Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The Advantages Of LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs or Light Emitting Diode Lamps actually use light emitting diodes as a prime source of light. The amount of light emitted by Light Emitting Diode is very less as compared to incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps; hence Lamp manufacturers put several Light Emitting Diodes together to form a LED lamp. Due to the rapid development in the diode technology, lamps are improving at a fast pace hence replacing many other types of lamps.

Most of the LED Manufacturers in market offer lamps with the guarantee of long service life and high energy efficiency. They offer Lamps for two types of purposes i.e.

- General lighting

- Special-purpose lighting

LED manufacturers believe that led Lights have many competitive advantages over other types of lights. Some of them are listed below:

1. Long life expectancy

2. Low energy consumption

3. No glass tubes involved, hence no danger of breaking up.

4. Resistant to vibration and impact.

5. Wide range of colored lights can be formed.

6. High Luminance

As LED lamps are damaged if exposed to high temperatures, hence Lamp Manufacturers make sure that heat management elements are added into the into the Lamp Lights. These heat management elements are generally heat sinks and cooling fans.

LED lights provide a wide beam spread of about 120 degrees and a huge level of brightness that will really highlight the clarity and brilliance of the jewelry you have on display. The light output for this solution will be high, clear and incredibly even. There isn't another lighting solution on the market that provides the consistency the LED lights provide, and having that consistency is important in retail as you need to know that you won't be dealing with flickering or unintentional dimming when a high profile client walks through the door.

These lighting solutions are also incredibly environmentally friendly. They utilize a low level of power consumption despite their high output and high intensity light. Because they are so energy efficient LED tube lighting also primarily utilize their electricity for light production and won't produce uncomfortable heat.

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