Thursday, 26 June 2014

Why LED Bay Lighting Is Becoming More Popular? A Few Important Reasons

The most common place to see LED bay lighting in use today is those places that have high roofs. So of course the places that most commonly install such lighting as this are warehouses, factories, gymnasiums and of course sports arenas. Yet what you may not realize is that this form of lighting can be used just about anywhere in places where the need to climb a ladder or scaffolding to replace a light bulb.

However there are plenty of other reasons why companies are choosing to install LED bay lighting, even if the initial cost of installation is high compared to conventional forms of lighting.

Below we take a look at just some of the reasons why installation of such lighting has become popular.

Benefit 1 :

Firstly, this form of lighting has a much longer life span compared to that of fluorescent or incandescent lighting. On average one can expect this form of lighting to last ten times longer than say a conventional compact fluorescent light can. As a result this means that you won't find yourself having to replace the bulbs in such lights as often. This in turn then means that you won't need to be purchasing replacement bulbs for your LED bay lighting as often and so over the term being used they work out much cheaper.

Benefit 2 :

Another reason why the installation of LED bay lights has become popular in recent years is down to how energy efficient they are. These types of lights are capable of providing you with a good level of quality lighting but in order to do so will only need between 2 and 10 watts of power to provide the energy to create the light with. This is much less power than conventional bulbs need and as a result of course this helps to reduce the amount of electricity used on an annual basis. So of course in the future you will see a reduction in the amount you spend on electricity each year.

Benefit 3 :

As already mentioned above the initial cost of stalling LED bay lighting is high but over the term they are used they will save you quite a tidy sum. These lights you will find don't need to be replaced as often as they contain no filaments. Plus they are much more durable compared to conventional lighting and are far more resistant to being damaged or destroyed if they happen to be dropped.

Benefit 4 :

As well as these types of lights not needing to use as much power in order to provide high levels of illumination they are energy efficient in other ways. You will notice that LED bay lighting doesn't get hot like other types of lights do when turned on so they are not creating as much heat. As result of this you will find that the need to turn on an air conditioning system to maintain an ambient temperature within a room won't happen as often and again helping to reduce your annual electricity bills.

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