Thursday, 23 April 2015

Why Install An LED High Bay Light In Your Home?

The most common types of premises where a LED high bay light is fitted are large retail units, sports and manufacturing units and not forgetting warehouses. In fact these types of light fittings will be installed anywhere that requires them to be mounted anywhere high up within a property.

Normally such lights will be mounted at a height of between 15 feet or more. In some cases you may find that certain places have a light fitted at a height of over 40 feet. In such cases they will choose to fit an LED high bay light in such locations because they are very powerful, and will offer the right level of light in that area.

Of course it isn't only businesses that can benefit from using such lighting in their premises, many homeowners can as well.

Although fitting such lights can be quite expensive initially over the time they are used they can prove very cost effective indeed. The first thing you need to understand when it comes to replacing your current fixture with an LED high bay light fixture is that over the time in use they save money.

Firstly such lights will help to bring down your annual electricity bills quite a bit. This is because these types of light fittings use only between 40 and 50% of the electricity that a normal light fitting would use.

Secondly you will discover that the bulbs these lights are fitted with don't require replacing as frequently as conventional bulbs do. If you were to use these lights in the same way as you would your current ones these would last for 10 years or more before they need replacing. Whereas the bulbs in the lights you have at the moment often need to be replaced every one or two years. However in some cases replacement of such bulbs may take place sooner if there was a problem with the manufacturing process.

Thirdly what you will find when you replace the lights you have currently with the LED variety is these don't flicker. Furthermore as soon as you turn the lights on they produce a good amount of bright light. Also these types of lights have the ability to allow you to reduce how much light they emit much better.

Another thing to consider is that if you live in a location where temperatures can get very low you find that these types of lights work better. So even on a cold winter's morning you know you can turn the light on and it will still continue to shine brightly for you.

Finally of course the final reason why you should consider replacing your current fitting with an LED high bay light is that they contain no hazardous materials. So of course they aren't putting you at risk or the environment. Plus unlike other lights currently available you will discover that these ones are totally recyclable. So again you are doing your little bit to help protect the environment.

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