Friday, 27 June 2014

The 6 Great Benefits Of LED Flood Lamps

Most people are looking for lighting that can help to act as a deterrent to any would be intruder to their homes. If you are looking for such items then now is the time to be thinking about installing outdoor LED flood lamps.

As well as acting as a deterrent this type of lighting can also help to create a look that you and others will enjoy. However there are a number of other benefits to be had from installing LED flood lamps over more conventional forms of outdoor LED flood lighting and below we take a look at several of these benefits.

1 - You will immediately find that these types of lights are much more energy efficient compared to traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights. Although the initial cost of installing such lighting is high over the term of their use they work out a lot cheaper. This is because you will find that these types of lights don't need replacing as often. They are so efficient that they have the ability to last 6 times longer than conventional lighting can.

2 - You are actually doing your bit towards reducing the world's carbon footprint as these types of lights don't produce the same levels of heat pollution as other forms of lights do.

3 - Although most of the LED flood lamps you purchase today are powered by running them of the mains electricity supply. Many companies are now producing these types of lights that are powered by the sun. So of course installation of these types of lights will not only help to reduce your annual electricity bills more but of course will be beneficial to the environment as you are using a renewable source of energy to power them.

4 - You will find that these types of lights are actually a great deal easier to install than conventional fluorescent style flood lights. So of course you will find that they take a lot less time to put up and use. Plus of course these lights having to use less power to provide the energy to create the illumination last longer and in turn won't have to be replaced as regularly as conventional lights do.

5 - Every type of LED flood lamp you can purchase today contains a diode rather than a filament or inert gas. So you will find that they aren't actually producing any kinds of gases that can prove harmful to the environment but to you and your family.

6 - The diode that is to be found in these particular types of lights is able to produce a much brighter whiter light. As a result of this not only the area where the lamp has been installed is illuminated much more but a much bigger area will be illuminated. Whereas when it comes to traditional flood lamps you will notice that these are only capable of lighting the area directly surrounding them. But as the area of light emitted by a LED flood lamp is much greater it will act as a much greater deterrent to any would be intruders on to your property.

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