Monday, 3 April 2017

Shopping For LED Bulbs: A Knowledge-Driven Pursuit

Even though many believe that purchasing LED bulbs are a straightforward endeavor, numerous individuals end up disappointed with their newly-bought lighting solutions. In particular, there are those who were not able to buy LED-based bulbs that provide sufficient brightness. 

Likewise, some people also face problems regarding the dimmability of such new lighting solutions. In addition, quite a number of homeowners are dissatisfied with the view angles of LED ones. While many would assume that such problems are due to the technical limitations of these type oflights, such a notion cannot be any further from the truth.

More often than not, the lack of knowledge on how to make proper choices brings forth the aforesaid brightness-related issues. Specifically, when searching for the ideal LED replacement for a CFL bulb, it would be necessary to pay attention to details regarding lumen rating: one should match the lumen ratings of one's CFL to its LED counterpart. 

Some would expectedly point out however, that there are LED bulbs that lack such brightness-related information. Considering the relationship between luminance and wattage, it would be best to choose this light with roughly half the wattage requirement of the CFL that it would replace.

Some also experience problems regarding the dimmability of this type of bulbs. Indeed, most LED light bulbs are not compatible with conventional dimmers. Instead of merely perceiving LED lights as flawed due to such a limitation, it would be better to gather more information on the latest developments in LED technology

Simply put, those who wish to install these bulbs in their homes but also aim to maintain control over their lighting should specifically shop for newly-developed, dimmer-compatible LED light bulbs: keeping in mind that these bulbs of choice should feature full support for the wattages of their dimmers at home.

Those eager to take advantage of LED lights' energy efficiency sometimes end up disappointed upon finding out that their recently-purchased bulbs function as spotlights. Once again, this is mainly due to their lack of enthusiasm to learn more about the specifics of it before spending their money. 

Unlike CFLs that all spread light, thse type of lights vary in terms of angle, making it necessary to check whether a LED one has a wide or narrow viewing angle before paying for it. While some consider such angle-related diversity as unnecessary, those who wish to buy bulbs for several different applications would surely perceive such variety as beneficial.

Even though many believe that buying a 
LED light bulb is simple task, being able to acquire these lights that perfectly suit one's needs actually requires one to gather additional knowledge. After all, while LED-based lights still accomplish the same function as its predecessors, one should never overlook the fact that such bulbs generate light in a unique manner.

That is the main reason why LED light bulbs do feature distinct differences from other lighting solutions in terms of luminance, dimmability, and wattage. Indeed, purchasing these bulbs is a rather challenging task, but with success comes an abundance of advantages.

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