Monday, 24 April 2017

Why Choose LED T8 Tube Lights Over LFLs?

Should you choose  LED T8 tube lights over LFLs?  For many years, people have been utilizing fluorescent lamps for various lighting needs at home or commercial establishments. 

While these type of lights have been around for some time in the market, it is only recently that the technology has been developed to manufacturer them at lesser costs.

At present, they have become better alternatives to fluorescent lighting whether for commercial or residential settings. Here are some of the reasons that LED T8 tube lights are a wiser choice over LFLs.

1. LED T8 tube lights have a better color feature than LFL-based tube lightings. Hence, they are perfect choice for challenging retail and commercial lighting setups.

2. LEDs can switch on straightaway unlike fluorescents which usually switch on slowly and can sometimes be accompanied by some flickering. Cold environments do not affect the functioning of these lights, hence they can be used effectively in cold environments such as workshops, garages, barns and pathways.

3. Fluorescents work poorly with intelligent controls which also shortens their life spans. LED T8 tube lights on the other hand works perfectly with these control systems. 

LED-based lights quality and life span are not affected by the constant switching on and off. These tubes possess what is commonly called as 'smart lighting' feature that allows it to respond perfectly to control systems intelligently.

Hence, these are the perfect choice for dimming lights in the living room, bedroom and lounges. This feature enhances its energy savings attribute even more, making it a wise choice for industrial and commercial establishments.

4. LEDs are preferable than fluorescent for home use, especially. LED tube lights are conventionally made from aluminum and plastic, making them shatterproof. Recently however, glass made LED-based tubes which looks similarly like fluorescent lamps have been introduced in the market.

5. They do not have mercury-content in them, hence making them environment-friendly. Hence, even if you opt for the glass made LEDs, you would still be a lot safer than using fluorescent tubes.

6. They are capable of emitting directional light, which makes them perfect for applications that require focused lighting, such as in floodlights. 
It also means that LED lighting systems are more efficient in lighting an area. 

Fluorescents on the other hand are multi-directional hence some of the luminescence it gives off is wasted since it is directed to other surfaces.

7. On the average, these tube lights have greater life spans than the fluorescent tube. In fact LED can illuminate for up to 40% beyond the life expectancy of an average LFL.

8. LEDs may have fewer lumens than fluorescents. However, this does not mean that they perform less because lights actually gets by with just a few lumens since they shine their light on where you need it (directional) unlike LFLs which are multi-directional.

The only disadvantage of LEDs is their cost. They are actually cheaper today than they were 3 to 5 years ago. 

However, if you will compare the financial cost of opting for LEDs and the savings that you will generate over time when using it, it will actually redound to the fact that LED T8 tube lights are cost-effective than its other counterparts.

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