Thursday, 30 March 2017

Are High Power LED Bulb The Best Lighting Solutions?

Using a high power LED bulb is definitely much more advantageous than relying on its CFL counterpart, it cannot be denied that misguided notions regarding such as cutting-edge bulbs are still held by many. 

Specifically, numerous people still believe that such LED-based lighting solutions are still considerably costly. Likewise, there are those who assume that such advanced bulbs are still inferior to CFLs in terms of providing sufficient brightness. 

Of course, some individuals also think that they have severely-limiting color problems. Those with such doubts regarding this should read on.

As pointed out, some believe that LED-based bulbs are still much more expensive than CFLs. Probably, the basis for such an assumption is that even the simplest type of of LED lighting solution used to cost around $100 a few years ago. 

Given how inexpensive a CFL bulb can be, as it would be possible to purchase one for less than two dollars, buying a LED one for $100 would surely be a poor course of action regardless of any advantages gained in energy-efficiency. At present though, it would be possible to purchase LED equivalents of CFL bulbs for as little as five dollars, making such cutting-edge lighting solutions truly cost-effective.

As also mentioned, there are those who mistakenly think that even a high power LED type would still be incapable of matching the brightness of CFLs. Once again, such notions are probably based on first hand experiences with previous-generation bulbs. 

Of course, it is also possible that such people are just misinformed regarding the wattage-to-luminance ratio of LED lights. Simply put, today's LED-based bulbs are actually superior to CFLs in terms of providing brightness while also having lesser power requirements: a 6-watt LED bulb for example, should be more than capable of generating as much light as a 13-watt CFL bulb.

It is only to be expected that some people immediately assume that these tpe of lighting solutions only provide light that has a rather bluish hue. After all, the first-generation LED lights seem to have such a problem, or more specifically came in limited assortments of color temperature. 

Current iterations of these type of bulbs however, have just as many color temperature variants as CFLs. This simply means that it would now be possible to purchase LED ones suited for specific functions at home: for example, one should be able to easily buy low color temperature LEDs for living rooms and high color temperature variants for bathrooms.

As made clear throughout the discussion, many misguided notions regarding these lighting are merely due to outdated knowledge regarding such technologically advanced products. 

With this in mind, it becomes clear that LED-based bulbs have not only become more affordable throughout the years, but they have also undergone significant improvements in terms of brightness ratings. 

In addition, these bulbs are no longer limited to generating bluish light as such cutting-edge lighting solutions already come in various color temperatures. Without a doubt, a high power LED bulb embodies the best lighting technology to date.

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