Sunday, 28 December 2014

Using LED Commercial Lighting For Your Place

Various commercial lighting are used by business owners for variety of purposes. For one, it can be used to portray the positive image of a business venture. However, it can also become a major contributor to overhead expenses.

However, you do not need to fret because a new technology can be your saviour - LED,

Now you can use LEDs for your commercial lighting needs.

It's almost difficult to talk about energy-efficient, low-cost, and high-performing commercial lighting without mentioning the advantages of light emitting diode (LED).

Perhaps, your business has tried LED's competitors which are: fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, and the like. Now, let us see what can LED offer:

Newer technology.The LED technology is generally quite new. Although it was discovered in 1906, it was only in 1960s that it got a practical purpose and only recently that it became so popular. Nowadays, it is used for variety of purposes-from mobile phone lights to heavy-duty commercial lightings. Incidentally, this technology will never be a hit without its proven advantages.

Reduces energy bills.Replacing your business's old lighting with LED will dramatically reduce your energy consumption by up to 90 percent.

Cooler. LED needs lesser electricity, as such emitting lesser heat. This is not only more comfortable to the touch, however it also help to keep the indoor temperature more stabilized.

Cheaper maintenance. Since LED commercial lighting are more durable, annual maintenance costs will definitely also be lowered down from at least 70 percent up to 90 percent.

Longer lifespan. LED have about 50,000 hours of life, which is 30 times longer as compared to halogen bulbs, and five times better as compared to the top notch fluorescent bulbs.

Non-toxic. Fluorescent is known to have some mercury that can be very toxic if left exposed. LED commercial lightings do not have that. Moreover, they don't have anything that can put anyone's health at risk, making LED the completely safe choice. Also, UV and infrared are not a problem with LED fixtures.

Performance is never compromised with Ai LED high bay lights. They are designed to be as bright as they should be. Manufacturers simply need to use more tiny LED bulbs in the fixture to increase brightness.

However, too much brightness can be counter-productive for some. The good thing is that there are LED bay lights with dimmer control.

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