Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Why Should You Be Buying An LED PL Lamp For Your Home

Choosing to buy an LED PL lamp can prove a very wise investment. There are many people who already will attest to the fact that this form of lighting surpasses anything you are using now or have used in the past.

Yet even though there are many people who are happy to invest in such lighting without learning more there are others who choose not to. Certainly before you do think about choosing to buy any kind of LED PL Lamp learning more about them is important to ensure that you then make a more informed decision about which one to buy.

One of the main reasons for why such lighting is considered to be far superior to that already in use is of course this type uses far low power. At present the most common types of LED PL lamps you can buy use only 8 watts of power in order to emit light that is sufficient to light up an entire room. Whereas lamps that are fitted with say fluorescent bulbs will need to use at least 13 watts of power. However if you are using a lamp fitted with a halogen bulb the amount of power needed to generate light is even more. On average a halogen bulb uses around 50 watts of power to generate light.

The other reason of course why this form of lamp has become so popular even though they are still expensive to buy is that they last longer than other types of lights. Most of the LED based PL lamps you can purchase today have are capable of providing light for over 25,000 hours before they need to be replaced. Of course this can be even longer dependent on how often the lights are being kept on for. If you were to say only have the light on for 3 or 4 hours each day then expect them to last for more than 50,000 hours.

So of course you will find that whereas you will need to keep replacing other lights every few weeks or months, when it comes to the LED based type you won't expect to have to replace them for a few years.

As well as using a lot less power and lasting much longer there is another reason why an LED PL Lamp can prove better for your home. The other reason being that these types of lights are much safer than the halogen, fluorescent or incandescent ones you are using at the moment.

The biggest problem you have when it comes to using fluorescent lights in your home is that these contain mercury. When the lights become hot the mercury inside them then starts to release toxic gases into the air. Although they may not cause you health problems now they could do in the future. Plus of course should the bulbs break or explode then you are having to deal with the aftermath of clearing up the mercury they have released.

As for the LED PL lamp this contains no such products inside it and as they use far less power they don't heat up in the same way as other lights do. Therefore the risk of them breaking or exploding is greatly reduced.

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