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Can You Save Your Expenses With commercial LED Lighting Systems

Commercial LED lighting systems

Can you really save with commercial LED lighting systems?  It is an evident fact that more than 21% of the energy supplied in a building is consumed by the lighting installed in and around it. The global energy production accounts to more than 19% from its total supply for luminary purposes.

It may not be a good news for us as energy supplied to us is not being utilized the way it should be and possess a threat on our future indicating that there would be no or very less natural sources left on earth that can be burnt to generate electricity. 

With this concern, various researchers had been working for decades to develop such technologies that reduce electricity consumption and are much more efficient and durable than the old luminary systems that waste energy.

The Advent Of LED (Light Emitting diodes) Systems in the late 60s, were commercially launched for uses in TVs, telephones and watches for signal transmission indication purposes. 

Although these lights were unusually expensive and thus were not being launched as an individual product in the market until in 1994 a Japan based company successfully conducted a test in which the blue and white LED light bulb worked perfectly on grounds of domestic and commercial use and was immediately commissioned for mass production.

A commercial LED lighting system is suitable for use in any condition, whether talking in terms of geography and climate. Let's find out how these are much more efficient in saving your electricity costs:


This is the main aspect of a LED light bulb that makes it overcome the flaws of other lighting technologies like the Incandescent, fluorescent and Tungsten. These bulbs are shock resistant which makes them less prone to getting burnt if bumped or banged into something. They can work at a maximum of 80 degree Celsius and as low as -20 degree Celsius.

Maintenance Costs

With such durability these bulbs do not need any maintenance for long time. That is why it saves lot of your money. Also, these bulbs run for an awfully long period. A common LED light bulb runs for about 50,000 hours. That's about 5 times a fluorescent bulb works and almost 50 times an Incandescent bulb lasts.

Long Term Benefits:

You may still find these light bulbs priced higher than other bulbs but they would save you a lot of money in the long run. As such, it is better to pay once and forget about it rather than getting stuck with some other type of bulb that you would have to replace frequently. 

Besides, it would only cost you an average of $50 after using an LED for 50,000 hours, which is about 7 years. This would certainly get your electricity bills to cause you less worry. As such, buying LED lights would ensure you a long term benefit.


Saving money is good thing however it is more important that you contribute something to the environment. Commercial LED lights enable you to reduce the carbon foot print with a great margin. Led lights use 80% of the current supplied in them to produce light more than any other lighting technology. 

This saves a lot of energy and as such the demand for electricity reduces, making power stations to reduce power generation and that controls the pollution coming out of the plants. Also, these bulbs do not emit any harmful gases in the form of heat or any other medium.

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