Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Why Install LED Flood Lights Today

When the time comes to replace sodium, metal halide or SON floodlights a great many people are choosing to replace them with a single LED flood light. They are doing this because the LED (light emitting diode) variety are much more powerful and are able to illuminate much larger areas.

So what are the advantages to homeowners of replacing their current flood lighting with this form?

Well first off using an LED flood light in place of a metal halide, SON or sodium one is a great deal better for the environment. This is because they don't need to use as much electricity as the other types do in order to illuminate an area.

The second reason why you should be considering installing such lighting around your home is that they are actually cheaper to run. Although the initial cost of installing such lighting may be quite high the costs laid out can be usually recouped within a period of 2 or 3 years afterwards. Plus if you choose to install much more powerful LED flood light outdoor fixtures you may find the costs recouped even quicker. 

For example if you were to replace your current 150 watt SON flood light with a high quality 20 watt LED one you can see an average saving of around $50 on your annual electricity bills. These savings occur as already mentioned because they use less electricity.

In turn this means that the amount of pollution you are creating is a lot less which is why they are better for the environment. Again if you replaced your 150 watt SON flood light with a 20 watt LED flood light your would be reducing the amount of CO2 your home produces by 0.306.

Finally of course by replacing your current floodlights with the LED type means you won't have to spend money so often purchasing new bulbs. As these types of lights use far less electricity they will last considerably longer than the others. Also they are made up of components that are prone to the kind of wear and tear other bulbs are prone to because of they produce very little heat.

If you are at all interested in now investing in any kind of LED flood light for your home there are certain things to consider before you do. The most important of these to make sure that you purchase yours from a retailer you can trust. If you were to purchase yours from anywhere else then you run the risk of buying ones that aren't made to the exacting standards we now require. In turn this may mean that they burn out a lot quicker than you expected, which in turn means that they will have to be replaced more frequently.

By buying from a reputable retailer it also means that the savings you make each year on your electricity bill won't be wiped out because you need to replace an high intensity high intensity LED flood lights more often.

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