Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Why Businesses Should Install An LED Tube Lamp System

Does the use of an LED tube lamp system impact on my homes heat gain and power quality? Are there other factors to take into consideration before you choose to install such lighting in your home?

Did you know that more than 18% of all electricity generated in America today is used by commercial premises. However of this 18% around 5% of it is used to remove the heat energy that is generated by conventional lighting systems installed in such premises.

Whilst cost savings can be immediately identified, any business that doesn't take into consideration the technical aspects of using such a lighting system may then miss out on other potential savings relating to other aspects of their premises.

The kinds of savings that businesses will benefit from are as follows:

1. Keep Air Conditioning Costs Down

Not only do conventional lighting system produce large amounts of light they also produce large amounts of radiated heat. Yes the heat they produce may prove welcome when the weather is cold, but can prove very counter productive when it is warm.

Whereas when it comes to say an LED tube lamp you'll find that they do produce heat, but far less compared to conventional lighting. As a result even when the lights are on during the summer months they won't cause heat to build up within a building meaning that you have to run your air conditioning system more often. 

In fact you may find that by installing a good quality LED lighting system in a business premises could result in you being able to install a cooling system that is smaller and therefore cheaper to run.

2. Better Power Quality

Most business owners tend to never consider what impact power quality can have on their electricity bills. All businesses should be concerned about the power quality because if they don't it can lead to other issues such as:

- More energy wasted

- Causes the buildings electrical capacity to be reduced

- Can cause damage to equipment

- Can cause disruption to the entire buildings electrical distribution system

- Costs each month will go up rather than down

Also when a buildings power quality improves this could lead to the possibility of valuable electrical capacity being made available. Not only could this result in annual electrical costs for the building being reduced, but could lead to ensuring that costs of operating equipment within the building are kept down. Just imagine how it would feel if you find that you aren't having to replace parts as frequently on equipment.

So for any business to ensure that not only are they keeping costs down but also ensuring that they are providing their employees with a safe working environment investing in a good LED lighting system should be considered. Okay the initial cost of installation of such a system including the installation of several LED tube lamp systems is high but over the light time of the system the savings made will prove very beneficial indeed.

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