Thursday, 11 August 2016

LED High Bay Lighting Bulbs : Things Business Owners Need To Consider Before Installing

As a business owner you are becoming much more aware of the benefits to be had from installation of LED high bay lights in your business premises. However before you do consider installing such lighting, which can dramatically impact on the health and safety of your employees there are certain things to be considered.

In this article we will be examining some of the issues surrounding replacing your current high bay lighting with the LED variety in relation to health and safety when working at height.

As any responsible business owner knows there are certain health and safety regulations that must be adhered to in relation to employees working at height. The height directive that needs to be followed provides certain guidelines that must be followed.

Therefore you as the business owner must ensure that the following are adhered to as part of these regulations.

1. Any work being carried out at height must not only be correctly planned but also organized before work commences.

2. It is important that you make sure that you only allow staff that are competent to carry out work at high to perform such tasks.

3. Before any work at height including the installation of LED high bay lighting bulbs is assessed for any risks and that they use the right kind of equipment to carry out the task. Plus it is important to make sure that any equipment being uses has been properly maintained and inspected before being used.

4. That you as the business make sure that are risks revolving around surfaces, which are fragile, are properly controlled.

It is important when it comes to installing or replacing any LED high bay light bulb that the guidelines we mention above are strictly adhered to. Also it is important to make sure that any risks involved are kept to a minimum. If you can afford when it comes to replacing your current high bay light system with the LED kind that you do this all at the same time.

As well as helping to reduce the amount of time staff will need to spend working at height it can also save you a lot of money in the long term. By carrying out the work at the same time means you won't have to keep arranging to hire the equipment necessary to install such a lighting system properly and safely.

Today when it comes to installation of LED high bay lights the initial cost is quite high but the technology used in them ensures that they light they create is as effective as that provided by conventional metal halide ones. But of course as these types of lights use less electricity to power them they last considerably longer. In some cases they provide illumination for around 50,000 hours, whereas the metal halide variety tend to only provide illumination for around 10,000 hours.

Also when you turn on any LED high bay lights in your business premises they provide illumination to the area where installed immediately. This in turn helps to create a much safer working environment for your employees.

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