Sunday, 12 March 2017

LED - A New Source For Bay Lighting

LED bay light is just another great application of the LED technology. Short for light-emitting diode, it is a semiconductor that converts electricity to light through the fast motions of electron particles. 

This technology was invented and first used in Russia in early 1920s. However, only now did LED resurfaced as a great technological innovation that has many practical applications. The LED technology is used for many other purposes; lighting just being one of them.

Bay lights are used in large warehouses and stadiums, as well as in many spacious and high-ceiling structures. The use of these lights allow for contiguous and efficient lighting. The only problem is that the lights need to be generously interspersed. 

Otherwise the light won't reach far enough to illuminate the large space. The brightness of the lighting system also depends on the number of bay lights that are installed. This directly translates to huge electrical consumptions. 

It's not lost to many people that the typical halogen bulbs, even the fluorescent ones, are never cost-effective options when it comes to electricity usage. The electrical consumptions of these old bulbs go off the roof, compared to the LED option.

There are other advantages that LED has over typical lighting technologies. One of which is brightness. Having talked about the need for brightness in very large areas like stadiums and warehouses, it's self-evident that LEDs would definitely come in handy. 

To say that this application of the light-emitting diode is great would be an understatement. The advantages are not only in terms of efficiency, but also in terms of savings.

A lot of people nowadays are switching to LED bay lighting systems because this is more cost-effective than the alternatives. Such superior lamps are also much easier to install compared to others. Since the lamps are going to be brighter, people need to buy fewer lamps. That means lower amount of money spent on lamps.

The best advantage of these lamps over typical ones can be seen from their lifespan. These lamps can stay bright for quite a long time, even if they are turned on for long hours during the night. The rest of the lamps can only be lit for a given number of hours. 

So if there needs to be light throughout the day and night, people have to buy twice as many lamps to light up interchangeably. None of that is necessary with LED!

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