Monday, 5 June 2017

A Quick Look At The Benefits Of LED Tube Lighting

The LED tube lamp is presently overtaking the fluorescent light bulbs which have been a mainstay in many businesses and kitchens for many years. Although the amount of light produced has made light bulbs consistently a choice for areas needing bright lighting, the LED lighting has proven to meet all these challenges.

LED lighting is available in most of the same tube sizes and shapes as traditional fluorescent lighting. One of the great benefits of switching out the fluorescent bulbs for LED is the fact that the process is quite simple. These lights are able to fit into the prongs of the fluorescent lighting bulbs and the plug-in replacement is easy.

The areas where this lighting is usually used are normally active for several hours on a daily basis and are costly to utilize. The maintenance and repair of these bulbs can be very high and energy costs can make them cost prohibitive. Additionally, the bulbs contain mercury which can be dangerous and harmful if the bulb breaks.

The LED tube lighting is a high efficiency lighting bulb which uses less than than sixty percent of the energy that an incandescent light bulb uses. The standard tube replacements use only 14-24 watts of energy and in fact last from 50000 to 100000 hours before they should be replaced. They have great color quality and the same color dynamics as their counterpart.

The tubes have a plastic tube housing and do not need the energy sucking ballast of the fluorescent. With an operating temperature of 100 degrees, the light bulb does not get as hot as other lighting bulbs and normally has a life span of up to eight times than that of a normal incandescent bulb.

The tube is manufactured with a long silicon substrate which has several LEDs mounted on it. The substrate is enclosed in a glass tube and ready for installation. It does not contain toxic chemicals such as mercury and also provide an environmentally friendly means to provide light which is equal to fluorescent light bulbs.

Talking to an expert who has knowledge and the know-how in the different types of lighting available and their impact on the environment will be much helpful. Definitely, they will be able to provide important information which will help you to make the best decision about what type of LED lamp will be most effective in your home or office.

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