Friday, 4 July 2014

Will LED High Bay Lights Endanger Your Health?

We have all begun to hear about the energy saving benefits that LED lighting now has to offer us. But what many businesses do not realize is that these types of lamps including the LED high bay can have a big impact upon the health and safety of those that work within it.

Not only in this is article will we look at how such lighting can help to reduce the risks involved when working at height. But also look at the health and safety issues involved when replacing a LED high bay lighting bulb.

If you are a responsible business owner then of course you will be aware of the regulations relating to health and safety when someone is working at height. There are certain directives that have been put in place with regards to working at height and a number of guidelines that must be followed.

When working at height before work commences all aspects of it should have been properly organised and planned. Also you must only allow staff you feel are competent enough to work at height. Before any work at height commences of course you must have assessed the risks and then ensured that the right kind of equipment has been chosen and will be used.

As the owner of a business when someone is required to replace any LED high bay lights or to do work at any height the risks revolving around any type of fragile surface is being properly controlled. Plus of course finally you must ensure that all equipment used for carrying out such tasks will have been correctly maintained and of course regularly inspected.

Of course following these guidelines will ensure that the risk of your staff becoming injured when carrying out work at height is reduced.

If you haven't already got LED high bay lights installed then now is the time to consider doing so. If you are someone who needs to have lighting on throughout the day and night to provide plenty of illumination then of course installing such lighting will help to reduce your yearly electricity bills.

Whereas if you continue to use traditional metal halide or some high bay lights then before they become really effective at providing illumination they need time to warm up. However when it comes to LED ones these provide illumination instantly making all areas of your business far safer to work in. Even if you were to leave these lights on overnight they can help you to save as much as 100% on your energy costs.

Another benefit to be had from installing LED high bay lights is that they have a far long life span. Generally today you will find that these types of lights compared to more traditional metal halide ones can provide illumination for around 50,000 hours. So of course you won't find yourself having to get someone to work at heights having to replace them on such a regular basis as you would need to with the more traditional metal halide ones.

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