Friday, 30 June 2017

Should You Use LED Ceiling Light Fixtures For Businesses

Are people using LED ceiling light fixtures for business?  You see, businesses, whether it is an office or a shopping mall, there is one thing in common and that is expensive electricity bills. 

Lighting, it makes up a huge portion of any businesses electricity bills because of the long running hours of lights. Lights are normally on from the first moment a shop or office opens till it closes and for some offices, lights are normally left on for a large part of non operating hours as well.

Most businesses use fluorescent lights and while they may be alright in terms of efficiency, they still have many problems and also shorter lifespan.

Should You Use LED Ceiling Lights for Businesses?

You can see, in the future, soon this type of lights will be stock standard almost everywhere especially in businesses building, warehouse, etc. This is because not only are they the most energy efficient light available, they are also the most versatile, safe, incredibly durable and comply with business regulations.

LED ceiling light is not only more efficient than the fluorescent light bulbs we see often but are nearly 5 times more efficient than the halogen bulbs used in restaurants. 

Also, most LED light bulbs come in various colours so they can easily replicate the look warm white halogens give off in restaurants along with the look of cool white fluorescent lights to give an office its professional look.

In terms of safety replacement downlights blow other lights out of the water, compared to fluorescent lights (contain mercury), LED's do not contain any toxic materials and also have very little brittle glass that fluorescent and halogen lights have. 

If a LED light bulb is to fall there is a high chance it would not break and shatter. Almost all LED ones are also built to business standards to meet the necessary lighting regulations for offices.

Another great advantage of these type of lights is just how long of a lifespan they have, most LED's will have a lifespan starting around 25,000 hours and increase to about 50,000 hours depending on the quality. 

As compared to CFL lights which last a max of 15,000 hours and halogen bulbs which only last 2,500 hours, a LED one will never need replacing as compared to other lights. In a business where many lights are replaced and electricians are employed, this can be a very costly job and switching to LED's could save you much money.

Replacement LED light bulbs are being designed as retrofit systems that can slash your electricity bills and increase your business safety and also it can assist you to do your part for the environment, so there is no reason for anyone to consider any other lighting system for their businesses. 

A simple 10W LED downlight is equivalent to a 50W light bulb and also it is more durable and especially their life span is more than 10 times longer. 

If you are confused or not sure about LED ceiling light fixtures, it is highly recommended that you visit some led lighting guide online. They are also significantly better as compared to compact fluorescent lights in terms of safety and lifespan.

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