 years without fail.

3) There are a wide range of sizes and colors available to choose from, thus you are practically spoilt for choice when you opt for LED lights. This would also help in making your outdoor area more beautiful and colorful, and assist in enhancing the atmosphere during festivities such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. Choose from a myriad of colors such as red, blue, white, yellow, warm white and many other to lighten up your outdoors! You could also program these lights with jumpy changing patterns, or even gradually changing patterns if you want to.

4) They are safe for use, as they do not release harmful UV rays such as emitted by CFL and halogen bulbs. LEDs do not contain harmful substances such as mercury as well, nor do they create much heat when they are lighted up, thus they are safer to handle as well. The fact that they generate less heat and are more energy-efficient makes them better in terms of environmental-friendliness.

5) Start-up time is zero, you simply turn on the switch, and they light up. They can also be easily dimmed, thus you can adjust the intensity of your lighting conveniently in accordance to your needs.

6) These LEDs work silently and without emitting any sound, thus they are more comfortable to have both outdoors and indoors. There is an additional safety factor attached to these lights, the fact that they utilize low-voltage power supply provides more safety features that helps protect you.

So what are you waiting for? Switch to LED outdoor flood light now, and enjoy a myriad of benefits!

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Monday, 2 June 2014

LED Light Bulbs - The Real Energy And Money Saver For Home Lighting

When you are about to renovate or move into a new home, the lighting system of the home is something that you should pay a lot of attention to. For one, this is due to the fact that lighting usually takes up almost 25% of your overall electricity bill. It is also important to ensure that your lighting system is designed well to make sure that your home is well-illuminated, and to make sure that the lighting system helps to make your home better in terms of beauty and aesthetics.

Thus rather than considering conventional light bulbs to light up your home, why not opt for LED Light Bulbs instead? LEDs are not only energy-efficient, they are also highly useful if you are looking to save money in terms of electricity bills. And they undoubtedly look better than traditional light bulbs.

Let us now look at some of the more important reasons of why home LED lighting is becoming increasing popular recently:

1) LED lights are exceptionally efficient, and display an efficiency rate of almost 80%. They do not generate much heat, thus it does not take electricity to heat up the filament like how it works in conventional lights, and only a small fraction of the energy used to heat up filaments is used to light up LEDs. Undoubtedly the best lighting technology out there currently in terms of energy efficiency.

2) Longer life spans can be expected when you invest in these lights. When used well, LEDs can be utilized without any complication for more than one hundred thousand hours, translating to more than eleven years of continuous use without much complication. Most of the usual bulbs that are being used today need to be changed in less than a quarter of that duration, and when you compare this to LED lights, you can clearly see the savings that you are about to reap in terms of maintenance and replacement bulbs.

3) Save more electricity with LEDs, as you would reap the benefits of the efficiency levels of these lights immediately. When you consider that almost a quarter of your monthly electricity bill goes to lighting, you can save quite a lot if you ask me!

4) LED lights are also considerably safer, as there are no dangerous substances to worry about such as mercury (as found in CFL lights) or other hazardous materials. They also do not release or emit any UV rays that are hazardous to health as opposed to conventional lights such as halogen bulbs and CFLs that do.

5) LEDs are more environmentally-friendly, as they utilize less electricity to run, and are more energy-efficient. When you use these lights, you require less electricity to power your lights as they convert electricity to light energy more effectively, and thus you help the environment by utilizing less energy. At the same time, less heat energy is generated, which means that you are assisting in the efforts against global warming as well.

LED lights would without doubt take over the world of lighting in the near future, thus it is advisable that you embrace the change now and reap the benefits immediately!

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