Friday, 5 May 2017

LED High Bay Lighting Bulbs To Supply Your High Demands

LED High Bay lighting bulbs  are without a doubt, the best when your ceiling is about 25 feet. These type of lights can be used anywhere, from warehouses, sports arenas, gymnasiums and industrial facilities. 

In the past, fluorescent was used for this kind of lighting fixtures but with the advent of LED (light-emitting diodes) as a more energy efficient option, high bay lighting options have become a better, if not the best, choice.

There are really many advantages of LED high bay light bulbs and here are the best of them:

Energy savings is the best advantage LED lighting can offer and this is true with bay lights. High bay lights are on for huge amount of times and keeping them running costs a lot. With LED highbay bulbs, facilities can save as much as 80% on electric bills compared to the usual lighting options.

LED high bay lighting bulbs are also long-lasting and they do not emit heat so it saves on cooling costs as well. Facilities can save up to 20% on air conditioning because of this.

They are also durable and pretty much damage proof. High bay LED lights also don't flicker-they are instantly on, without any warm up period requirement-and they distribute light better. There is also minimal light distortion and static build-up compared to fluorescent and compact fluorescent lights.

Furthermore, LED High Bay lighting bulbs are also environment-friendly because they do not release poisonous gas.

Because of these reasons, the lighting industry is pretty much shifting towards LED technology especially for high bay lighting applications in commercial and industrial facilities. However, consumers must also be discerning in dealing with LED high bay light suppliers.

There are many of them out there and choosing one which will provide you with the best service might become downright confusing. In choosing LED high bay light suppliers however, you should concentrate on some simple but vital questions: Is this the best possible price I can get in the market? 

Are the cited advantages over others real or are they just part of the hype? Are the products tested and certified? What do the reviews say? Is the customer service friendly and helpful to queries and clarifications?

In addition, you have to get to know the products themselves. Remember that efficiency in high bay LED lights is measured in lumens per watt (lpw). This means that the higher the lpw indicated, the more efficient the product is. 

You should also look at the shape because it does play a huge role-rectangular ones are highly preferable since they are the ones with maximized performance. Examine the hooks and hangers as well. Remember that they are going to carry heavy weights so make sure that they are durable enough for that purpose.

Of course many high bay light suppliers out there do give you great service but it cannot be avoided that there is one who you will find to be better than everyone else. In order to do so, you must do your own bit of homework and be a discerning client to them.

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