Monday, 23 January 2017

Thinking Of Purchasing Outdoor LED Flood Lights?

When it comes to installing LED flood lights around your home, not only were you faced with the cost of purchasing them and having them installed. But you were then faced with the cost of running them which could prove very expensive due to the amount of power they use. However advances in technology has meant that now eco friendly outdoor LED flood lights are much more affordable compared to several years ago.

LED (light emitting diode) lights contain no moving parts and cannot be broken unlike conventional lights. As these are solid state items just like solid state hard drives you will find that because they are managed using high quality materials they are a lot sturdier.

Not only do these form of flood lights actually brighten up the area around your home more effectively they do so at a fraction of the cost of traditional flood lights. By installing these form of lighting you are actually reducing your wattage consumption on an annual basis by 50 to 70%. This over the life time that the LED flood light works can help to save you hundreds of dollars every year in electricity costs.

Although you have the lights located above your house these type aren't actually posing a threat to your health. These types of lights don't contain hazard material such as lead or mercury or gases. So of course when they are turned on and begin to generate heat they don't release any kind of toxins that can prove detrimental to your health or the environment into the atmosphere. 

Additionally, another health benefit to installing any form of outdoor LED flood lights is that they don't emit any form of ultraviolet or infra red rays, which can actually result in skin becoming burnt if you stand too close to them.

Okay you are able to purchase these lights that are powered by mains electricity. But as these don't use the high levels of power to actually run them they are proving to be very useful for running off of solar energy.

Even if the sun doesn't shine every day these types of lights as long as they are fitted with the right kind of panels to collect the heat generated by the sunlight will ensure that they work effectively at night. Plus you can further ensure that they don't run constantly by choosing outdoor LED flood lights that are fitted with motion sensors. 

So of course they only come on when they sense something moving close to them. In fact this form of LED flood light will act as the perfect deterrent for any would be intruder.

Furthermore, as regards to outdoor LED flood light you aren't limited to using only ones that emit a bright white light. If you want they come in a variety of different colors so you can install such lighting around your color is shades blue, red or yellow that will help to make a completely different feel to the space. Plus it can also help to make your garden even look more wonderful at night by placing them in strategic positions around it.

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