Monday, 3 July 2017

Why Do People Use LED Downlight Bulbs For Homes

Why are many people using LED downlight bulbs for homes?  You see, when people refer to LED lights, the first thing that springs to their mind is those small lights that come in different colours used to indicate settings on devices. 

LED technologies are quickly improving and nowadays you can get the LED light bulbs and downlights easily. In fact, a LED downlight is capable of producing the same amount of illumination that a normal 50W halogen light would produce for just 10W.

They are also designed with safety features in mind running significantly cooler than halogen bulbs, containing no toxic materials (like incandescent bulbs contain mercury) and they have very little glass which can shatter and spread into small particles.

From the above you can actually gather there is simply no reason to not switch to LED Lights.  So, what prevents people from using LED downlights?

The main issue is that these type of lights are presently more costly in the beginning than conventional downlights or halogens. Most LED downlights start around $30 per unit where are incandescent bulbs can be just $2 at your local store.

Additionally a lot of people are unsure as to how to buy and install LED downlights for the homes as you know making changes are often scary and people would rather stick with what they are comfortable with.

While traditional incandescent lights are other options which may seem cheaper and LED's are the most expensive initially, but in long term it will pay off and save you much money. 

You will be looking at about 3 to 4 years before the lights pay themselves back and also start saving you money however still from that point on you will be saving money for years. 

Also consider because of the long lifespan of LED light systems, you will almost never have to worry about replacing them or getting a professional to do it so you can possibly save yourself some money there as well.

Also most LED light bulbs are retrofit and programmed to work with your existing electrical systems and even older ones. It is just a matter of making a simple replacement or a few additional auditions which can be done by yourself or by a professional.

It is highly recommended you buy LED downlight bulbs online as it is less expensive and also these websites often offer guides on how to install them easily.

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