Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Is It Better To Use LED Fluorescent Light Tubes

LED light tubes consume much lesser power for a given level of illumination (light output), typically between 50% and 90% of the power required for ordinary bulbs so a 60W domestic light bulb can be replaced by an Energy Saving LED bulb drawing just 6 Watts. LED technology uses less energy compared to current lighting methods found today.

Did you know that current Energy Saving (Florescent) bulbs can cause migration and allergic skin reactions?

As you maybe aware, most current lighting products become very hot in a short space of time. This can be very dangerous and cause burns when touched. This is because around 80% of the energy used to light up normal bulbs is given off as heat and 20% generates light. Where LED light tubes are used, the energy used converts 80% into light and 20% is given off as heat. This makes it safer to use and cooler to touch. It is Ideal when using around young children, elderly and vulnerable.

With conventional Energy Saving fluorescent bulbs, most start off by emitting a dim light until they have warmed up. This consumes energy and time to reach to the maximum light output. This can be frustrating and unsafe for users. With the characteristics of LED tubes, they do come on instantly when switched on!

Lighting products such as Energy Saving Florescent CFL bulbs contain toxic materials such as lead and mercury. These can be dangerous and harmful to anyone or anything who may be in direct contact with them if leaked. They also require them to disposed safely and can not be thrown away in normal bins. However, LED light tubes do not contain any dangerous materials and are completely safe to use around your home and business.

LED Bulbs however are much more efficient, safer to use, last much longer and better for the planet as they do not require replacing as often, in most cases for 15 years!

If households, businesses and organisations were to change from current lighting methods to LED Lighting, the UK could save Billions of pounds per year on electricity!

A typical home could save hundreds of pounds per year if they were to switch over to LED lighting.

Where as a small or medium business would benefit in thousands of pounds on their lighting and maintenance bills.

LED fluorescent light tubes are much kinder to the environment. By using less electricity, we can reduce the levels of CO2 omissions being pumped into the air from fossil fuel power stations. This will have a positive impact on the environment, reduce green house gases and help meet the 2050 EU directive to lower CO2 emissions by 80%.

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