Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Why Is A LED Spot Lamp Your Best Choice Nowadays?

LED spot lamp is used as a replacement for a small halogen spot lamp. These halogen spot lamps are ordinary sources of light, designed to enhance a limited space; they offer a focused beam. Halogen spot lamps used to be seen as alternatives to incandescent bulbs.

Still, these lamps have some serious drawbacks, consisting in the fact that they generate massive amounts of heat, they must carefully be taken care of and kept away from vibrations, in order to prevent them from failing prematurely, and they have reduced lifespan, varying between 3 and 4 months. 

This is why halogen spot lamps needed to be replaced with better lighting sources, which, so far, are these types of spot lamps.

Spot light bulbs are usually placed in small areas, which are difficult to reach, so you would not want to replace them very often. If you choose to lighten those small areas with a LED lamp, you will not have to consider replacing them for a long, long period of time. 

It is common knowledge that LED ones are many times more efficient than conventional halogen lamps, since they last many times longer and they use only a small amount of electricity.

While they only consume limited amounts of electricity, LED lamps offer a high level of lumen output. So, they will offer enough brightness to illuminate the limited area surrounding them, while saving you money on the electricity bills. 

In addition, these lamps also have different beam angles (you can find lamps with 15, 30 or 45 beam angles). They will deliver better lighting than halogen lamps for the smalls area that need illumination.

Unlike a fluorescent lamp, a LED type of lamp does not function on heated filaments or gas materials, so it does not make use of mercury in order to provide light, this making it very safe to use.

These LED lamps are extremely valuable also because they can be used in the proximity of delicate objects, such as jewelry, ornaments, photos or merchandise exposed in the display case. 

These sources of light do not cause heat damages over time, and neither do they cause fading. This is perhaps one of their greatest properties of such a lamp.

But their qualities do not stop here. Apart from offering focused lighting and being easy on delicate items, LED spot lamps are also the perfect alternative for people concerned about protecting the environment. 

This type of spot lamp offers the lowest CO2 emission, being better than an incandescent, halogen, as well as a fluorescent lamp in this regard.

LED generates less heat than ordinary sources of light, operating at low temperatures (less than 60 degrees C). This is why LED light sources are gentle with the skin, are also safer for the surrounding space, while, at the same time, they do not generate any UVs. 

This means that they are excellent for illuminating precious pieces of art, such as paintings or artifacts.  No matter the point of view, a LED spot lamp is definitely superior to all other sources of light.

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