Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Difference Between Led Lights And Fluorescent Lights

There is the development of two forms of light, which is the Light-emitting Diode or LED and the Compact Fluorescent Light or CFL, that is aimed on solving electricity shortage issues which the planet is facing nowadays. However, how do we know which one to buy? Read on to find out more about the lights.

While some may choose the LED lights over the CFL but there are others who would attest the other way around. In order to be able to judge what really is the effective type, you should know the mechanisms on how they are able to produce the much needed light. CFL or compact fluorescent lamp is made up of a filament which has to be burned to produce light. As the process of burning takes place, much energy is utilized. Actually, it consumes about a quarter of energy which is consumed by an incandescent light bulb. An incandescent bulb is a source of electric light which works through the process of incandescence which is heat-driven light emissions and so it consumes much energy too. It is also known that CFL has a shorter life span as compared to LED.

LED or light-emitting diode produces light just like CFL however it does not contain filament and it does not involve heating and so it basically does not consume too much energy. As compared with an incandescent bulb, the LED light tube is more efficient in producing light as this only consumes about 9% of energy compared to the light bulb. One good thing about LED lights is that it lasts longer compared to that of a CFL's capacity to produce light. Ai LED light bulbs are more effective compared to CFL. It is a bit more expensive however you can use it longer than CFL, so you do not need to change lights at frequent intervals. There are a few suppliers which make poor quality LED and you must be aware of such as they do not work properly and they are more of a disadvantage than an advantage.

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