Tuesday, 30 January 2018

What Are The Advantages Of LED Bay Lighting?

LED bay light is just another great application of the LED technology. Short for light-emitting dioode, it is a semiconductor that converts electricity to light through the fast motions of electron particles. 

This technology was invented and first used in Russia in early 1920s. However, only now did LED resurfaced as a great technological innovation that has many practical applications. 

The LED technology is used for many other purposes; lighting just being one of them.

Bay lights are used in large warehouses and stadiums, as well as in many spacious and high-ceiling structures. The use of these lights allow for contiguous and efficient lighting. 

The only problem is that the lights need to be generously interspersed. Otherwise the light won't reach far enough to illuminate the large space. The brightness of the lighting system also depends on the number of bay lights that are installed. 

This directly translates to huge electrical consumptions. It's not lost to many people that the typical halogen bulbs, even the fluorescent ones, are never cost-effective options when it comes to electricity usage. The electrical consumptions of these old bulbs go off the roof, compared to the LED option.

There are other advantages that LED bay lights have over typical lighting technologies. One of which is brightness.

Having talked about the need for brightness in very large areas like stadiums and warehouses, it's self-evident that LEDs would definitely come in handy. 

To say that this application of the light-emitting diode is great would be an understatement. The advantages are not only in terms of efficiency, but also in terms of savings.

A lot of people nowadays are switching to LED bay lighting systems because this is more cost-effective than the alternatives. 
Such superior lamps are also much easier to install compared to others. 

Since the lamps are going to be brighter, people need to buy fewer lamps. That means lower amount of money spent on lamps.

The best advantage of these lamps over typical ones can be seen from their lifespan. These lamps can stay bright for quite a long time, even if they are turned on for long hours during the night. 

The rest of the lamps can only be lit for a given number of hours, so if there needs to be light throughout the day and night, people have to buy twice as many lamps to light up interchangeably. 

None of that is necessary with LED bay lights!

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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

The Many Uses Of LED Circular Lights

LED circular lights have many uses.  The the efficiency of using LED technology in everyday life has been proven and people were convinced that, in spite of its cost, it is indeed worth investing in such a thing.

The next step was to get creative with its design, in order to explore the new architectural possibilities, and this resulted in the creation of the LED circular light.

This was meant to display the light spots in a convenient manner in order to obtain both the perfect light and the perfect aspect. 

The need for saving energy was successfully combined with the versatility and the many possibilities to display the LEDs in order to attain a fascinating game of shadows and lights in your house, at incredibly low costs. 

Incandescent light bulbs, as well as fluorescent tubes cannot boast with this kind of features. Even more, the two above mentioned older types of lighting do not come even close to the long life expectancy of the LED ones.

Generally used for outdoor lighting, the LED circular lamps are the best option if you want to accentuate the features on the older buildings, large constructions or statues. 

Their use for outdoor lighting has posed a few problems at first, mostly regarding insulation and temperature changes, but, as technology evolved, solutions started to appear.

Therefore, the LED systems have developed so much that they were not only used outdoors, but also underwater, where other types of lighting devices do not work properly. 

For sure you have seen at least one documentary picturing deep-water life. What you probably did not know was that light was cast at great depths from a LED device.

Moreover, the light intensity in LEDs is easy to vary without major influence on the power grid. Whereas the other types of lighting systems need time to reach the full light intensity.  

The LED ones do so virtually instantly, thus both improving their life and protecting the human eyes.

However, such lights are not only used outdoors. The control boards of planes require such compact, small and reliable systems to light everything on board.

The circular disposition of these as well as the possibility to vary the intensity of the light allowed them to be used in high power projectors, whose light can be adjusted depending on the weather.

Another use of LED circular lights is in photography - the art in which the way you master the light and shadow can propel you from a middle-level wannabe artist to a top photographer.

It may seem that LED lights are only meant for sophisticated or industrial machinery, but you can easily find some in accessories like wristwatches, replacing phosphorus displays and being a more convenient alternative in terms of safety. 

Moreover, unlike phosphorus displays, that only sported a greenish color, LEDs come in a variety of naturally produced colors.

From projectors and airplane control boards to wristwatches and underwater cameras, LED circular lighting bulbs allow a variety of uses, colors, and intensities, coming with a lot of benefits in terms of costs, health, and environment protection, which increasingly concern the modern world.

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The Great Features Of LED Flood Lamps

The first impression that many have about an LED flood lamp is that it appears to be a bit costly as compared to the conventional halogen bulbs. 

This may be true, but after having a look at the benefits of it in your home/office surroundings, you would find every penny spent on its purchase to be worthwhile. 

The biggest advantage of owning these LED lamps is that it would give your longer lasting productivity as compared to the ordinary ones.

A halogen bulb generally lasts for approximately 1000 hours whereas a LED light would give you 10,000 hours of luminosity and brightness without excess of power consumption. 

In addition to this, it also emits lower levels of carbon and such toxic chemicals into the environment which further reduces the level of heat produced within the immediate surroundings. 

This is precisely the reason why all kinds of LED lighting bulbs are tagged as being extremely environment friendly and hence preferred by a larger portion of nature loving population.

All kinds of LED lamps are manufactured to be heat, cold and shock resistant so as to provide better protection against any kind of breakage. 

These lamps are often preferred by various home owners, in order to provide a healthier and safer living condition for their near and dear ones. 

The fact that these lights have a tendency to last for years; people do not have to constantly spend a lot of money, time and effort in installing & re-installing them within short intervals. 

Since the time these type of lights were introduced in the market, they have undergone a variety of changes and upgrades in terms of being available today in a wide assortment of fashion, size, shape, colors and price. 

Depending on the interiors of the home/office one can make their selection of unique LED flood light that is currently available in the market.

They are also available in different voltages; hence you can pick one depending upon the amount of coverage you expect the these lamps to provide. 

You can come across a wide range of LED flood lighting manufacturers on the internet, but it is highly imperative that you purchase them from a reliable one.

This would ensure that you receive one of the best quality products that not only lasts longer but gives you complete value for your money. 

The only drawback associated with these lamps is that depending on their quality they may tend to be brittle sometimes, thus can be damaged easily if handled in a rough manner.

In case you wish to purchase these type of lamps in bulk, do make sure to undertake a comprehensive online research on their suppliers to get the best deal at an affordable rate. 

If quality is much more important to you than affordability, then try to select a branded LED lamp bulb. This would help you avail them with a guarantee period. 

If you choose to purchase them through an online retailer, try to have a look at more than one of them so that you can compare their prices and features before making decisions.

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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Why Have LED Light Tubes For Your Home?

In recent years we have seen the popularity for using LED light tubes increasing. The reason that this form of lighting has increased in popularity is the fact that it has changed the way in which we produce light to illuminate things today. 

Rather than generating light through heat when it comes to LED they do so through a process known as electroluminescence.

But of course this form of lighting does come at a price and you will find that although there are many forms of LED tube lights on the market today they are still more expensive to buy than conventional lighting are. 

Yet if you were to change just a few LED ones in your home for the LED tube lamps you would soon begin to reap the benefits.

In this article we are going to explain a little bit more about why investing in such lighting should be considered.

As already mentioned above these types of lights use a process called electroluminescence to create the light which they then emit. 

Whereas with traditional lights they convert electricity into heat to then provide the energy the components within it need to produce the light they emit. 

As LED tube lights use far less energy to actually produce the light this in turn means that they use far less electricity to create the energy initially.

Another benefit to be gained from installing any kind of LED lighting is that they have a tendency to last for much longer. How long they last will depend on temperature and current settings. 

But in most cases they usually have a life span of being able to produce light for between 25,000 and 50,000 hours. However there are some LED tube lamps available today that have the ability to last for around 100,000 before they need to be replaced.

You may notice that a LED light is much smaller in size compared to a conventional one. But this is down to the fact that they contain far less components within them. 

hese contain a semiconductor chip rather than a filament and gases. Yet even the smallest of these lights have the ability to emit a great deal more light than a conventional light can.

When it comes to LED light lamps these contain no moving parts within them and so are far more resistant to being damaged from shock or vibration. Plus as there is no need for the use of glass in the making of these lights they are far more robust and tougher than conventional lights. 

In fact there are very few cases reported of these forms of lights actually breaking or exploding.

You will find that when you turn on LED light tubes it provides you with illumination almost instantly. However when you turn the switch on for a conventional fluorescent or incandescent light it make a few seconds before the level of lighting produced is comfortable for your eyes. 

This is because the components within these lights need time to heat up.

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Monday, 15 January 2018

Should You Replace Spot Lamps With LED Spot Lamps

It is time to replace spot lamps with LED spot lamps.  Presently, small halogen spot lamps are normally used to give more focused beam or accent lighting. They are broadly used as a more energy-efficient alternative to incandescent bulbs in retail establishments and home lighting applications. 

Through a chemical reaction with the halogens,the tungsten filaments of halogen lamps are regenerated, and work at higher temperatures, their filaments are close to the surface of the lamps and the surface area is relatively small. Consequently lots of heat dissipated around the ambient lamp.

Additionally, the lamp, especially the filament should not be exposed to serious vibration to prevent the lamp from failing prematurely.

For example, the power dissipation of the most commonly used par20, MR16, GU10 halogen lamps ranges from 20W to 50W, and their lumen output ranges from 160 lm to 700 lm. 

That equals to an efficacy of about 16 lm/W, or a luminous efficiency of 16%. The lifespan of a typical halogen lamp is limited to about 2000-3000 hours, probably equal to 3 to 4 months of use in a retail store.

So still consider halogen lamp as spotlights? Let's look at some data of LED spot lamp.

Spotlight bulbs are often placed as spot or accent lighting in the hard-to-reach smaller area, which people do not want to replace too often. These type of lamps last many times longer than the conventional halogen lamp. 

Each lamp is made up of a cluster of small light emitting diodes, and is able to produce brilliant, bright, crisp, clear light can be a valuable retrofit of its halogen counterpart.

What's more, LED lamps need very small proportion of electricity to give off a high level of lumen output, in other words, they get higher efficacy.As a matter of fact, MR16,GU10 and PAR LED Lamps, use much less power to emit the equal amount of light than halogen lamps. 

Today's LED technologies are able to give up to 110 lm/W, with three one watt power diode of this, the total light output would be nearly 300 lumens. Furthermore, the lamp has focused 15, 30, 45 beam angle to produce significant amount of usable light without much waste light as halogen lamp does. 

Thus, the service area need light would be stronger than or at least same as its halogen counterpart. Good news is that the LED technology is continuously improving from year to year rapidly, higher efficacy diode chips will be appeared in the market in the future.

LED spotlight bulbs do not rely on heated filaments or gas materials to give off light, they do not incorporate the use of mercury like fluorescent lamp. This means that these lamps can be used close to delicate items such as jewelry, valuable merchandises in the retail store display case or shelf, expensive ornaments and photos in the house, without heat damage over time, or causing fading. 

Further more, LED lamp is best choice as environmentally friendly light. It create much smaller amount of CO2 emission than incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lamps. As LED technology matures, the lamp can also be made with dimmable function to meet the increasing demand by the end users.

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Friday, 12 January 2018

What Are The Benefits Of LED Fluorescent Tubes?

LED fluorescent tubes are the newest product lines in the fluorescent family and is considered to be the final replacement for traditional fluorescent lamp. It is made up of white LED chip modules. 

Provided with the advantages of long life-span, radiation-free, energy saving, environmental friendly and stroboflash-free, this lamp is superior to other kinds of tubes.

Besides, the installation of LED tubes is quite easy. Just to replace the original fluorescent lamp with the new LED one, and to take out the starter. 

What's more, the electricity saving efficiency can reach as high as 50% compared to ordinary fluorescent lamp and the life span is more than 10 times than that of ordinary one, almost totally free of maintenance. 

These fluorescent lamps are adaptive to be used in offices, factories, marketplaces, schools and houses and so on indoor spaces.

The benefits of LED fluorescent tubes:

1. Environmental friendly

Traditional fluorescent lamp contains large amount of mercury vapor which will do harm to the environment if the lamp is broken up and the vapor volatilize into the atmosphere. 

On the contrary, LED ones do not contain mercury or lead, doing no harm to the environment. So, LED products are recognized to be the green lighting lamps in the 21st century.

2. Low heat 

Compared to traditional lamps which will generate a large amount of heat, these lamps can directly make electric energy into light energy, causing less heat and no waste of the energy.

3. Noise-free

LED light tube will not produce any noise, enabling it to be a good choice for illumination application in high precision electrical instrument. It is also fit to be used in occasions like libraries, offices and so on.

4. Soft light beams and stroboflash-free

Traditional fluorescent lamp uses alternating current, which will generate 100-120 times of stroboflash per second. As to these lamps, it can directly switch the alternating current into direct current, without causing any flickering, helpful to protect the eyes.

5. Free of ultraviolet radiation

Traditional tubes will generate ultraviolet radiation, thus will attract mosquitoes to fly around the lamps. LED lamp bulbs do not have this disadvantage, thus the indoor space will become cleaner.

6. Wide-range of adjustable voltage

Traditional fluorescent lamp should recur to rectifier to release high voltage to get brighten up. If the voltage fell, the tube will went out. 

However, these lamps can be lighted within a certain voltage range (80V-245V) and its brightness can be adjusted.

7. Energy-saving, long life-span and low cost

The power consumption for LED fluorescent tube is lower than 1/3 of the traditional lamp's consumption, and the life span for it is 10 times longer than that of traditional one. 

So there is no need to change the lamp for a long period of time, reducing the manpower and other costs.

8. Rigid and safe

LED lamp body is made by epoxy resin instead of glasses like other traditional lamps. So it is more rigid and safe. 

Even if falling to the floor, this lamp will not be broken easily. Users can set their heart at rest when using LED light tubes.

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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

What Are The Advantages Of A LED Dimmable Bulb?

The LED dimmable bulb is one example of a light that offers a new dimension in lighting technology. Many people that purchase lights for their home don't always purchase the best ones for their homes, probably because of the lack of knowledge. 

This article will discuss the advantages you will receive when you decide to use this light bulb.

Saves on Energy

One of the things we cannot avoid is the costs we pay for fuel and electricity. When you turn on your lights you will immediately pay for the power consumption. 

If you want to save on costs, the LED dimmable light bulb is your way to go. You can save as much as 80% on your energy consumption costs.

Long Lasting

The standard light bulb cannot compare to the long lasting quality of the LED dimmable light bulb. This bulb is like a work horse and can run for a very long time. The average life is about 50,000 - 100,000 hours. 

The makeup of this bulb is quite different from the standard bulbs. They are uniquely designed and have a high resistance to thermal shock and vibrations. 

When a bulb can do this, there is a less likely chance that they will be easily damaged which will allow them to last a longer time.

They offer safety

The old school light bulbs were very hot. It didn't necessarily need to be run for a long period of time for it to generate some heat. The LED bulbs do not have this problem. 

They are cool when you touch it. This will definitely reduce the risk of burns.This means that you can leave it on longer without having to worry about your safety.

Easy on the eyes

The standard light bulb is a little difficult on the eyes compared to the LED dimmable light bulb. It will cause less strain to your eyes. The tint of the bulbs are fairly consistent and will not change colors unlike the ordinary ones which will usually turn a yellowish color when it is dimmed. 

This light will not also flicker like the standard one. Less strain on your eyes will ultimately lead to a more enjoyable evening at home with family or friends.

Lights are a privilege that we all enjoy and sometimes take for granted. There are many options that you can turn to for your lighting needs. 

When you invest in LED dimmable bulbs, you will receive many benefits that will save you on costs, offer you safety, save on energy and offer you a great LED bulb that will last a long time.

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