Thursday, 30 March 2017

LED PL Lamp Merits: Not Too Good To Be True- The Significance Of Using The Right Light To Health

Buying a LED PL lamp is, in many ways, a wise course of action. As many would say, such lighting solutions surpass lamps based on other technologies in just about every aspect. 

However, it is only to be expected that not all individuals would immediately shift to LED-based PL lamps upon hearing such claims. Some would interpret such skepticism as a sign of limited open-mindedness.

However, it should be pointed out that people who refrain from quickly purchasing this type of lighting solutions are those who think critically. Indeed, for such people, gaining more information is necessary in order to make a proper decision.

One of the main reasons why these lamps are considered superior to lamps based on older lighting technologies, is that these lamps use considerably low wattages. To explain further, a common LED one only requires 8 watts of power in order to generate light sufficient for an entire room. 

On the other hand, a conventional lamp that makes use of fluorescent technology needs at least 13 watts of power. 

Even worse, those who still use halogen lamps are wasting considerable amounts of money on lighting alone, as their lamps necessitate more than 50 watts of power to provide the same brightness as an 8-watt LED lamp.

These lights also excel in outlasting its competition. Years ago, simple LED-based lamps are already capable of providing light for more than 25,000 hours before requiring replacements: an estimated lifespan that undeniably eclipses those of incandescent, halogen, and even fluorescent lamps. 

Even the latest fluorescent lamps would never last more than 10,000 hours before showing signs of failure. The latest LED lamps are capable of lasting more than 45,000 hours, making such lighting solutions the top choice for homeowners who want to get the most out of their money.

Aside from having low wattages and long lifespans, these type of PL lamps also boast top-notch safety. As many already know, the widely-used fluorescent lamp is actually a health hazard, as it contains mercury. Likewise, incandescent lamps, which are considered obsolete in most parts of the world, contain lead. 

In addition to risks of poisoning, both mercury and lead are known to cause all sorts of diseases. 

Hence, knowing that LED PL lights contain neither mercury nor lead, homeowners who choose to purchase such cutting-edge lighting solutions would be able to sleep soundly knowing that they are not filling their homes with dangerous metals.

Without a doubt, those who continue to show support for these lighting solutions have the right conviction. As made clear throughout the discussion above, even though requiring considerably low wattages, a LED PL lamp is capable of providing superb brightness. 

As also pointed out, lamps that make use of LED technology boast unmatched lifespans and unparalleled safety. 

Upon becoming aware of such noteworthy features, those who initially expressed skepticism about the merits of shifting to these type of lighting solutions would finally realize that it is indeed time to purchase them: the best way to brighten up a home.

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