Wednesday, 18 January 2017

LED Flood Light - Should I Install?

Should we install LED flood light? Along with there being many different kinds of flood lights that can be used on commercial properties. You will also find a wide selection for use on your home as well. However if you want some form lighting for the exterior of your home that will give a very good level of illumination then now is the time to consider buying some LED flood lights.

In this article we take a look at just some of the reasons why you should spend a little more on installing such lighting around your property.

Reason 1 - You will find that these types of lights have a much wider viewing angle compared to the less expensive conventional flood lights you can buy. As a result they are able to light up a larger amount of space. Generally one of these lights has the ability to be able to light up an area that measures between 150 and 300 square feet.

Reason 2 - All forms of LED flood lights including the super bright versions use far less energy to power them and as a result don't generate as much heat. So of course this means that they have the ability to last much longer than a fluorescent or incandescent flood light would. Generally you will find that if you install any form of these flood lights on your property they have a life span of between 60,000 and 100,000 hours.

Reason 3 - Although most people will tend to opt for the types of flood lights containing LED bulbs that emit a bright white light. However depending on the way in which you are intending to use yours you can actually get them in other colors. For example if you are intending to use yours to illuminate certain areas of the garden to create focal points then why not opt for those lights that emit a blue, yellow or even red light.

Reason 4 - Another feature that may well prove useful when it comes to installing these types of flood lights is that you have the option to control the color that they emit. Today there are several forms of this lighting that allows you to replace the color if you wish and you are in a position to control this change so it can happen very quickly or very slowly.

Reason 5 - Even when you decide to use these kinds of lights to provide a focal point in the garden and happen to be placed low on the ground, then there is no risk of them harming anyone when they are turned on. This is down to the fact that because they use very little electricity to power them they don't actually generate the same levels of heat as conventional lights do. So if someone should accidentally touch such a light in your garden the risk of them getting burnt is minimal.

Reason 6 - Finally of course another reason for installing LED flood light is that you won't need to have so many installed. This is because they emit a much brighter light over a much wider area. By installing fewer of them you are in fact cutting the cost of running them down so saving you money each year on your electricity bills.

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