Thursday, 21 September 2017

Start Using Brighter LED Flood Lights At Reduced Cost

LED flood lights have evolved over the years and are becoming more and more prominent in terms of use both in the residential and industrial sectors for lighting purposes. 

There are many advantages of LEDs which have benefited the lighting industry greatly over the last few years, and the versatility of these lights do make them very useful for various lighting purposes.

LED flood light fixtures
are now getting more popular as they are being used not only in homes, but also in commercial and industrial locations where there is a need for a bright, steady stream of light for long durations. 

The various benefits of the LEDs make it possible for utilization in outdoor LED flood lights.

1) With LED lighting products, you receive extra illumination minus the extra consumption cost, a fact which is made possible by the extremely high efficiency LEDs

These lights are super efficient and they are approximately 80% efficient in converting electricity into light energy. Conventional bulbs and lights pale in comparison, as their efficiency levels are around the 20% mark. 

These LED lights also need less energy to light them up and there are no metal filaments to heat us as opposed to conventional bulbs that use the filament-heating concept to create light

2) There will be less heat generated when we use LEDs, as such making them much more comfortable to have around you. 

As they are highly efficient levels in transforming electricity to light energy, only a little amount is converted to heat energy.

This means that you do not feel hot when you are close to these lights. And it also means that you contribute less towards global warming, as such LEDs can be considered environmentally-friendly lights

3) By using LED lighting bulbs, and stand to save substantially in terms of electricity bills. You could probably recoup up to 70 to 80 percent of your lighting bills simply by switching to these type of lights. 

Well, the initial investment may be considerably higher, however, when you consider that you are using them for your flood lights, your return-on-investment (ROI) would be barely a few months. 

And you could then save on electricity for the rest of your lights' lifespan! And when you consider that the cost of electricity rises almost every year, you are all-set for even more savings in the future

4) You also save in terms of maintenance costs, as LED flood light is highly durable items that can last for really long durations. The average lifespan for an LED is approximately eleven years, and most conventional bulbs last half that duration! 

Save on replacement costs when you opt for these LED lights, and you can probably even forget about the maintenance factor once you switch to LEDs!

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