Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Factors That Are Leading To Increased Sales Of High Power LED Industrial Light Systems

In 2011 the number of sales of high power LED industrial light systems grew substantially. Yet in 2012 the sales of such items seemed to drop off because of the fact that they were still too expensive to buy. However things may now be on the rise again once more and there are a number of factors that may well have an influence as to why sales have begun to increase once again.

The factors which are helping to increase sales once again of high power LED industrial light systems are as shown below.

Factor 1 - Many of the companies that are able to manufacture components that go into LED lights have now begun to increase their product lines. These companies are now offering a much wide range of multi chip packages for the companies that actually make LED lights.

As these companies are able to offer such different size chip arrays to the LED light manufacturers they are helping to reduce the demand for systems to help manage the thermal aspect of the lights. Also they are helping to simplify the design of the lights in regards to the way in which light emitted from them can be directed.

Factor 2 - The companies that are actually manufacturing any form of LED lighting is also finding ways that enables to simplify the design of them. Some of the lights now being introduced no longer come with an integrated driver in them, which helps to bring down the cost of manufacturing such. In turn this then means that the price we pay for these types of lights has also been reduced.

Factor 3 - There are certain times when a more diffused form of high power LED industrial light system is needed. In order to help with this situation many of the manufacturers are now offering medium powered LED's rather than high-powered ones. Certainly in the next few years' sales of this form of light should increase quite substantially.

However the use of the conventional high power LED industrial light will remain as they are especially effective when used in street lighting, recessed lights or in replacement PAR lamps or flashlights.

Factor 4 - Nowadays companies such as Intematix and Philips have started to use remote phosphor technology. As a result of this they have been able to convert blue LED's so that they produce a much whiter light more effectively. This type of light is especially effective in situations where light is needed to be provided in a variety of different directions at the same time.

Factor 5 - As more and more Governments offer schemes providing businesses with rebates for installing any kind of high power LED industrial light system it is helping to make them more cost effective. Although these businesses don't see a return on their investment initially, over the coming months and years they will. In fact in a couple of years they could see their annual electricity bill being reduced by as much as 60%.

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