Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Things To Be Aware When Installing LED High Bay Lights In Your Warehouse Apartment

Do you live in a converted warehouse? Are you discovering that the lights installed don't provide sufficient lighting around your home? Well now is the time to think about installing some LED high bay lights.

With this form of lighting you will find that light will then be distributed around the room in a more uniform way. But it is important that you hang them at the correct height. It is best if the LED high bay lights you install are hung around 10 feet below the original height of the ceilings in your home. By hanging them at this level will help to create the illusion that you have a ceiling installed because any pipes or the original ceiling will be hidden from view.

Also when it comes to installing such lighting in your home there are certain other things you should be aware of. Below we take a look at just what some of these are.

1. It is important to be smart when shopping for any kind of LED high bay lights to install in your home. As these properties tend to be some what odd in shape you might need to use a number of different types of these to make sure that light is then distributed around the rooms evenly.

2. The ceilings in your warehouse apartment will tend to be very high and make up of some odd angles. In cases like this the use of cable light fixtures should be considered. One of the most cost effective ways to install such lighting is to hang the LED high bay lights from a jack chain. Then the cords that supply energy to these lights can hung across the ceiling to an electrical point on the wall.

3. When deciding the position of such lighting make sure that you can angle them in a number of different directions. By doing this you are able to create the effect that there are in fact several different rooms in such a large space. However to help further to make certain areas feel much brighter then the use of accent lighting within them is important. Plus the use of dimmer switches can further help to create the right atmosphere within particular areas of a room as it allows you to change the intensity of the light being emitted.

4. Make sure that before installation of any such lighting begins that power to the area where work is to be carried out has been turned off. This can be done at the main circuit board in your home. However because work will be carried out at a height then we highly recommend you hire a professional to carry out this work for you. They will not only know which part of the circuit board needs to be turned off but also will use the right sort of equipment to carry out the installation in the shortest time possible.

Hopefully if you keep in mind the points mentioned above you will create a completely new atmosphere within your apartment simply through installing LED high bay lights.

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