Friday, 26 June 2015

Why Replace A Halogen Downlight Bulb With An LED Downlight Bulb

Up until a couple of years ago if you were to visit your local hardware, DIY or lighting store the choice of LED bulbs on offer was very minimal. However this situation has now changed and these stores now offer a good selection of LED downlight bulb options to you. But you don't need to just rely on stores locally to provide you with what you need you can also get them online.

So if you are looking to replace your current halogen down lights with LED ones then now would be a good time to do so. Even though you may still be put off by the cost of purchasing such lighting don't be. There are numerous reasons why you should really consider replacing any halogen downlight bulb with an LED downlight bulb.

In this article we explain why you should seriously consider replacing such lighting now rather than in the future.

Reason 1 - The LED Downlight Bulb Lasts Longer

On average when used these types of bulbs have been designed to run for around 25,000 hours before they need replacing. However if you continue to use halogen bulbs in your down lights these normally need to be replaced after they have been running for 1,000 hours. So you are saving yourself money by replacing halogen bulbs with the LED variety as you only need to buy 1 LED downlight bulb, compared to having to buy 25 halogen ones.

Reason 2 - Do Not Use As Much Power

The amount of power used by an LED downlight bulb is considerably less than that used by a halogen bulb. In fact most of the LED bulbs available today for use around the home are ones that are designed to use only a 10th of the power that a halogen bulb needs. As a result of this of course the amount you spend on your electricity bills each year will be reduced. In fact you could end up reducing your annual electricity bill by more than $200 a year.

Reason 3 - Don't Produce As Much Heat

As you already know an LED downlight bulb uses less power, which in turn results in it emitting far less heat compared to that emitted by a halogen bulb. What this in turn means that there is less chance that this type of bulb will start to overheat and cause damage to your home.

Also as these lights don't actually produce as much heat in comparison to other forms of light bulbs you will find that the chances of them exploding is far less. This is not the same when it comes to having halogen bulbs installed in down lights in your home.

Hopefully the reasons we have provided above why you should seriously be considering getting an LED downlight bulb to replace a halogen one. Yes the initial cost of actually replacing the bulbs is quite high, but certainly over the coming months and years you will see how cost effective such lighting can be.

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