Monday, 30 March 2015

Why Replace A Halogen Downlight With An LED Downlight

Until a couple of years ago when you visited your local DIY or lighting store they didn't offer a great selection of downlights fitted with light emitting diodes. However the use of any type of LED downlight has become quite common place now and as a result you will find that when you visit your local DIY or lighting store or look online there is a much wider selection of these lights to choose from.

Yes it is now possible for you to replace the current halogen downlights you have with LED ones, but like so many others you are probably put off from doing so because they are quite expensive to buy. Yet even though the initial cost of purchasing such may seem quite high there are numerous reasons why you should really consider replacing any halogen down light with an LED one. In this article we explain a few of the reasons why doing so should seriously be considered.

Reason 1 - An LED Downlight Lasts Longer

On average an LED down light has the ability to run for up to 25,000 hours before the bulb inside needs to be replaced. Whereas when it comes to the halogen lights you have fitted at present these normally only are able to run for up to 1,000 hours. In turn what this means for each LED light bulb you bulb you will find yourself having to buy 25 halogen ones.

Reason 2 - Do Not Use As Much Power

When it comes to the amount of power an LED downlight uses you will discover it is much less than that of a halogen one. In fact most of the LED bulbs you can purchase today will use around a tenth of the power that a halogen bulb uses. So as a result of this you will find that your electricity bills each month will begin to be a lot less.

To put this into some context if were to install a 5 watt LED downlight over the term it is used it will cost about $12.50. However when it comes to a 50watt halogen downlight you will find that the cost for running this type will be around $125. So the amount you are saving will be around $112.50 per light.

Reason 3 - Produce Less Heat

As an LED downlight uses less power than a halogen one it also means that they produce a lot less heat. What this then means is that there is far less chance of these lights becoming over heated and causing damage to your home or starting a fire. Also as these lights produce less heat the risk of them actually exploding is reduced, which is unfortunately a problem you could be faced with if you decided to keep using halogen downlights in your home.

Above we have shown you three reasons for why installation of an LED downlight in pl
ace of halogen one should be considered, even though the initial cost to replace them may seem quite high.

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