Monday, 23 April 2018

Why Replace Fluorescent Tubes With LED T8 Tubes

Would you replace fluorescent tubes with LED T8 light tubes?  It isn't only businesses that should be looking to replace any fluorescent lights in their premises with the new LED T8 light tubes, but also many homeowners as well. 

The various forms of LED lighting now available provide a number of different benefits to you over the more conventional incandescent, fluorescent and halogen lights currently available.

As well as being very energy efficient, the new LED T8 tubes along with other LED fluorescent lights use a lot less power. Plus you will find maintaining such lights costs less and we mustn't forget that these types of lights also last a lot longer. 

On average you can expect good LED light tubes to provide around 50,000 hours of illumination, whereas with more traditional forms of lighting these will only provide around 10,000 hours of illumination before they need to be replaced.

Over the last few years the many different styles of LED lights being made available has gradually increased. Certainly in recent years sales of such including those of the LED T8 tubes has begun to grow. 

The reason why sales are starting to grow is become the manufacturers are now able to use technology that helps to bring down the cost of making them.

But why should you replace your current fluorescent tube lights with the new types of T8 tubes available?

Well the first reason is that these light tubes don't contain any kinds of toxic materials in them, but fluorescent ones do. 

Most fluorescent lights you purchase today tend to contain mercury, which isn't only harmful to you but also to the environment. 

You may not be aware of this but should you break a fluorescent light you will need to leave that room for at least 4 hours, as there are toxic materials in the air that could lead to you suffering damage to your respiratory system.

Another reason we can give for you considering replacing your current fluorescent lights with the new LED light bulb is that they are a lot easier to install. 

The new LED light tubes available are much easier to install because they don't require any ballast. Also you don't need any specialist fittings to be able to replace your fluorescent lights with the new LED models. This is because they come with the same fittings as fluorescent ones.

However before you can install them, after removing the old fluorescent lights you will then need to remove the ballast also. Once the old light and ballast has been removed you simply install the new type of light tubes into the same fitting.

Yes fluorescent lights do save you more energy than incandescent lights do, but they aren't as energy efficient as the new tubes are. Most of the new LED T8 tubes you can purchase use only half the number of watts that a conventional fluorescent light does. 

In fact by installing such lighting you could find your annual electricity bills being halved by as much as 50%. Yet they are capable to provide much better illumination as well.

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