Thursday, 30 March 2017

Are LED Bulbs Becoming More Affordable?

As LED bulbs are becoming more and more affordable, many people are beginning to think about throwing away their worn-out CFL bulbs and making the change. 

While shifting to LED-based lighting solutions is indeed the right choice for various reasons, most people are buying such cutting-edge bulbs due to recommendations from energy-conscious homeowners and not necessarily due to an increased awareness of LED's numerous notable perks.

Simply put, most believe that shifting to LED lighting is merely a course of action driven by budget-related goals: given the low wattages of such advanced lighting solutions, one's monthly electric bill would undergo a pleasant change. 

As pointed out beforehand, ridding one's home of CFL bulbs and installing their LED-based counterparts is more than just a way to lower one's electric bills. Specifically, opting to use LED-based lighting is actually an excellent way to protect the environment.

Given that LED lights do not consume as much electricity as those based on other lighting technologies, using such advanced means of brightening up one's home is akin to reducing carbon emissions: after all, electricity generation still mainly depends on burning fossil fuels. 

Indeed, those who choose to use LED can truly claim that they are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprints. LED bulbs also boast temperature-related advantages.

As many have realized firsthand, CFL bulbs still produce considerable amounts of heat, often enough to hurt those attempting to replace such bulbs right after being turned off. Also, even though much cooler than older types of bulbs, CFLs still negatively affects air-conditioning efficiency. LED-based bulbs on the other hand, barely produce heat. 

in fact, such cutting-edge bulbs only emit about a tenth of the average amount of heat released by CFLs. Thus not only is it possible to touch LED-based bulbs even after hours of use, air-conditions systems would not be burdened as well.

LED-based bulbs also possess unmatched durability. Unlike CFL bulbs, which are easily broken if accidentally dropped, LED-based lights are able to withstand numerous falls. 

Such toughness is mainly due to the fact that these bulbs are mostly made out of plastic, unlike CFLs which rely on glass tubing. Given that hazardous metals are contained within CFL bulbs, knowing that it breaks easily is definitely concerning. 

Alternatively, even if these LED ones would be shattered, they would never disperse such dangerous substances throughout one's home. Indeed, the astounding durability of LED-based bulbs also comes with better safety.

All in all, it is certainly true that these bulbs are not only ideal for those seeking energy-related savings. Since such cutting-edge bulbs are considered as eco-friendly, people who wish follow more sustainable lifestyles would surely benefit from changing their CFLs to LEDs. 

Likewise, those who would want to get more out of their air-conditioning systems at home would also be pleased upon making the jump to LED bulbs. Homeowners worried about the dangers of conventional lighting solutions, would also find LED lights a much more reassuring choice. Without a doubt, opting to buy LED-based lighting is ideal for more reasons.

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