Monday, 19 September 2016

LED Fluorescent Tubes: What Are The Benefits Of Replacing Tube Lights?

Is your business being lit with LED fluorescent tubes or the traditional fluorescent lights? If your answer is the latter, it may be beneficial to look into replacing those old fluorescent tube lights with LED tube lights.

There are many benefits to using LED replacements rather than fluorescent light tubes. One of the most common benefits is that LED replacements are far more cost-effective and energy efficient. Although the initial cost of an LED light bulb can seem high, that cost is offset by the life of the bulb. The life spans of LED's far exceed the life spans of even the best quality fluorescent tube lights. An LED System can have a 50,000 hour or more life span, which is far more than the long life fluorescent bulbs. They also consume far less energy in that the regular fluorescent tube lights use 34-40 watts of power, whereas the LED light tubes only use about 18 watts.

The cost saving LED tube lights offer brighter light with lower heat. LED lights do not require a ballast, as with normal traditional fluorescent tube lights do, which also require an excessive amount of power to operate and usually give off an excessive amount of heat. Because, there is no ballast, there is no noisy ballast hum with LED tube lights as there often is with fluorescent tube lights. The LED tube lights provide more directional lighting and focus on the area to be lit, as opposed to the fluorescent light spreading lower light throughout a larger area. On top of that, there is no pulsing with LED light tubes as there is with fluorescent lights. No flickering means less strain on the eyes.

Another major benefit with LED replacement is the composition of the bulbs. The fluorescent lights contain a small amount of mercury, which can be toxic if the bulb is broken. Light Emitting Diodes are more durable and compact than fluorescent lights as they are made with a polymer, not glass, and contain no poisonous materials or harmful gasses. This aspect makes LED fluorescent tubes a much more environmentally friendly option, especially with regard to disposal, as the potential for serious pollution issues are not present as they are with fluorescent lights.

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