Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Simple Installation Of LED Tube Lights

Have you tried installing LED tube lights?  It is definitely a great way to save money on electricity by installing LED tube lights and also get hazardous fluorescent light bulbs out of your home or office. 

But, most LED tubes on the market presently cannot just be directly installed in an existing fluorescent fixture. You will have to make some simple modifications to the fixture to properly install the light bulbs. 

The good news is that installing LED tube lights in an existing fluorescent fixture is quite simple. Additionally, you should be able to purchase fixtures designed for these type of lights in the near future, and in fact they should be cheaper than the equivalent fluorescent light fixtures.

Fluorescent tube lights are in fact designed to support specific types and size of fluorescent light tubes. A fluorescent tube is incorporated into a fluorescent lighting system that consists of two or three main components, which is the fluorescent lamps, the ballasts and the starter systems. 

Additionally, the system for a tube lamp includes a lamp holder and a switch. Depending on the particular fluorescent lighting system, the starter may be a replaceable component, a starter may not be required, or the starter function may be integrated into the ballast. 

The starting function may also rely on the physical design of the fixture. To retrofit a fluorescent fixture to support a LED tube, the ballast must be disconnected.

You have to ensure that the LED replacement tube lights are the correct size for the fixture. You also need to remember that when servicing a fluorescent fixture or lamp, the electrical power to the entire fixture should be disconnected. 

This is not always practical in situations where a huge number of fixtures are controlled from the same power control (such as in open office areas). In such cases, insulating gloves and a non-metallic ladder should be used if the fixtures must be serviced when the power is present.

You will need a few simple tools, including a wire cutter and wire stripper, a pair of pliers, a screwdriver, and a few wire nuts for reconnecting the wires once you have removed the ballast.

Once the traditional light bulbs are removed from the lamp holders and the electricity to the fixture is turned off, you will have to remove the reflector which is located behind the light bulbs and provides a housing for the wiring and ballast which lie behind it. 

Typically, it is quite simple to remove the reflector or cover, however if it is not clear how to do this, you should consult the documentation from the fixture manufacturer.

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