Monday, 31 July 2017

The Cheaper Alternative Of LED High Bay Lights

LED high bay lights are commonly being used is in areas that have high ceilings. As such, of course these are becoming used more frequently in buildings such as warehouses, gyms and hangars.
Actually, they can be used in any space where the height of the ceiling is such that changing a light when the light bulb no longer works is difficult. 

This is of course why so many businesses which own high ceiling buildings are opting to install such lighting in their companies.

But what other reasons are there for you to think about installing LED bay lights over the much cheaper options on the market today?

Firstly, these types of LED lighting bulbs have a much longer working life span as compared to more traditional types of fluorescent lighting. 

On average you can expect one of these lights to last 10 times as long as a typical compact fluorescent light can. So of course meaning that you will not need to be changing the bulbs in these ones as regularly. 

This in turn also means that you will not have to be purchasing replacement bulbs as often. All of which means that the cost of using them is far cheaper.

Secondly, one thing which will have you seriously considering installing LED bay lights is that they are far more energy efficient as compared to the traditional bulbs we use currently. 

You will find that the majority of LED light bulbs available today need only between 2 and 10 watts of power to help provide them with the energy they need to produce a high level of light. 

This is considerably less than other bulbs need and is normally around only 33% of what a conventional incandescent bulb uses. 

However be aware that there are some LED ones which can use even less energy than this and so once again they will help to save you money.

Thirdly, it will cost more initially on purchasing these types of light fittings however over the term of their use they will save you quite some money. 

Additionally, as these lights do not have filaments inside them like conventional lights do then are more durable. These lights are actually far more resistant to being damaged when bumped or dropped and that is why they are so good to be used as high bay lighting.

Fourthly, when it comes to installing LED high bay lamps you will find that along with them not using so much power they are energy efficient in other ways. 

You will find that the light bulbs in these types of lights stay considerably cooler as compared to traditional bulbs when turned on. 

So as such you will find that the need to turn on the air conditioning to help keep temperatures within a room down will not occur so often.

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