Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Some Tips To Help Choose The Right Kind Of Commercial LED Flood Light

Generally a commercial LED flood light will be installed on to a premise for security reasons. Yet although they are generally used on commercial premises there are many homeowners who are now choosing to install them at their own properties as well.

If you are thinking about installing such a flood light at your home there are certain things that you should know before you do. Below we take a look at what some of these are so you can then make a better decision about which form of commercial LED flood light you should be buying.

Tip 1 - Take Into Consideration The Size And Shape Of The Flood Light

When you are considering purchasing such lights taking into account the size and shape of them is very important, especially if the light socket happens to be inset into a wall or ceiling. Today the LED floodlights you can purchase measure between 3.7 and 4.8 inches in diameter and will be around 6 inches long. So make sure that the one you choose is able to fit into the current fixture you have. However it may prove more beneficial to replace the whole unit rather than just the bulb.

Tip 2 - Look At The Beam Angle

As a commercial LED flood light has a reflective coating they are able to create a beam of light at a certain angle. So of course what this means is that the light can then be directed to illuminate specific areas, meaning it is ideal for lighting areas such as walkways, display areas or work stations. How the light is going to be used will of course determine what the light beam angle is.

For example if you are intending to use the light to display something such as a trophy cabinet or a picture then a light with a 15 degree should be used. However if want the light to cover a much larger area then a commercial LED flood light with a 40 degree angle should be used instead.

Tip 3 - What Is Its Light Output?

When it comes to buying such lights again you have to take into consideration what you intend to use them for. Also you need to consider what sorts of lights they will be replacing. Remember of course these types of lights don't need as much energy to produce the same or more light than the bulbs you have installed at the present time.

For example if you currently have a 120 watt incandescent flood light installed then you should be replacing this with a 19 watt commercial LED flood light. However if the bulb in your flood light at present is a 50 watt one this should then be replaced with a 9 watt LED one.

Above we have offered you some advice about how to go about shopping for the right type of commercial LED flood lights whether it is for your home or business premises. But please don't forget to also do some research into the company who manufacturers the product as well.

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